So A Systematic Process Of Enlightenment Eh?

So a systematic process of enlightenment eh? Well how hard can it be?  Yes means yes according to a new campaign in the United States state of California that has decided to apparently counteract the present confusion surrounding no means no campaigns-I am unsure as to how those sorts of ideas come about though in making folks think about issues of course maybe some realizations will be made of some sort or fashion.  Those sorts of campaigns are of course usually related to CONSENT issues in sex and rape cases and so on.

Now returning to the cake mix fruits that I mentioned yesterday-when you are young and so on you often (some of us anyway) have a habit of having sultanas and raisins and currents and so on as snack type foods and some industrious folks at some point or other came up with those little boxes with them in-I cannot recall the brand though I had never heard of them until later in life-I simply helping myself from the cake cooking ingredients in a kitchen cupboard somewhere.  The interesting thing is of course that as youngsters we do tend to group all those kinds of things as being the same when in fact from a KNOWLEDGE position and research it can actually be helpful to know what they are and how they are differing and so on.

Where else?  Well I did of course set a two day challenge that one or two persons may have considered as taking up-just to test there own mental aptitude and creativity-it is of course easy to opt for the STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST mentality in the sense that you can have a character that can carry out this task or function and has this power or that power as and when required within a given story line.

So in reality of course what is meant by current story requirement? This usually consists of big picture views of your own particular World-so you might be a company that is seeking to roll out new products and you want to ALIGN yourself with current World knowledge and so on within your REALM.

So a research statistic might be that Lithuanian Curry is becoming the latest EXOTIC taste and Latvian Kebabs are not far behind-and if you are in the FOOD INDUSTRY you potentially want a piece of that market-so could well go into looking for recipes along those lines.

Likewise a military general might have operatives stationed around the planet on various active service missions and so on and each environment might have its own SPECIALIST requirements for said environment.  Likewise it is no good having a major intake of Polar Warfare troops if your major stage of active war operations for the foreseeable future is in the jungle or where-ever-unfortunately everyone CRIES WOLF on BUDGETS irrespective of populations thinking otherwise.  I recall that America was said to have left huge quantities of vehicles and so on in the Gulf following previous major conflicts the shipping costs of a return trip for such things were not regarded as being cost effective.

So I actually think that the Local Regiment could potentially benefit or LEVERAGE extra funding simply from the fact that future King; Prince George Cambridge  is having his birthday on the 22nd and so on for the foreseeable future-these kinds of politics and associations can of course work both ways though when we look at the so-called makeup-of Royalty and Military and so on there is a great deal of cross-over anyway in the sense that the quote I recall from a somewhat dark political show ran along the lines of “You might think that-though I could not possibly comment”,  The MANDARINS that run through the corridors of power keeping the wheels turning are all I am sure aware of the strengths and weaknesses of such DETAIL.

Likewise a Firm such-as Disney themselves have gradually rolled out Disney Theme Worlds from Continent to Continent and there is no reason to assume that one or two of there competitors could not do the same.  I think Warner Brothers have carried our a similar type of strategy though of course these things can often be dependent on the MOGUL at the top.  You do often get the impression that many a BUSINESS is so linked with its CREATOR that when they leave or move on the Business goes into CRISIS although that word is often not used the shareholders and markets do not like words such as CRISIS being speculated in relation to some Corporations.  A UK example was of the firm Virgin where Richard Branson had sold off part of his empire and they did not prosper to well without him.  Famous American Cases within memory are of course the Steve Jobs “Years in Exile” from Apple.  So people react strangely in many ways dependant on belief as to how strongly a management team and so on can FILL THE BOOTS so to speak of LARGER THAN LIFE type MOGULS and so on.

So these DESIGN IDEAS can of course take us back to building from the grass roots of what knowledge is required at a foundation level for where you are intending to focus your time and energy.

Once you have systematized your process as to how you conduct yourself and so on and what area you are developing you can of course be more EXPANSIVE.  So many of the courses I have taken have been (for instance) related to Colour Theory and Frequency Theory and Compass Theory and WAVE Theory and so on and so forth-so really those might be regarded as a FOUNDATION upon which you can build any EMPIRE to your own specification and requirement.  Likewise too many BAD experiences can put you back seemingly for years and years (as in my own case)-though in reality I do have a LARGE DATASET of knowledge that I can impart to people either here in my blog or out and about when and as-if it is needed or required by folks. The area that I am working on in relation to CREATIVITY as I have mentioned over the last few days has been this one of IMAGERY and  I say it is something of a CONSCIOUS WEAKNESS though perhaps STRONGER in my NON-CONSCIOUS in the sense that I can do the exercises within courses to a reasonable standard and so on.  The weakness perhaps being that I have perhaps been harsh towards the ARTS WORLD (In General) throughout my life having of course grown up around musicians and so on and wanting to perhaps be “NORMAL” and not have aspirations and dreams that family have already gone before and done in some fashion or other.

So I can visualize and say things out loud and even write though DRAWING is somewhat neglected as I say often setting out with that intention and then finding myself WORDING.

I certainly think I have a somewhat far freer mental attitude than for many years though likewise never wuite feel as though I am OPERATING AT MY BEST always like I am missing some JIGSAW piece or however just on the HORIZON.  I do now that horizon strategy is of course another strategy that gets used by teachers rather a lot-the stepping stones to the horizon as it continues its stationary position and distance from yourself.

Yes so why do we teach people to RUB ALADDINS LAMP in the hope of a GENIE appearing when the closest match to that within any environment is the BOILIING KETTLE-how many of us have scolded our hands making a TEMPERATURE TEST on the side of a kettle at some point in our lives.  Of course they do say that many a PERSON THEMSELVES BECOME “CALIBRATED” for regularly carried out activities.  I remember my Hereford Grandmother was never seemingly effected by EXCESSIVELY HOT ovens and things that she was taking in and out of said ovens.  That is not to say that she did not use protective clothing and gloves and towels and so on so much as I in my own experience generally found such things to CONDUCT HEAT.  I think we use or take advantage of that PROCESS in RADIATORS and so on whereby heat is carried through CONVECTION to a certain extent-this is why even if you turn of a PUMP or it becomes broken in some fashion-you will not necessarily be aware straight away.

So again this is just putting thoughts down in a diary like type fashion and I am of to see if I can continue in my DRAWING PRACTICE VISION TO VISION hmmn what a concept-How can I integrate such ideas and learnings into my life in such a way as to be able to generate wealth health and prosperity.  Yes it helps to simply keep writing and processing and meditating and remaining ignorant to detractors who have not got your own best interests at Heart.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 🙂

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