Oh A Burk In A Farce

Yes of course in classic comedy terms we do have those times of the year where everything becomes FARCICAL-I have spoken on Farce comedy previously I think in referencing Faulty Towers; though who the burke is in any given scenario is of course debatable. We can point to Christmas, New Year, Birthdays, Easter and our present one Halloween that often brings the burke out in your usually level headed Mr or Ms.

We do also of course see farce comedy appearing throughout the year in various Theatre type productions and many a TV sitcom owes a HERITAGE to so-called CLASSICAL FARCE Comedy.

Obviously not funny for folks and peoples in War Zones and Plague Zones and so on around the World though we can actually ask “IS IT TRUE” I have recommended such self-inquiry and questioning fairly regularly throughout this blog and again when you combine such self-inquiry with EFT Tapping and so on you can again break through OLD TRANCE STATES that you may have within your noggin that are long past requirement. Many a person failing to understand that they live life changing from trance state to trance state and all too often becoming STUCK through POPULAR LIES & THEORIES & so on.

I recommend the technologies that I do because you really can clear out a lifetime of nonsense type trance states that no longer serve you in the fashion that was originally intended. It can take a year or two even with meditation and so on to really find your own NEW GROOVE so to speak though I do generally get the impression that over the longer term-you really can answer some of the questions that I presented on my website www.silvertoevelocity.com.

Likewise you can of course find yourself being shifted or having your trance states broken for you simply through external events-though often with a certain amount of RESISTANCE perhaps. How many folks become UPSET when road works appear on a favourite short-cut route or a regularly used shop shuts down or moves and so on. So you develop a HABIT that becomes your present TRANCE routine and then conditions and events occur that BREAK your trance in some fashion.

That could be the removal of road works or the opening of a NEW favourite shop and so on. So many TRANCE STATES are actually quite HARMLESS though as I have suggested-some realms and peoples & persons do have what I would regard as UNHEALTHY states that few would want to REPLICATE.

So resistance to change is an ongoing experience though you can get to a point where you are thinking clearer and with greater clarity and asking the self-responsible type questions HOW CAN I…?

I spoke briefly on the drugs issue yesterday and quite typically had seen some CLIP INTERVIEW with a reformed “user” or drugs who complained that they were continuously “sent to prison” instead of being offered TREATMENT. That is a typical removal of SELF RESPONSIBILITY whereby our “VICTIM” looks to the EXTERNAL to be responsible for some personal choice of DRUG USE.

Any such user can seek treatment for themselves-granted such services are probably varying from region to region though I do think that self-responsibility does seem to become the No.1. issue that people need or require addressing for themselves.

Yes when you find beneficial products and services such as those I recommend you can PREACH LIKE THE REVEREND SILVERTONGUE in singing the praises of such peoples and products. The problem of course is that VESTED INTERESTS usually have reason for folks not to uncover truth of reality and so on-these are the types of issues that RUN DEEP THROUGH THE HEART OF SOCIETY in many ways. I have recently today had another Email relating to Natural Brilliance another LS course and I do have the book though I am unsure how I came by it-I think it was given with one of the other packages that I purchased though I must say that hand-in-hand with photo reading it really can change the way you go about life the universe and everything and indeed change the way you impart knowledge and awareness to others. Some communities perhaps feel hard done by via some of my own PREACHINGS though as I have said on multiple occasion I promote choice and grown adults should act as grown adults instead of reverting to school days slander and nonsense.

I have an early work day today and got up early to CARVE my Halloween Pumpkin-so will not see it in the light of darkness that is intended until perhaps later in the night. Not sure how these things are going to turn out of course though I am satisfied that I passed through the OMG Burke like behaviour quite rapidly on this occasion.

Elsewhere I see the Puppy Murderer who had all of his gun collection returned & killed his Mrs is being reported on-all I can say is that he does not look to dissimilar to one or two work colleagues-best watch your back around those ones.

Elsewhere we are told of the searing heat of Halloween and that is perhaps unusual for us here in the UK though it is typical arrogance in the sense that other Continents have hot Halloween every year and indeed hot Christmas and hot easter and hot new year and so on.

Strange though true-why do we pay so much attention to localised conditions when globalised conditions could be so much better to become aware of.

What else-well there does seem to be a growing COMING ELECTION type series of NEWS REPORTS occurring whereby we should vote for this group or that group who are not that group and so on. I actually do not think I can predict the outcome on this one-I suspect BETTER the DEVIL WE KNOW could win through at present though we are of course half a year away and a lot can change within that time period-just as occurred within the Scottish Parliamentary Referendum and so on.

Well work awaits the honest truthful man.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

You’ve Never Heard Of Burkina Faso

So today I can of course demonstrate my complete ignorance of the Wider World at large by saying that to the best of my knowledge I really cannot recall of ever hearing of Burkina Faso. An African State that boarders Mali, Niger, Ivory Coast and Ghana-all places that I have heard of-what is going on-ummn.

Yes so I though ah-ha I will do a quick WIKI and see if it has had a name change and Hey Presto it used to be called The Republic of Upper Volta; and you are absolutely correct I have never heard of that either-what in the World is going on.

Yes so an old French Colony in West Africa apparently-according to my brief research, yes you do not always know and recall place names though most Countries are known in some fashion and my lack of knowledge is somewhat worrying.

Elsewhere the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and region is once again being highlighted though this time simply for the closing down of part of Jerusalem. I have yet to see a single Israeli action that Palestinians have not complained about-you do tend to think that the Arabs obsess with as many a CUTTING OF THE NOSE TO SPITE THE FACE issue and so on that is possible.

Here in Blighty we are once again reminded of the Poppy Appeal with some Double Decker London Bus arriving at the Palace-I doubt Stan Butler or Blakey were present though Barbara Windsor of Carry on Eastender’s fame was along with Prince Harry and some serving service personnel.

I did actually visit various World War I battlefields during a school history trip to France and Belgium when I was younger and the places I visited did seemingly carry the scars (so to speak) of War and the atmosphere at a number of the sites was quite sombre.

France also in the news for having drones flying over Nuclear sites strange though true they actually took up Nuclear Power far more than many other states and have perhaps prospered as a result-we here in the UK have once again been having POWER warnings and so on. These things are of course infrastructure related and I am unsure when many an issue began though I do find myself once again returning to THATCHERISM and the POLICY OF SELLING OUT THE NEXT GENERATION.

What does that mean? Well such things are of course debatable though I do not think from the perspective of looking back to those times that I am wrong in suggesting that Society did exactly that in many respects. Likewise the knock on to housing issues and many other issues can in many ways be followed back to those times. So given a crumb trail to follow or a ball of string/wool and follow the clues and the REMEDY given for Societal Wide issues during the 80’s was to become SELFISH.

Yes many issues could not be allowed to continue such-as nonsense Union Activists and so on though we have since come to see that a return to Unionism could be the NEXT REMEDY for today’s issues.

I have spoken on Unions previously and generally regard such groupings as USELESS in the sense that they took my money and failed to support myself when ACTUALLY required & needed. A colleague has become a night staff Union representative apparently and that is a GOOD THING though I did find an AGE OLD discussion with him to not be too useful or handy.

The Company I work for through historical situations and scenario’s; chooses to say that in order for workers to have a voice-they will discuss wages and so on with this particular UNION and having said that-that MEANS that irrespective of MEMBERSHIP OF UNION that the ORGANIZATION is EXPECTED to represent ALL WORKERS. However the Union has an INSULAR attitude of speaking in terms of only representing MEMBERS-as I have repeated the COMPANY gives them a MANDATE for ALL WORKERS irrespective of MEMBERSHIP therefore claiming & saying we will only represent those that join is RIDIULOUS.

A NEW message & POLICY from the Company is required or a change in ATTITUDE is required from the UNION.

So this is an issue whereby they are choosing once again SHORT TERM INSULAR attitudes over LONGER TERM PLANNING. So if I were a Union Boss I would be saying we want to WIN rights for the NEXT GENERATION OF WORKERS-whereby they want to belong to the Union because they can see that we are genuinely MAKING A DIFFERENCE for current members.

So the battle (if any existed) seems to be within the Hearts & Minds perhaps of WRONG ATTITUDES and IDEALOGUES being sent out. The Union wants recruits they have to demonstrate a GREATER LEVEL OF A HOLISTIC APPROACH.

What else can I comment on today-well it is strange that we are seeing stories related to the father of Sara Payne and being reported in that fashion as though the guy does not have or did not have an IDENTITY of his own. It is akin to only EXISITNG in RELATION to social group or marriage and so on-people seemingly spend so much time looking for EXTERNAL IDENTITY-THAT having one of your own gets lost within the mix. This one of those problems for myself perhaps in the sense that I do not court PUBLICITY & PROMOTE my writings and so on-though likewise I did represent quite a large number of people using the technologies that I was promoting.

So I promoted other peoples ware’s so to speak because I had none of my own-you might say well everyone starts off in such fashion though as has been said on many occasion-everyone has to find some balance and cut-off point as to when and where they are public and private and so on. Yes some things perhaps having BOUNDARY & BORDER disputes though generally most people are quite WISE to the possibility I will react in this or that fashion to some POLITICKING from some quarters.

DRUG POLICY is also being highlighted and timing wise I did see recent reports on the failure to reduce OPIUM GROWTH-they of course also POPPY RELATED CROPS-strangely I did used to walk Poppy fields here in Hereford during my childhood-the site of the MOATHOUSE or whatever the MOTEL is currently named used to be a real poppy field.

Yes so drugs-I actually think enough relaxation has already occurred and they would be WISER to HOLD THE LINE and say NO MORE. You will always find CREEP occurring with such things and the standard Classification is debatable though saying there is no link between this and this and this is GROSS NEGLIGENCE and a sweeping under the carpet of many a HOME TRUTH so to speak.

All well and good saying policy is not working for Drug Users-though I think it is WORKING for the WIDER POPULATION.

So you can take a HOLISTIC APPROACH to life the Universe and Everything or you can take a SELFISH minimalistic NOT ME GOV NIMBY approach. We all have to decide where we stand on such things within our own lives though I disagree with some of these REPORTS that come out wanting DECRIMINALISATION OF ALL LAWS & RIGHTS & SO ON.

People do want and require protection and would soon have a change of HEART & Mind when such things occur.

Elsewhere the Greater Manchester child abuse issue has been highlighted this week and of course we can probably demonstrate regional variations and so on though one does suspect that much sweeping under carpets happen and occurs throughout the nation. How many street rows and so on are ignored and talked down as DOMESTICS. The scenario for children is clearly worse and I think that some of the findings have suggested what most people already think & know-the issue being whether you want to get involved or otherwise.

Well that seems to be enough for today and of course any meaning given is the one within your own noggin though likewise feedback and witnessing is always ongoing in some fashion or other so what will I be witnessing this Halloween.

Have you got you EBOLA HAZMAT SUIT?

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

What’s That Skippy-They Had A Large Bang In Kent

So as is often the case-I decided to have a scan through the headlines of the day and the news is that 24 Hour News & Media Groups are “DESPERATE” for news-It will not be all that long before they all resort to reporting on each other as has happened on one or two occasions previously. Who remembers all the mileage most of the other channels got out of reporting on News Corporation (SKY) scandal’s.

Yes so a large bang related apparently to the RAF-we used to call such sounds of speeding aircraft “SONIC BOOM” not to be confused with speeding Hedgehogs. I should mention Hedgehogs because I have had a regular visitor in the Garden during the last few months and whilst not as chirpy as my little Robin friend they do tend to make their presence and existence known-I think I spoke on the racket that they tend to make-the spikes perhaps giving a false sense of security.

Elsewhere that tiny blob known as SRI LANKA at the southern tip of India is being reported as having had a mudslide-not sure what to make of that-though the last one that came to my own awareness was the mudslides reported in Japan-so maybe the pattern is following some kind of CONTINENTAL rotation pattern-although Sri Lanka is of course not going in the same rotational direction as the planet-IS IT?

Come to think about it I am not sure I know which way the planet actually rotates beyond of course MEDIA pictures and so on. We did as youngsters of course have proper sized spinning tops type toys though these days they tend to throw out such toys as mini-versions.



Yes just thinking about the kinds of Headlines I could be using for my audience though that does assume an audience and I cannot guarantee one beyond STATISTICS. Statistics of course currently being used to INVESTIGATE a number of fraudulent Companies suspected of illegal practice and so on.

Yes so this week is becoming somewhat Topsy-Turvey and returning to the GRAVITY matter-I think it has something to do with the direction of SPIN.

I did actually manage to walk into a SPIDERWEB on my way home from work this morning and the reason was quite simply that some spider had taken upon itself to web a tree that I pass under as I go about my home bound journey. Yes the little blighters will make webs anywhere given the opportunity and unlike MOVIES the webs are rarely visible especially in TWILIGHT type times where the Sun has not yet ascended or descended.

So lots of news that would generally not have been reported upon just a few years ago when we had more limited news services-these days anything and everything seemingly being reported on. I should probably do an internet search for something called the HEREFORDIAN to see if it exists and then find the latest local nonsense going on within the County.

Yes so the top story is perhaps a PRE-CURSOR to FIREWORKS they usually being on sale and being used during an ever growing window of time. Who can we burn today springs to mind for some folks of course-so lots of HEIGHTENED nonsenses and prejudices perhaps being highlighted as though a NEW WHEEL has been invented by young Bongo.

Hey Hey Were The Gophers

People say we gopher around

Were too busy gophering

To put any body down

Well unsure what most of this document is about though as per usual such things are best translated into other formats such as PICTORIAL and likewise thought about in a more lateral manner than I seemingly manage myself. I should of course mention that when I travelled on bus into Wales that we had to wait at a TRAFFIC LIGHT-that perhaps akin to IT IS NOT YOUR TURN YET or IT IS NOT YOUR GO discussions.

Thank you for reading, god Bless and be Well 🙂

Do You Nominate & Substitute Others WITH Your Own Issues & Crisis & Suffering

So I actually quite enjoy doing the alphabet to musical notation conversion and in many respects you will come to be amazed at some of the names of authors whose books you have read who have seemingly taken advantage of the buying public in the fabrication of such names.

These things of course come down to personal choice & perhaps modelling in the respect that we see portrayals of this characterization or that characterization of an IDENTITY.

Our brains and body’s and so on are generally regarded as quite malleable when we are growing up and so on and likewise a massive trauma or ailment of soe description can potentially set or steer you into undesirable paths.

Likewise it can be said with respect to many issues that you yourself seemingly find yourself as having been nominated or substituted in some fashion for someone else’s


So a typical example within a sporting team for example is that many a stereotype exists whereby more than one individual is Vying for Leadership roles within a given sector or section of the team. International teams are often described as a TEAM OF CAPTAINS. Not always TRUE-THOUGH many a person uses such TITLES to keep their own motivation going.

Likewise the ‘NEW’ person within a given realm or sector can often be SEIZED upon by others for roles they do not want.

How many new ‘apprenticeship’ type roles are often what are commonly regarded and known as “GOPHER” types of roles where someone is simply being used as a NUMPTY to see how much INTELLIGENCE lies between the HEMISPHERES between the EAR’S. Go for coffee, go for Sky Hooks, go for a bubble for the spirit level, go for a long weight, and a popular series of ADENDUM’S; go for a “LEFT HANDED” Hammer, coffee mug and so on and so forth.

So as you progress unless you really are a COMPLETE NUMPTY you gradually TWIG that ALL is not as it seems. In many respects this BLOG might be regarded in that fashion as has been suggested previously in the sense of recommending TECHNOLOGIES that can change the way you go about life, the universe and everything.

So that is of course quite ‘LIGHT’ versions of what people NOMINATE & SUBSTITUTE others for in their lives-though of course OLD FAVOURITES never seemingly go out of fashion hence so many fucked up and confused people and why I generally say do not COMPETE or get dragged down by such references stay focussed on the REWARDING references that you can maintain for yourself.

Elsewhere some “work colleagues” have suggested that my details are still working and so on-on some “Dating Websites”. I can state in complete and utter honesty that I have not used any such sites for several years and if such sites are claiming otherwise then something is amiss. I as far as I know closed all such accounts-I generally having only joined some early paid membership type sites rather than the all multitudes of those types of sites that appeared later. I have spoken on the topic previously and generally think it probably better to meet and ask women on dates and so on out and about in the old fashioned way. Likewise given my QUIET LIFE such situations and scenario’s and encounters have generally become quite rare anyway.

Elsewhere I see that some NASA rocket has taken a tumble and Robbie Williams is being commented upon for Blogging about his baby’s birth-I think given the passing down of knowledge and SOUL and so on that such activities are PERSONAL CHOICE as to how much any person does or does not carry out such activities though likewise it is probably better from such folks that people want to relate to than some of your media drama’s-we’ve probably seen such things a million times over in TV & Film & Drama anyway so why can’t CELEBRITIES change the game so to speak in showing how such things might be within their own lives and World and so on.

Elsewhere I see that MARVEL have announced a whole new SLATE of COMIC related Movies from there catalogue of characters and so on-I always get the MARVEL/DC characters confused and mixed up if I am honest. I think I said previously that I recalled having one or two annuals as a youngster and they were of characters that have already appeared such as X-MEN and THOR and so on. That does not mean that the other characters are less interesting so much as you do come to see that OVERSATURATION POINTS occur-that may or may not mean the same as OVERKILL though it is interesting that whilst within the Comic Book Realm a great deal of FOCUS was given to your Superman and Spiderman and Batman and so on that in the ANIMATION REALMS-so companies prospered through LIMITING the appearances of particular characters and so on. I do not know whether it was a deliberate policy given how long (YEARS) it took to create some of the so-called GREATS though it is interesting that DISNEY for instance seemingly select WINDOWS OF TIME where characters are placed back into the LIMELIGHT and so on. They have used that strategy with CINEMA SHOWINGS and indeed DVD type releases-and unless you can get 2nd hand copy you very often have to wait a few years before a so-called “CLASSIC” is shown to a NEW GENERATION AUDIENCE.

Business wise I saw a brief section on NINTENDO profits and fears for the future-I did recently see some bloke with what looked to be a new Play Station 4 Box and a Pizza that he had left in the street-not sure if I mentioned previously though I as a PARENT prefer NINTENDO as better for the family whilst XBOX & PLAYSTATION’S are usually for the more diehard type fanatics-at least in TRADITIONAL terms-I know Xbox do try to appeal to a wider audience because I have to purchase stuff via the XBOX LIVE SYSTEM for my PAD though I generally not being a GAMER do not use such functionality.

So if I were buying for myself I would opt the latter whilst family I would go with NINTENDO and games wise NINTENDO again have some GREAT CHARACTERS that are unlikely to ever go out of fashion-so whilst commentators are knocking them I think they will survive through once again diversifying-people have spoken on the games appearing on other companies devices and given they’re record I would not say it is beyond them that they already have some SECRET gadgets in the PIPELINE that are going to once again change the PERSPECTIVE or PLAYING FIELD. We must remember that in many ways all these Company’s trying to LOCK PEOPLE into particular gadgets and market places are FOLLOWING the MODEL that NINTENDO initiated in the FIRST PLACE. So given that track record it is unlikely that they would happily return to sharing systems-though saying that-the competition do now claim to have greater system security & protection than previously existed.

Well some of this was written on a break at work and the rest of it finished here-I may publish again later or not depending on whether anything knew that has not already been said or heard and so on crops up-always a possibility as you go about documenting all that you can think to document.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Death & Taxes AGAIN

So there I was wondering why payment had not gone through for one or two ongoing payment plans & systems and it suddenly occurred to myself that perhaps the payment cannot go through because I am DEAD at that point. A strange thing of course to think or indeed write though it does have a lateral logic all of its own-in the sense that if the World so to speak is like a GIANT SUPERCOMPUTER then it may know that I am deceased at some close future point and is simply taking corrective action-I cannot go into great deal on such thoughts though given that many a modality seemingly brings the non-conscious into the aware window and likewise strongly links LIFE to MONEY and so on the potential or possibility EXISTS. WOW WHAT can be done in my remaining 2 weeks?

Have I time to write a Bucket List?

Yes so moving on

Elsewhere Australia has taken APPROPRIATE action in response to EBOLA and is being targeted for abuse as a result. Whilst they do perhaps have a generally quite racist culture-I do not think the action they have taken is disproportionate to the CRISIS.

The Weather People are also apparently getting a new supercomputer system also and this CRAY SUPERCOMPUTER works in Petraflops that are far faster than Terraflops and Gigaflops. How accurate such patterns analysis systems are is debatable though of course it is perhaps another case of INFRASTRUCTURE development where they need a next generation computer system that will be capable of delivering improved models and so on for some 10-15 year time window-I have no idea if the time period is correct though most systems do now have modifiable upgrading methods that are perhaps far superior to some of those used in the past.

Elsewhere it is reported that military troop are carrying weapons at certain places and so on for the first time and whilst you might have expected some GREAT DISCUSSION I do think that there is a clear BOUNDARY with the military being allowed weapons to the POLICE being allowed weapons. They again are perhaps more removed in day-to-day life from getting sucked into some Societal Issues. That does not mean they can operate CARTE BLANCHE though I do think Society perhaps given a choice between armed military (that you expect) and armed Police generally prefer the former.

Lloyds bank are apparently cutting huge numbers of banks though I am unsure as to whether that is good or bad-not having had an account with them since childhood. Yes they have a very distinguished bank in Hereford High town-and I am of a generation that prefers walking into a bank branch than having to deal with computerised telephone systems and so on.

That perhaps a reason why I have not moved bank when I should-none of the banks offer what I WANT and that seems to be what Lloyds are now giving up on-branches in the high street and so on.

So why does Dave not like telephone banking and so on-well quite simply I do not want to spend hours listening to please push this number on your keypad questions followed by the hashtag.

Elsewhere I spoke of course on hashtag recently and it is interesting that it is quite similar to the symbol we use in music to demonstrate a SHARP. I mention that because when I did my name to music conversion I noticed that I had quite a few SHARP’S occurring. Not sure if that is good or bad though obviously I have suggested previously that my BARK is WORSE than my BITE. So I may come across at times as SHARP TONGUED though sharp of course often an attribute given to intelligent people such-as SHERLOCK in AWARENESS & KNOWLEDGE terms and also the name of a Series of Sailing Novels-I think that something called Sharpe? Was quite a popular and expensive TV production during the late 1990’s.

Mostly relating to English European wars-Sharpe and gang were again seemingly considered as Elite type troops though in reality they were often simply making or getting the best out of any set of circumstances that presented themselves.

Yes that was perhaps another of the shows that I mentioned previously-so I do or did have a tendency to FLUCTUATE between the quality type media and the junk and any one given individual choice is of course often changed by those that they find around themselves. So whilst you might be happy now watching the occasional movie I do generally avoid huge swathes of TV Trash.

Yes I do like light entertainment though far too often light becomes something else when some kinds of individuals are introduced into a mix.

This blog article may seem quite short and the reason is that I have deleted a least a QUARTER of it. I will not be giving a reason as to why though can say that it is related to PATTERNS that I have monitored and seen over and over and some things are not worth going back over-such things simply fan the flames rather than develop ACTUAL SOLUTION. Some folks think they have a Solution for what I wrote about though my own view is from a differing requirement and perspective.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

So Here We Are Wondering What To Do With The Pumpkin

So as some followers know-year after year I have found myself carving pumpkin after pumpkin to greater and greater depths of artistic merit and we are now of course within the time period where a choice has to be made as to what to do this year-I myself perhaps preferring a return to the simple have had the sudden though that I could do a Jihadi Pumpkin-though such things are perhaps tasteless. The other option is of course to find some monster carving design and then spend hours creating said design on the pumpkin-such things do of course become easier with practice the downside being that with pumpkins you might perhaps do them once a year. So some years I have done multiple and others just one and this year is no differing in the carving stakes-having written on such matters I at the present moment have zero idea as to what to carve.

Elsewhere of course we are now squarely within the half-term week and it has often been a week that I might have off work-I over the years generally seeking to have Holidays that match up with some of my child care requirements-in truth of course it is virtually impossible unless you are an independent trader of some description to have all of the Holidays all of the years. Where once I had little difficulty-gradually over the years colleagues have started trying to book similar days and so on and so forth-not always an issue because some Holidays have been out-of-sync from Country to Country and that has served us all in a sense-though more recently everyone has seemingly come into sync in the sense that where foreign nationals once stuck with Homeland timetables-these days they have generally adopted and switched to UK term times and patterns.

News wise we can see reports on the British troops pulling out of Afghanistan and various Camp Bastion type documentary type pieces. Lots of coverage on refusing to pay extra money into the EU coffers has also been highlighted and a big surprise is that Germany & France the Country’s most responsible for the EU are not having to pay extra. I am unsure where all this funding is coming from given that most money especially in banking terms is just NUMBERS on an accountancy screen that does not EXIST anywhere else-and in many ways-that is exactly the same for any man and women in the street.

The daughter is telling myself that I should write about the MODERN SHERLOCK HOLMES that she happens to like (TV series SHERLOCK). I only having perhaps seen one or two episodes during her visits and only as background noise do not know anything about such shows-though I do recall thinking that it was a good adaptation-having said that you probably have to try really hard to do bad with some “Classic” type characters and so on-I know some attempts at some return of favourites has not gone down all that well in some sectors though likewise a NEW audience is always ready and willing to reinvent the OPINION.

Yes I recall many years ago-going through a phase of watching junk TV that I knew was junk TV and quite popular too Channel 5 seemingly built its audience up through such shows. Xena warrior Princess and stuff like that and likewise since then we have seen a massive INCREASE in shows modelled and portrayed along those kinds of lines gradually filtering across all the channels.

So little to write about though I can perhaps mention NUMEROLOGY once again-I spoke previously on how I as an individual have generally struggled with the ART type teachings and learnings because I very much from a young age concentrated my own focus and learning on reading & writing and so on-and this course is perhaps more oriented towards people who are from that kind of background. That is not to say that anyone should panic-I’M AN ARTIST-I CANNOT DO NUMBERS-because again quite simply many a modality can be used to build up or increase knowledge and abilities in areas that you may feel weaker at. So whilst I need to draw more-I can also use this course to tune myself-I thought that knowing the Pythagorean alphanumerical numbering system and indeed the conversion to musical notation are alone perhaps worth the price tag. I mentioned compatibility with Feng Shui and that perhaps related to DIRECTIONS and compass type issues-whereby when you know how your numbers (so to speak) can cause you to be like this that or the other and likewise cause others to be like this that or the other-you can seek to redirect yourself toward getting the best out of your number set-the paraliminal as is often the case is visual and descriptively based upon the learnings and teachings within the course.

So I can well imagine that the idea of Numbers fills many a person with dread though in honesty I think that the course is created in such a way that you can simply follow the instruction and not be intimidated or feel necessarily out of your depth. Having said that as I suggested previously-I have not bought entire collections for some teachers and masters or modalities-so I personally still have some way to go in attaining levels of self-mastery and so on.

In building block terms we can perhaps see that some Masters and teachers have multiple levels that they work pupils through Level 1 then Level 2 then Level 3 and likewise we also see that some give a good grounding and foundation and then offer bells and whistles type GAP Fillers or particular knowledge bases and so on.

So do we need all and any of the modalities-well choice is choice and I have gradually come to greatly APPRECIATE many a modality for some of the insights and teachings that they give that are differing to how other systems develop students and pupils and so on. I think that anyone can attain some greater degree of flexibility and freedom in life the universe and everything and of course how they go about living life the Universe and everything.

Another area that this course could well enhance abilities as is suggested above is conversion to musical notation and quite simply the musical SCALE provided again makes such conversion easy and my own interest perhaps comes from it not being how I thought or assumed it would be.

Likewise I think I can still go back to one or two other courses that I have within my Library and have further realisations that I previously missed within those courses. So as I suggested before-the course has attributes within it-that will likely give AH-HA’s as to realisations relating to other courses and likewise other courses that you may or may not have done will likely contribute to your understandings within this course.

Elsewhere a course that I did somewhat GLOSS OVER was the Aura Seeing and it was one area that whilst I had an UNDERSTANDING and ABILITY IN-that ability has perhaps not been as finely TUNED as I perhaps would have liked-so I did have a review of that course also and that perhaps relates to this IDEA that ALL IS ENERGY and attaining greater FREQUENCY understanding’s. We perhaps very often become tuned to the VISUAL SPECTRUM without necessarily understanding that other FREQUENCIES exist that our NON-CONSCIOUS is often aware of though we often dismiss such realisations of these things-so as I suggest I have plenty to be studying and developing within my own life and whilst I seek to help others with learning and teachings as Brian Osbourne suggested within the Aura seeing course-we all give VOICE to our own INTERPRETATION of what our senses are informing us of and so on-so whilst it is easy to say IT’S A SIGN and tell someone that they need to do this that or the other-generally most courses are perhaps geared toward people developing their own SELF-MASTERY and BELIEF in their own abilities-I perhaps being or fitting The Jack of All Trades TAG & LABEL perhaps more than SPECIALISTS within given sectors and fields of inquiry.

So Layer upon layer upon layer and sector upon sector can be built up within your own knowledge base and likewise choice is where you FOCUS development and indeed if you need any given knowledge-so for instance in Numerology it is suggested that just because you may have particular attributes and abilities SIMPLY THROUGH YOUR NAME & NUMBERS does not mean that you require using such skills and so on. Differing strokes for differing folks is perhaps given a more Transcendent view whereby Karma & any set of parameters and attributes operate throughout the ages rather just your own lifetime-so in many ways it could once again be about bringing PRE-EXISTING abilities into usage or indeed letting go of the usage of those that you do not require within this particular lifetime. These things are of course an interesting topic and debate and the Scottish Teacher an enjoyable listen.

So returning to JACKS-just how many are there at present appearing in your window of consciousness-my Grandfather of course and Jack Cohen founder of Tesco and Jack Frost founder of Frostbite and requirement of window scrapers and Jack Canfield of effortless success fame and the World just a week or two ago seemingly had more JACKS THAN YOU GET IN A FULL DECK. Did Jack really break his crown when running up the hill-did Jill really help him-was it the grand old Duke of York’s Hill or a differing Hill?

Yes I did notice many a Jack and of course many a trade was also called Jack at one time as are many bird type names. Has your Life been HI-JACKED?

Yes thought I would throw a comment in on all the Jacks though of course paths to follow and triggers and so on are many so how well attuned are any of us to what we want to be focussed upon as to what serves any given individual and who are simply “same old, same old” of nonsense’s that they have chosen to create both fire & flame of without actually demonstrating proof of hypothesis or indeed proof of teachings and learnings.

Yes I write and write and then can perhaps cross reference this section with this section or that section and so on and so forth.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

P.S. The daughter has informed myself that I can expect to do another WEEPING ANGEL (DR WHO) Pumpkin (Oh GOD NOOOOOO) Yes I was actually very proud of that effort though would not necessarily want to repeat it. https://davidsimonperkins.com/2013/10/30/pumkins-of-doom/

Whose Cheek Is It Anyway

Of course many of the technologies that I recommend cost MONEY and it can seem initially that you are being MUGGED in some fashion though as I have suggested on many occasion-when you continue with the regular usage of Modalities such-as Holosync and those of Learning Strategies you will eventually come to see that money in many ways CREATES ITSELF.

Anyone whose interest has been peaked by my comment on Numerology-the best that I can suggest as to whether this course is for you is to see if you were either Touched in any way by this Article https://davidsimonperkins.com/2013/06/29/princess-diana-my-guilt-and-shame/

or found this Article to be of any interest https://davidsimonperkins.com/2014/07/22/happy-birthday-george-basher-cambridge/

If either article peaked your interest or indeed if you are connected in some way to the Local Military Forces then the Numerology course could well be the course you have been searching for all your life. Other little comments that I can make are that it does connect well with the Teachings of Feng Shui and indeed actually demonstrates multiple techniques and methodologies for getting the best out of your own personal set of numbers whether for Birthdays and Names or family and friends and also included is a method of transforming the alphabet to Musical Notation.

This course is quite in depth and whilst I am likely to breeze though it-as is my own fashion it is the sort of course that requires a little effort and work on the part of the individual. I myself am going to create multiple charts for myself and see what areas of my life I can improve through making changes-it is surprising how the shortening or deleting or changing of one’s name and DOB and so on can alter your own personalised information-and even if you think you have done that in a positive fashion-this course will show you how to get the best out of all and any combination that you personally have to live with and so on. So should I remain as Dave S Perkins or change to David Perkins or have a complete whitewash-you will have to WATCH THIS SPACE.

Elsewhere I once again found myself receiving email from WORDPRESS saying that my bank are still refusing payment on an update to this blog that runs out on my birthday eve 07/11/2014. Not sure why they require payment 2 months or 1 month or indeed weeks in advance when clearly any money paid will result in INTEREST of some description for whoever is currently HOLDING THE CASH or MONEY. So whilst I was annoyed at the payment not being paid as the funds are once again already available-I cannot help to think that SOMEONE UP THERE IS WATCHING OVER MYSELF.

Why? Well anyone who has been reading this blog in recent weeks will already know why in the sense that the SOFTWARE has become UNUSEABLE for myself. I type and minutes later words appear-the article I published earlier directly within the word press package took more than an HOUR to write simply waiting for the software to play catch-up and that is a GENEROUS ESTIMATE.

This piece is being written in Microsoft Office and I am already within minutes close to being up to the same word count as the previous article and of course because of the way in which the software was failing to serve myself in a FUNCTIONAL FASHION-I grew more and more FRUSTRATED at not being able to write in a free flowing fashion-in the end that article probably failed to say many things that I wanted to include within the ARTICLE such-as a BIG THANK YOU TO LEARNING STRATEGIES for taking my ISSUES into CONSIDERATION when developing NEW TEACHINGS & COURSES.

So as I have said-yes easy to complain about cost though when you feel that your feedback is USED and TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION and the COMPANY goes out of the way in being ACCOMODATING in respect of payment plans and schemes you do begin to wonder why more GLOBABL BUSINESS BRANDS & CORPORATIONS do not follow a similar approach and strategy.

They do seemingly operate as an EXCEPTION (IN A GOOD WAY) to how many other business’s and so on operate.

Where else can attention be turned-well RAIL of course yesterday being one of my TRAVEL DAYS and once again as is common on the Half Terms-the railways rush to complete all and any repairs to infrastructure-I am sure that some must be ongoing-though it is somewhat irritating in that I buy a TRAIN TICKET to travel on a TRAIN and then find myself year in and year out on a BUS. Yes the view is differing-though Coach and Bus trips tend to be differing in ATMOSPHERE AGAIN.

We have perhaps all had the experience on a rain of wailing children and drunken idiots-though generally the option exists to MOVE-that option generally not available on Bus’s and coaches though thankfully-I did not have any requirement of such concerns and pet annoyances. Yes I have been the parent with the wailing kid-though likewise that does not mean I want to experience such things for ever and ever. I do find that I can generally be ignorant of many things and distractions simply through Threshold and Focus though likewise do find it interesting that my daughter is not so forgiving towards other children screaming and wailing and so on-so those perhaps hand-me-down attitudes whereby you forget your own behaviour at such ages and find such behaviours in others as something to be condescending about.

What else is in the NEWS I have know idea if I am honest-I have actually as was suggested recently been having a break from meditation and courses and so on-though likewise have plenty that I could be focussing and carrying out in more in-depth fashion.

So I whizzed through the Numerology materials and they are seemingly COMPLEX though I suspect that when you are following the information for yourself and so on that it will simply all CLICK TOGETHER quite rapidly-I have during my photoreading actually read one or two books on such things though this course perhaps a BEST OF kind of approach-whereby a SPECIALIST within that realm has worked to create a course that is great as a STANDALONE and as part of a more UNIVERSALISED kind of Holosync/Learning Strategy’s approach.

As I said earlier find superlatives gets EASY after a while with many modalities-though likewise it can perhaps seem SHALLOW in REITERATING such things.

Elsewhere I heard a well known IDIOT promoting & saying that EVERYONE BULLSHITS and so on-and that to myself is a clear and DAMNING LIE. The further I have progressed with the modalities and learnings the more I have become attuned to TRUTH AND HONESTY without feeling any need or requirement of dishonesty. I was perhaps more Honest to begin with than many a person within some of the ENVIRONMENTS I found myself-and likewise as progressions have been made I think more and more folks have genuinely GROWN-UP and are operating from places of INTEGRITY and HONESTY. Again easy to say though given the pressure of some realms and jobs not necessarily an easy task.

So that’s NUMEROLOGY-irrespective of your present name and number details and so on-you can learn to see the best within your own personal dataset and so on and so forth.

I will perhaps be back with more witnessing type write-ups during this coming week and I wonder what wordpress have next up there sleeve to cheek myself about-or I about them.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Wow What A Year It Has Become For Learning Strategies Courses

 So as I have repeated quite a lot in fact-I did not dive straight into the Realms of Learning Strategy courses when I took up Holosync-quite simply sticking with the meditation and generally avoiding anything that I did not necessarily feel I could trust.  I having started out with multiple Hypnosis type Learnings had upon beginning Meditation decided to give anything within the realms of Hypnosis a wide berth.

However once I had completed the Holosync Courses over a year or two-I did RISK returning to the Learning Strategy Type Modalities again perhaps feeling that I was NOW better positioned to gain any benefits that they may have had to offer.

Again taking an all-encompassing type view-I actually bought and paid for one or two paraliminal collections without actually listening or trying them-not sure why though I did eventually get around to having a listen-and you might liken such things to being a BIOGRAPHY of Paul Scheele-in the sense that he clearly decided again and again on a set of questions as to what he could develop and create next.

So having rushed early Holosync Levels with a desire to CLEAR out what I regarded as many a bad dose from the Halls Of Fame Of Hereford I continued into the realm of Learning Strategy’s mainly with an interesting in Healing Modality such-as Spring Forest Qigong-that for myself was far more interesting than perhaps some of the INTERESTING though LA-DI-DA type modalities.

Anyway I gradually decided or was encouraged by some success to move onto Modality after Modality and eventually had built up a large enough collection to become a CLIENT and-or AFFILIATE.

So you might say that in many respects I was playing CATCH-UP with the Company’s Long term Clientele and so on and in that respect I was perhaps not giving ENOUGH CREDIT for the quality of courses perhaps acting in a somewhat snobbish or sneering fashion although of course-the courses were of the time that they were respectively created-and I having perhaps leap-frogged some IDEAS in my straight to MEDITATION fashion.

So this year 2013/2014 has perhaps seen a differing attitude and set of circumstances in the sense that having ploughed through the BACK CATALOGUE-this year has perhaps more than any other seen myself being up to date and CONCURRENT with NEW RELEASES.

Yes it might not seem RELEVENT-Though for myself I feel that it is-So whilst I have not bought into absolutely everything-those Modalities that I have bought into have seemingly become PHENOMINAL, OUTSTANDING and any superlatives that spring to mind do not do one or two of my favourites justice.

It is far to EARLY to be carrying out end-of-year REVIEWS though given that we are soon going to become SWAMPED with such activities I might as well write something now.

So I loved the Spiritual Codes course and it very much seemed that it was geared in some respects to addressing one or two issues that I myself had HIGHLIGHTED.

So yes I have also added one or two other Modalities that were perhaps smaller though still of a High Quality and Standard and again was playing catch-up courses such-as Sonic Access that brought together Highlighted components of other multiple courses.

So anyway after investing in so many courses-I thought I could rest on my Laurels and take my time with digesting modalities such-as Aura Seeing and Walkabout and so on.

Then as any reader knows I started recently talking about Numbers and Alphabets and that was more simply whatever was coming into my conscious awareness.  So I did wonder what the cause may or may not have been.

So I found myself catching up with my envelope type mail and among the letters was another NEW course for NUMEROLOGY-I have briefly delved into such realms and was wondering what might this course offer that is different.

So  can Dave resist-of course not and I am actually unsure if the course is widely available to all at present-though following on from the Spiritual Code-this course once again addresses multiple issues that I myself have Highlighted and given the NATURE of NUMEROLOGY in being far more directly personalised-it could well become another FOUNDATIONAL CLASSIC!

Breaker One Nine, Breaker One Nine Looks Like We’ve Got Ourselves A


Yes of course that is a quote from the ancient movie CONVOY a story about how a group of Independent Truckers came together to get their own back on an exceptionally prejudiced Officer of the Law.

I should of course not say train set as that would be misleading and many a SIGN & SYMBOL in my own Mental Realm or WORLD has perhaps been pointing towards Convoys and Motorcades and all those sorts of goings on.

We generally tend to think of such things as Convoys and Motorcades as going in straight lines and I changed the quote because of course many a Teacher and Master has created a Mastermind Group of some description and these are often described as an INNER CIRCLE.

Any issue I myself may have with such things is of course that I have had quite a few differing Teachers and Masters especially in recent years and I can say well actually you can find that Larger so-called Umbrella Type Theories and Organisations Exist-so whilst I use and recommend products from particular companies that does not mean I cannot give credit to one or two or the products that I used early on in my TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHING. You might say that I whether deliberately or otherwise followed a SERIES OF STEPPING STONES and whilst I personally recommend that folks go straight to light versions of the Meditation type technologies-some folks may not have been under the kinds of duress and stresses that I myself was experiencing upon my return to Hereford.

So choice is choice and a recent comment by a chap called Erick reminded myself of that fact-I did of course in my Facebook days recommend folks try (Eric Von Sydow’s) Hypnotica’s Sphynx of Imagination and of course that was perhaps one of those kinds of products that can open folks up to differing ways of interpretation of the World about yourself and so on.

So returning to present time themes we are now of course entering a School Half Term Period and I am quite sure many a parent (Including myself) will be looking and seeking to fill the week with activities of some description.

Now because I have spoken on UMBRELLA TYPE APPROACHES the most obvious for us Brits as was recently suggested can be to join organisations that are already working and so on along UNIVERSAL type Lines of knowledge and so on. The problem can of course be that you are not necessarily clear headed enough to get anything out of such places-especially if they operate on the lines of conflict and cruelty as might be suggested for some working environments and so on.

So in SPIRITUAL TERMS I was thinking that even if you have done some of the same courses that I recommend or even if you have not-there is no harm in going back to basics for yourself-in the sense of DAILY ASSOCIATIONS with any given events-so ever month has a given day for instance and when you monitor and build up your own diary or blog info you can perhaps compare each 1st of the month or each 2nd of each month that is a quite simply thread to weave for yourself of comparing irrespective of seasonal cycle the actual number within the month threads.

So today is a 25 and that might make myself think of Christmas being on a 25th for instance so this is a more FORMALISED or SYSTEMATIZED way of comparing-whereby you remove all the extraneous kinds of information and go directly to number comparison.

Further to that you can perhaps imagine what a number might be alphabetically so 25th can perhaps also be a Y day-where you think about the 25th letter as Y and look for a SYSTEMATISED LATERALISM along those kinds of lines. Likewise you can break 25 up and say well that is a 2 and that is a 5 so that is B and that is E and together they might be BE.

So just that simple translation into another transformational type approach might give BEY and of course parents can often be heard telling children to OBEY though more spiritually developed folks might think I wonder what is BEYOND the obvious.

So the more threads and links you create the more you come to see that you really can remodel and fashion according to both SCIENTIFICALLY DEVELOPED METHODS and perhaps more random approaches.

I think when we look to the Organisation’s approach then the obvious are perhaps those that have developed around Royalty and Parliament and so on and so forth though likewise you very often as I have previously suggested do have to just KEEP GOING so to speak until you start seeing more and more how much choice and freedom you really can create for yourself and those about yourself.

Sounds easy though I did as many know interact with Bill Harris on the Holosync Blog for several years-likewise when we look at the time thing-it does seem that many a thing can happen in no particular ORDER-so whilst it might have seemed sensible to do this course and that course leading to such and such a scenario-I have whizzed of in all sorts of directions-basically ANSWERING QUESTIONS whether sub-conscious or otherwise that once resolved do seem to be progressions.

I still do not regard myself as being all that advanced-though I think some interactions are more helpful than others-and those who find a system generally accelerate until you hit a point where you feel you have to shift across to another modality. I took a LETS HAVE IT approach perhaps OVERLOADING myself in many ways though I think as I suggested previously many Historical concerns and issues can be left where they are-likewise if I am able to accelerate others with hints and tips and so on and so forth then that is also perhaps an option.

I have not spoken on tapping recently for instance-though again they are rapid techniques used in transformational coaching and surprisingly effective one you find your own rhythm and groove so to speak. Likewise ACIM A COURSE IN MIRACLES is as good a starting place as any to get you initially SEEING-again this can come down to breaking through lifelong held beliefs in how the WORLD IS and likewise it can be quite hocking when you see just how much many a belief under TRUE SCRUTINY does not hold water so to speak-far better to clear out your own junk and opt for a more wholesome approach to life and so on though of course many a person cites MONEY as the BIGGIE when it comes to most issues-it costs money to live and likewise just joking or interacting with others is a FORM of MONEY EXCHANGE-hence my recent suggestion that some INTERACTION & BAITING type activities are not particularly WISE-in the sense that most of us who regard ourselves as being of one kind of nature do not like being GROOMED or told by others trying to CONVERT us to other IDEALOGUES. These things can again as I suggested recently be REALISED across the spiritual the emotional and the physical though all too often many a person when going into the COMPETING is operating purely from PHYSICAL and as I previously suggested-far better to turn your back on some things and regain your own focus and equip yourself in such manner that you are operating from a higher pace on the hill with greater wisdom and so on-just because others have not grown up-does not mean you have to operate in kind.

Well bedtime for Dave on this Saturday morning and I wonder what this will look like in the BLOGOSPHERE.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

So Following Dave S Perkins Is Prestige Less

So in the realms of swings and roundabouts and so on and so forth it might then be suggested that following myself is actually a direction lacking in PRESTIGE and so on.

You liken such things as being akin to cutting out the middle man where you do not need to follow Dave when you can go tune yourself in to any number of luminaries within your own chosen life direction whether that is the ROYALS or your favourite MEDIA STAR or simply your own mother and father or whoever your present parents are.

As I have repeated the further I have progressed the less I find do distinguish between many a person-especially when you break things down into sub-modalities and understandings and so on. The technologies can retune you-though it is up to you as to how you interpret any given DATASET.

I personally choose to break these things down into patterns and knowledge that are more life enhancing and empowering for people and persons across a BROAD SWEEPING COLLECTION of so-called ideologues-that does not however mean that I am able to represent any particular given group and that is where DIFFERENCES perhaps occur.

So whilst I can support anyone’s right to live as they so wish-I do find it interesting that many choose to seek to force myself into realms and labels that I do not identify with and then WONDER as to why I might be thinking about having a TAKE A WEAPON TO WORK TIME PERIOD.

Yes the trip up the mountain of enlightenment and back down again does bring with it a set of DILEMMA’S in the sense that some folks REFUSE POINT BLANK to CHANGE or accommodate other people’s and person’s around themselves.

Should you have to-well I guess that depends upon position and lifestyle and all the rest of such things and I do have to be fair and say that PREJUDICE OCCURS irrespective of race colour creed and sexuality and so on from all groups.

At present it does seem to myself that we are in a HEIGHTENED PERIOD of such issues where hard core relentless type individuals are seemingly coming to the fore. In WITNESSING terms you can perhaps say well at least you know who your friends or otherwise really are and likewise accept that some folks are choosing attitudes and so on that could lead them into patterns of self-harm and so on and so forth.

Where else can attention be turned-well I do suggest that little reward is to be found in placing yourself into particular groups and sub-modalities though likewise as you progress and take on board the LESSONS & LEARNINGS that can be garnished from IDEAS such-as FRACTALS and a STAGE WITHIN A STAGE and transferring any given set of information into a differing FORMAT you do begin to see more and more how you can FREE yourself from many a lifelong concern or stress about this issue or that issue.

Now some suggest that I am not a Lunatic and one does have to wonder as to what constitutes some of these things. So for instance I regularly walk down dark alley type environments even though I know they are potentially DANGEROUS places to be-likewise I pass through a town graveyard that often acts or turns into get-together type points for tramps and drunks and drug heads and so on.

When you pass through such environments regularly enough you come to see the same old patterns occurring years after year and do wonder-WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE STILL HERE-after having perhaps being moved on-at some earlier time. So know matter what age you are and know matter where you live-any given City Town or Village and so on and so forth can PRESENT itself as DANGEROUS. We are of course heading deeply into the earlier Sunset type Scenario’s and this time of year for myself has often involved (In the past) going to bed when its still dark and getting up when its becoming dark-so you might in TRANSFERENCE of KNOWLEDGE think of such things as being SQUEEZED AT BOTH ENDS. If we live our lives as books from some Library at the end of the Universe then you might say that the SQUEEZING at both ends is akin to someone placing BOOK ENDS at the end of a shelf you have designated as being a book shelf. That perhaps somewhat “old fashioned” given that in this day and age we generally have ready made to requirement and purpose bookshelves and so on.

I cannot of course mention such things without mentioning that here in Hereford we also have Hereford Cathedral and it is a Library that contains what is known as a CHAIN LIBRARY. Books were once so PRECIOUS & VALUABLE and so on that they were literally attached to chains to stop people and persons from marching of with them. That perhaps akin for FILM WATCHERS as some kind of Harry Potter HOGWARTS book library. Okay so nothing presents itself though when we are young going around a Library with dusty books untouched for years and so on can INDUCE those CREEPY feelings that you may get from TRICK OR TREATERS on the Official Day of HALLOWEEN.

Many a tale to be told I am sure by those in the book retailing and Library sectors-I think that one of the Nicholas Cage films National Treasure had the United States Library of Congress featured and that again was about an ALLEGEDY secret DIARY belonging to the PRESIDENT and for PRESIDENTIAL EYES ONLY. How true are such things-well when we are younger we perhaps buy into such ideas as hiding away our own precious valuables and so on-perhaps where jewellery type boxes and so on came about-as well as musical boxes with secret compartments and well when you think about such things-you can often reinterpret many such thinking’s into some INNATE desire to have PRIVACY


Well I often think it is better to WITNESS than rush in with partial knowledge and end up with egg on your face.

I of course cannot APPLY for any jobs at the present time because of my DISCIPLINARY RECORD and that is a given for myself though others of course are likely to suggest otherwise. So I am not available for any positions and I am not interested in re-going over already in many respects covered ground-I should also mention that despite HYGIENE being regarded as all the same-that I do not work in the area where the JOB PROMOTIONAL is and having worked there previously I am genuinely unlikely to return-I seem to work and function better in small groups and teams than in larger groups full of squabbling egotists and so on-is that true in all areas-no I do not think so-though in my present work locality it is-perhaps CONCENTRATIONS of PARTICULAR types of individual’s are DRAWN to working in particular areas-some folks LOVE CONFLICT and CRUELTY-I prefer a QUIET LIFE. When you have carried out the WITNESSING as long as I can now claim to have-it is obvious WHO the BEST and FOREMOST ACTORS AND ACTRESSES are.

Well that seems to be enough to be getting on with-I think I may have a look at the present NEWS Headlines though as I have a year or two of posts on this blog it is building up nicely into a DATASET ALL OF ITS OWN.

Yes I just write and write and if you are triggered by anything said or written here then that is for yourself to perhaps seek to remedy rather than look to the external-at some point people have to face they’re own INTERNAL DEMONS rather than constantly and recklessly pretend they are someone else’s.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉