So How Am I Advancing With My Other Project?

Well in many ways I have advanced exceptionally well and in others seemingly not at all-the idea was actually one that I have repeated here within this blog on some occasion and I decided well what you need is an AVATAR to bring the character to life somewhat within your own mind-it was perhaps for this effort that I decided to go to the animation masters in he sense that I searched among quite a lot of imagery online and so on and could not find something that FITTED the SPECIFICATION that my non-conscious was wanting or pushing myself towards.

So you might say that I have a CHARACTER and have been seeking to give the character attributes and values as to what the character is all about.

In relation to the Animation Theme I thought I could set myself a challenge:

So as an example:

You are reading through a usual magazine or brochure or website when you come across a competition from one of the major animation studios wanting a character and story that they can create a new line of products around, the DEADLINE IS IN 2 DAYS TIME, and you think yes this is the opportunity I have been waiting for I can create a draft of this character that I have bee thinking about for so long and actually WIN this competition to see my characters creations and designs up on the big screen YAHOO.

So the 2 DAYS UNTIL THE DEADLINE is of course a TIME PERIOD within which you can set to work on putting together a character and theme and story and so on and see how far you advance within that time limit.

I myself have of course been somewhat crawling in nature as to the IDEA that I have been developing and so on-however WERE DISNEY or DREAMWORKS or some other MAJOR STUDIO to say DAVE OKAY WERE INTERESTED_I know that I have some great ideas and materials that ALREADY form the BASIS for any such INTEREST-In fact you might say that it is the sort of IDEA that you wonder why none of them have already done it-you might say that it is once again in the realms of IN-YOUR-FACE stating of the bleeding obvious-though to be fair-I think that a CARTOON or ANIMATION presentation of such things would be THE PERFECT VEHICLE so to speak for the IDEA that I have-as I say I have a character and I have ideas as to story arc and so on and really where I have struggled is perhaps in the realms of other characters or TEAM or FOIL.  and the interaction of the Characters within the work-so you might say it is a matter of balance-we have all seen characters that seemingly have great teams around them or foils and so on and getting that balance of characters and CONTRIBUTION to the story is ALL IMPORTANT-so I have had multiple character type ideas that I have simply dismissed not because they were no good so much as did little to enhance the actual story or theme.

What we often see in MOST CARTOON type works is an OVERALL ARC with main characters and so on and the Journey and you might say that most of us when we develop such ideas find that more than one piece is required-so that is where we get the IDEA of the TRILOGY and so on.  The problem then in how can I INTRODUCE the characters within the first act , how can I move them forward within the second act and how can I bring the curtain down with some pizazz and razamatazz in the final act.  Yes as I say once you set out on many of these lines of thought and thinking more and more ideas come forward and you do often find yourself having to be quite RUTHLESS in selecting those ideas that you can go forward with and cutting those that whilst great do not fit the CURRENT STORY OUTLINE-it has been shown for instance that many an IDEA left out of ORIGINAL FIRST MOVIE finds its way into a second or third film further down the line.  So that is what I have been doing.

I have persevered with the development of a character and outline of a story and World background that goes quite nicely and the DILEMMA is of course in the bringing to life in vision-hence my wanting to DRAW a little more and get that creativity and so on going.  Likewise as is suggested above I have ideas for these other characters whether they form a team or foil or villains and passing through and so on is more difficult.  Every great character perhaps needing to feel that more than equal to equality of characterization.

The Star Trek Problem perhaps where men in red died  early in many scripts whilst Hero folks in Yellow and Blue continued from week to week-yes exceptions exist though I do note from more recent TV and SOME Film that far to much emphasis is placed on MAJOR GOOD GUY/GAL and MAJOR BAD GUY/GAL and one or two foils around them and whilst I like that I do feel that an ENSEMBLE piece has not necessarily been formulated where multiple characters are BRAND NEW and FANTASTIC as a GROUP.


Well many groups are ENSEMBLE of already known or pre existing characters and developing an entire group that feels good and works in terms of story and script and so on rather than just in your head is a continuing issue.

Again another reason to try visual onto paper.  GET IDEAS DOWN, GET VALUES DOWN, GET ATTRIBUTES, Ask the necessary questions as to how they all fit together within the overall story arc and any given pieces within that story.

So yes-I do feel that having moved from the WRITING REALMS into THE VISUAL REALMS has seemingly put a little rocket Booster in my own efforts-as to any forthcoming actual product or result-well that again is a hmmmn The IDEA is GOOD because it has been with myself for multiple years and gone through multiple rethinks and so on and survived that kind of PROCESS so the issue is perhaps that one of SELFISHNESS in the sense of putting IDEAS and so on FORWARD to be CRITQUED by people and persons who have not necessarily been through such CREATIVE PAIN and TURMOIL and so on.


Yes it is surprising how much you can become somewhat ATTACHED and SO ON to your own CREATIVE IDEAS and so on and having to DEFEND IMAGINARY BEINGS and so on is again a STRANGE notion though one worth putting yourself in the position of having done-if only to see how wrapped up and self absorbed and so on you can become when YOU HAVE PUT THE WORK IN.

So yes I have done this that and the other and things are advancing not necessarily as intended when I set out though likewise I just have to keep on asking what feedback or learning has taken place through this development that lets myself know that I am heading in the desired direction-I PERFECT PRODUCT.

Maybe DISNEY and DREAMWORKS and so on simply buy character RIGHTS and so on AKA WINNIE THE POO though given today’s world I would rather go straight to BIG PICTURE and then books and so on than the other way around.  Yes easy to think like a mogul though obviously CREATIVELY you want to know that they feel the same way about your STORY TELLING and CHARACTER and so on-I think for all the criticism of Walt Disney down the years-he did have a way of bringing out the best of his workers when it came down to getting in those EMOTION ZONES and TRIGGERS and so on.

So that again part of the game of black and white whereby many of the so called MR BIG’S of any GIVEN MEDIA often have far more DETRACTORS than others simply for having put themselves on the so-called line and having the faith and courage to follow there own path and that path is often the one that is previously untouched by others etc.

Yes the trauma of character development and story development and interaction and knowing how long all these things can take is highly enticing when your feeling motivated and so on-and of course some environments I find myself in do provide a HUGE or MASSIVE number of CHARACTER OBSERVATIONS-easy of course to RUSH to VILLAINY though I do think a BROADER SELECTION exists within my own World than has perhaps existed previously.

So that another quick one that I have rushed out for something to write about. And of course when you write about any given topic or subject that can again be a MOTIVATOR in the sense that having made a commitment to continue with something you have given yourself an OMG.  Look back to 28/09/2014 when I wrote about this project and here I am in ………. without anything to show for all that effort that I was putting into that project at that time.  Well that is of course the way of the World for many people-we all think that we can do these things though continuing in a daily effort when other commitments and so on crop up and become detrimental to GROWTH.

Yes I will persevere because it has for myself become something that I could not have imagined a few short years ago-this project could actually be turning into a LABOUR OF LOVE.

Yes EXCEPTIONALLY VAGUE on my character and theme and story arc and so on though as I say if you want to purchase the IDEA it really is one that the WORLD needs to see in BIG SCREEN DISNEY STYLE EPIC-MASSIVE.

Well I could of course apply for a job with some of these companies though in all honesty given my background I simply do not feel drawn to apply to other people or persons-I think that is another one of these EGO debates-how much faith do you have in your own ability and how much does working for others detract from that-clearly my present paying work (for instance) is not a match in the creativity realms at the level that I work and likewise given the previous experience of my applying for other positions it would probably require a request from trusted sources to even get any attention from myself.

Ignorance has its own rewards when it comes to the daily politics that those of us who meditate have mostly advanced and escaped from (so to speak).

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂


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