Do Artificial Sweeteners Make You Ill

The reason I ask is that we do of course apply labels to just about everything and where once International Governing Bodies and so on came up with regimented systems in the creation of coding and wording for differing substances there has within the last Century perhaps been more of a popular public opinion type system in place.


Extremely hard to test of course though we do know that many a poison labelled as such will have a detrimental effect on your person irrespective of whether you have a belief in the existence of the substance or have even heard of it.

I think many of us have perhaps heard of the poison Arsenic and how that can rapidly kill just about anyone-there are possibly reasons as to why some poisons have greater effect on some people than others though in general a poisonous substance is of course USUALLY differing to a killer bacteria or bug though again after testing and so on these things are usually given appropriate labels and so on.

Why am I asking on this subject matter?  Well as I perhaps mentioned previously I have a lifelong disliking of SEAFOOD and FISH products they usually induce feelings of sickness and ill health.  I also perhaps mentioned that I have on occasion tried such products following the mentality that if I were ever ship wrecked on a desert Island and so on them Fish is usually the so-called food that you are to look for-does that mean that I would rather starve?

Well as I say I have perhaps tried such foods every so many years in the hope that my system disagrees with its prior or previous judgement only to later discover that the rejection (or however one is to describe my bodily reaction) usually remains the same.

So on this occasion another substance that I have a long standing dislike of is ARTIFICAL SWEETENERS-now whilst many foods actually have artificial sweeteners within the recipe (just check any canned/tinned food) I am not talking about those so much as the area of Artificial Sweeteners in Soft Drinks.

So I like soft drinks and am known to regularly drink the Coke Cola and Pepsi and Seven Up and so on and although I drink those SUGAR brands the reaction to the SWEETENER products is again a subject area of debate.  So I currently have something called Coca Cola Life and it is differing to regular coke in having a Green Label although the bottle and FONT SCRIPT follows the Classic Coke Style and ASSOCIATION of knowledge of the other products.

So they are perhaps saying “Hey we know some of you are keen to continue drinking Coke Cola though have concerns about the sugar content-TRY THIS?”

So I have tried this product and for myself as is always the case with DIET SOFT DRINKS THIS DRINK IS F.U.B.A.R.

What makes that so?  Well they talk of some people being employed by manufacturers and so on as FOOD and DRINK TASTE-TESTERS because they have seemingly gotten or developed enhanced taste buds and the ability to describe food and drink in ways that go beyond the average regular person (perhaps).

For myself all I can ever taste with ANY DIET SOFT DRINK is the SWEETENER and as I suggested above one finds that it disagrees with oneself substantially.

So all the major manufacturers have of course released DIET DRINK after DIET DRINK of the most popular brands giving them excessively changed labels for instance PEPSI MAX is actually DIET DIET PEPSI for anyone who can see through the marketing.

If just one of these drinks tasted as the ORIGINAL I would likely SWITCH though unfortunately as I say when you try a drink where the SWEETENER is the flavour that is not great product development (In My Opinion).

So of course millions of folks love DIET Drinks as part of the regular Diet and so on though for myself I have yet to find a drink that has added a SWEETENER where the SWEETENER has not become the FLAVOUR and who honestly wants SWEETENER flavoured anything.

yes of course SUGAR is itself a sweetener although of course we can say that it is naturally grown and sourced from cane and so on and also appears naturally in many plants and fruits-so why do these manufacturers (given the large amount of NATURALLY found Sugars) have such a hard job replicating that within the laboratory and so on?

I simply think that they gave up and instead the DIET BRAND LABEL TASTE became such a popular FLAVOUR within its own right that the SEARCH for A GENUINELY created SUGAR SUBSTITUTE within these brands is not being carried out.  Instead the flavour technologists and so on are perhaps themselves of the diet brands and simply keep on replicating those instead of the Original Product.

My advise is that until a Diet Drink Passes “ONE’S OWN TASTEBUD TEST” they will not be getting any custom from this individual. Many of these Drinks started appearing during my early childhood and none has yet to taste like the original in such a manner that is DIGESTIBLE.

Strange person some of you are perhaps thinking-well when push comes to shove I would survive on the diet drinks though as I say a desert island could not be found where Coke Cola grows anyhow?

Yes that reminds myself of a teenage years trip to (I THINK) Barry Island-the place was scorching hot and some American GI’s showed up from some UK base and they had AMERICAN COKE COLA carried in multiple ICE BOXES that they handed out to some of us folks within there VICINITY and I just remember that the COKE was even better than the UK Edition-so even RECIPES are not produced the same from continent to continent and another story along those lines is that I recall having some aches and pains of one type or another in more recent years and a POLISH friend gave myself some Polish painkillers and they were somewhat far stronger than what are allowed as prescription in the UK-and contained substances within the recipes that are usually not allowed beyond Hospital Doors if memory serves when I checked the drug recipe I found them to be Eastern European Morphine type variants.

We of course have long History’s of so-called banned substance checking and so on and every OLYMPICS has found there to be some new variant of this cheat or that cheat being used by particular athletes-the problem often being some of the later “to be come well known” SIDE EFFECTS.

I have not taken any kind of medication for several years and likewise have been meditating for just as long so that perhaps an indication that my LA-DI-DA mentality has to an extent been working.

That is not of course the same as saying that dislike or bodily rejection of some tastes and flavours does not occur so much as I am far more weary and so on as to belief in the so-called HYPE of many a product.  Yes some or perhaps many things can have a Fantastic PLACEBO Effect though likewise  many things as our bodies go through assorted cycles can change-so a liking for one product at a particular age does not guarantee a continued liking and so on.

I mention that because as I have suggested being more attuned much of my SLEEP PATTERN changes throughout the year and likewise taste patterns can also change-we often opting for stews and broths and so on in the colder months when Summertime perhaps allows for more salad and rabbit food type diets.

The other issue tied in with this and perhaps required knowledge for some is that of THE PREGNANT LADY whereby they often go into eating and developing tastes for all sorts of weird and wonderful  Flavours-the non-conscious often knows what it wants and requires and the lady often goes searching for some kind of match or fit-we often hear of traditional favourites such as Pickled Onions and so on and GPS and DOCTORS and CONSULTANTS etc.. often explain these as DEVELOPMENTAL REQUIREMENTS of the unborn and developing foetus or child.

The Sultan in the consultant does not like raisins in his buns preferring instead what is in his own head.  Yes where these thoughts originate is trange enough though of course sultans and raisins and so on are often particular favourites for cakes and buns recipes and so on.  I said how I like Chelsea Buns and I do also like Christmas Pudding and regular Iced Christmas Fruit Cake that many a person in this day and age often rejects as being HEAVY foods as though there poor little bodies cannot digest a piece of cake unless it is full chocolate sponge recipe.  Yes the only difference between a light an heavy so-called recipe can be the actual ingredients in the sense of physical additives and so on.  Cakes then perhaps have a range such as those of soups through broths and so on and when you begin to understand the spectrum range in each field of study or endeavour that you research you can perhaps make more and more links and connections and so on and so forth.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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