So What Then Is Transactional Gesturing

An easy question to ask of course though meaning as always is within the realms of the hemispherical development of ones own brain and as we have likely  seen from many a personality within own our life times what we resist persists and so on and so forth.

So transactional analysis combined with ARTIST type modalities can bring you to once again view the World with a differing mind-set to that which you may have started out on your journey.

The most obvious interpretation is of course this one of exchanging of body language. She winks again and again and he thinks YEAH this one’s a cert strolling over to ask her name she meanwhile raises her hand to her eye and rubs her eye seeking to remove the mascara heavy eyelash that has worked its way into her eyeball.

Yes so that is of course an external narration of an event and a cartoonist for instance could take that description outline and throw something together as to the combination of gestures-a psychologist on the other hand might go into the realms or I’m Okay Your Okay type analysis and so on and so forth.

So the problem then for many a person including myself is that we have perhaps been beaten over the head with name-calling or big heads vying for attention to such an extent that the ARTISTIC SELF EXPRESSION of oneself becomes repressed and so on and one of the easiest ways to recapture and let go of many such a nonsense is to take up more creative type hobbies-myself with my writing has of course taken myself so far-though likewise I was not perhaps plunging enough into the ART type realms so am seeking to remedy that through my having purchased a book or two on DRAWING and again these things are choice.

Many books do exist though as they say you can be best seeking to be somewhat discerning in who you look to guidance from.  For myself I opted to some Walt Disney animation type master class materials and found them to by jolly good reads and teachings that work well with much of what I have previously studied.  Likewise I noted that the materials reference or quote other books-so that is following the learning chain although having said that I did note that I have seen one or two references previously.

A popular one in the ART world is Betty Edwards Drawing on the right side of the brain and I actually have a copy of that book and have been through it a couple of times though am not overly enthused by it-my Walt Stanchfield books are perhaps all I need and are highly enjoyable from a sense of understanding the cartoonist mind-set and so on.  If I pursue the cartoony type materials then I might perhaps step up to The Art Of Illusion that is slightly more expensive though again a classic for those interested in the animation sector.

What can be learnt-well I found much of the terminology to be fascinating in the sense that I can see how it relates to OBSERVATION and the BODY and SEEING in another way.  So for instance in the animator realm you can break the body down into Solid/Flexible/Solid/Flexible type structures and so on learning to see the PERSPECTIVES and avoiding Tangents that are apparently the animators nightmare-so yes really enjoyed the drawing cartoon master class materials and far more enthused by those materials than many of the high handed type books and so on that I have within my collection.

Is there value in such stuff?  Well again I think that given that so much that people do and say is coming from a misplaced mind-set or knowledge that any skills that you can develop that enhance your left and right brain interactions and so on must surely be encouraged.  Far to many people run around labelling things that they themselves do not pursue as this or that or the other-I would rather be an honest and congruent of mind person than many of the types of folks that seemingly live in the World about us-constantly making false claims about others without ever putting up evidence and so on and so forth.

I was surprised by the size of the LETS GO TO WAR majority in parliament-I personally had expected a far larger opposition-though the support was fro the position of an INVITE from a Country under pressure.  We having been called upon by the IRAQI Government to provide assistance just as Austria and many other Countries called upon the assistance of Adolf Hitler during the 1930’s.

Yes that is of course again a debatable topic though given the brutality and so on of the ISIS movement-one cannot help to think that ground troops are at some point or stage going to come into play.  The Aerial Combat mission against these types of opponents are not really of any value in the sense that they have not got a great deal to target.  Returning to the Vietnam theme we can remember that America pretty much went into useless Aerial Campaigns there with the Chemical Defoliation and the famous Agent Orange campaigns.  Given the desert environment or battlefield they could well be better of this time coming up with some chemical foliation system-much like the genesis project that we saw in one of the Star Trek films-the idea being that unusable land or planets could be TERRAFORMED into a Usable state.

So having studied multiple war and conflicts it does seem that the ENEMY as it were is one that is possibly shared by traditional foes.  I cannot see ISIS being of any value to either Soviet or Communist type regimes any more than they can be of use to democratic regimes-likewise the other BIG REGIONAL FACTOR is that many of those ARAB states are of course still Tribal and Clan based and have Sheiks and Czar like King equivalents that have been done away with by the rest of the World.

So can a region such-as the middle east be brought to a place of for the people by the people type thinking.  We are seemingly focussing longer on that region than anyone could have predicted back in the late 1980’s early 90’s.

Returning to the Region learning theme is of course very differing in the sense that I grew up with the Tales of The Arabian Nights and so on and likewise that sort of mentality of CLASSICAL Middle East does not sit well with the one that has existed throughout my own lifetime.  I remember when Terry Waite was a Hostage and comedian Jasper Carrot sang a song that ran along the lines of Take Me Home United Nations his parents (within the song) apparently holidaying in Lebanon.  The ground and players has changes slightly though not enough to wonder why we continue with the disparity of classical teaching with modern reality.

The same can be said for the Disney type Aladdin and our Pantomimes and so on-we confuse ourselves so easily and I guess that these things are not going to go away simply through the burying of ones head in the sand like an Emu at a Rod Hull Terry Wogan interview.

Yes whatever comes to mind will always mean something to someone somewhere-I see the yankee doodle dandy’s have taken the early running in the Ryder Cup and many people I have asked have not been all that interested in the Golf-I actually have gone through phases throughout my life where again I seemingly became addicted by the SPORT in the sense of flicking through channels finding a masters or some other competition on and then getting drawn into it-there is a certain Therapeutic Calming Nature about the game and so on and that battle against your own demons and so on-at the end of they day anyone who has tried even a mini golf game at the local funfair knows that getting that ball in that hole is often not as easy as some of these top ranking players make it and likewise it is not generally a team sport so in the instance of the Ryder Cup the TEAM element can cause the Usual MERCENARY TYPE behaviours of the players to have to be put aside in order for the greater good and so on-EXCEPTIONALLY INTERESTING DYNAMICS that can leave one bewildered-having said that I am sure many a person prefers to be out there giving such things a go rather than watching.  As I say I just wrote that because I know it is not a usual sport that I necessarily follow though it is one that has a pull you in type nature as and when it has come front and centre of attention.

So myself of course I am ging to go to my pens and pads and drawing implements and continue to develop those kinds of skills-I think I still struggle with  the writing side when I try to bring all the nouns and verbs and so on into correct formation and play and perhaps the drawing will remove some of that kind of mental crisis in the sense of the famous “SHOW DON’T TELL” kinds of lectures.

So I have a vocabulary that requires expanding and developing (In my own Opinion) so that more descriptive type words and thoughts are in usage as opposed to what is currently being delivered here.

Descriptive practice of course is this idea to take an object and then describe it and likewise descriptive visualization runs along the same lines and likewise the gesturing of animation whereby we are intimating something as opposed to the given impression.

So you can draw a human outline as a series of pipe like cylinders and then of course go into the realms of covering detail.  Direction is personal choice though it has been noted that it can be better to learn from the mistakes of those that have gone before than to seek to try and cram them into your own lifetime-start from a higher place on the hill is the message perhaps-though again these things are unique to individuals no matter how much we like to think otherwise.

The cross pollination and core subject matters do seemingly strike a pose for CREATIVITY and ARTISTIC ABILITIES-if we are all actors and agents then where is the safe house?  yes I throw that in there because in most literature and history we seemingly run into the idea of a safe haven or sanctuary place of NEUTRALITY within some warzone or other. I have seen this theme for underground operatives and for Cities and for Countries-this was something on my mind earlier this morning and I though it could well be relevant to some reader or other-so the SCALIBILTY of IDEAS in relation to SAFE HAVEN’S and so on could again be a present theme or overlay and an overlay for cartoonists might be the foreground/background paradigm and so on.  Again I like classical cartoon though I also note that Pixar has avoided to my mind musicals-so that is perhaps an option they have to exercise at some point though they are distinctive enough to be able to survive without going down the already trodden rode-and of course I recall from the daughters 3D Barbie collection that the opposition (if you like) had moved into that particular Disney Arena-so there is plenty of Heathy reinvention of the whell just as there is much to complain about and FOCUS whether of the individual or whatever arena or stage of life is choice and learning some of these things can be accelerated or slowed accordingly to present knowledge and requirements.

Thank you for Reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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