& We’ll Tax Them In There Homes and

So what are the ingredients for a good rip-roaring SPEECH?

I see this week is the Tory Conference and of course the usual suspects have been grabbing some of the Headlines and it will not be all that long to go prior to hearing about the other Political Party Conferences also-they all generally seemingly organised one after the other and politely not clashing.

So do Members of Parliament ever write honest speeches or do they simply write speeches that appeal to the core voters? The reason I ask is of course that were I to do a head count of readers who would attend a political conference I have a feeling the number would be quite low-unless of course some other REASON existed for an individuals presence at such events-the most obvious is of course WHEELING and DEALING and CROSSING ONES PALMS WITH SILVER.

So of course returning to the speech theme-it must be quite easy when dealing with CORE voters because you generally have a FOUNDATION that is SHARED in some manner and you do not have to reroute or take a diversion that is going particularly wide from your so-called base.

The rest of us of course as the TITLE suggests wonder why do they never come up with TRUTHFUL and HONEST SPEECHES-if you are going to rape and pillage and plunder everyone’s life savings at least be HONEST about it instead of constantly using STATISTICS and GET OUT OF JAIL FREE cards-the favourite of course being-well apparently European Legislation prevents myself from delivering on this CONFERENCE PLEDGE.

What is the difference between a Politician making a Conference Pledge and a Politician making an Electoral Pledge?

THE BUCKET (I am sure you can work the rest out-and know that is not a swipe at any given group-I tend to FLOAT LIKE A BUTTERFLY-STING LIKE A BEE when it comes to deciding who is going to get my vote at any given election time-I ignore all the TACTICAL RUBBISH and WASTE my vote for who I want to vote for rather than pretend otherwise. I live in a ward or area that generally swings between 2 Parties although it is generally a stronghold of the Tories.  The local MP is called Jesse and was I believe parachuted in by the Tories as is often the case with such individuals-one cannot say much more than that because I have in all honesty taken little interest in Politics since my return to Hereford a few years ago and as I have said on numerous occasion I grew up very often going on CLUB CRAWLS with the grandparents who seemingly had membership of more of these differing club memberships than anyone would have perhaps suspected of them.


Yes I could of course go on though that little section is probably enough to upset the average person who has ever had to calculate all the differing ways in which they find themselves being taxed in life and death and so on.

So where else-well I see they found a body of the missing kid in the canal and I cannot help think why was the place not dredged earlier? In the No Shit Sherlock stakes the whiff of INCOMPETANCE is not going to disappear-its kind of like FAMILY FORTUNES-we asked 100 people a” child goes missing next to a canal, what is the most likely explanation as to there present whereabouts-OUR AUDIENCE SAID-UH UHHHH” yes we all know that differing people boast of having high IQ or even boasting of low IQ though I have a feeling even those in the LATTER group would likely have come up with a close to correct answer.  We do not want to assume the worst that this person is dead in the canal so we will waste time and energy making public appeals and so and so forth for our own vested interests rather than pursuing the most likely explanation.

That might of course seem HARSH to those involved in such cases-though I do often think that there must be something WRONG or INNAPROPRIATE in SOME BASIC POLICE TRAINING in “SOME” of these cases-okay maybe the cost of closing down a canal or hiring the appropriate team has to come out of a budget-though given the EXPENDITURE and so on that has already occurred in RECONSTRUCTIONS and PUBLIC APPEALS and so on one cannot necessarily state CONFIDENCE in the way these things are handled.  I often find myself returning to the Madeline McCann case where the “Parents were responsible” explanation; for all the CRYING WOLF that has occurred; is still the most likely explanation.

So I seem to be thinking lie a detective despite having ZERO experience in the field of Police and Detective work beyond growing up watch all the major detective shows and generally be able to predict who done its long in advance of the actual REVEALING of villains.  My daughter of course has also followed in that tradition at least in cartoon stakes with a somewhat lifelong addiction to Scooby Doo and the Gang.

What else-well I did find myself wondering what call sign would I have if I were one of these groups or operatives out in the field and so on-I think I wrote recently about all the repetition of battles and knowledge being reused over and again and in many ways these things make sense from the point of view of PRE KNOWLEDGE TRIGGERS and so on and so forth as to what may or may not occur to any group or individuals.

So of course in football some folks are given RESPECT by no-one else being allowed to where the SACRED JERSEY or some such nonsense-I think BRAZIL perhaps has had this kind of difficulty whereby who wants to wear the shirt number of a retired legend and so on-who wanted Ronaldo’s shirt number after he left United? Although I think he himself did not get his own preferred number when joining them anyway.  Yes strange how these things go on-I will only sign for you if I can have this shirt number or the option on that shirt number when colleague with that shirt number has retired or moved on in some fashion.

I am always reminded of TRIGGER’S BROOM (Only Fools and Horses).  I have had this broom for 20 Years it has had 5 new handles and 6 new heads.

So yes what would you call yourself? That of course possibly going into the realm of nicknames and so on though some of these things are simply nonsense-I recall Pinky & Perky type school yard teasing when younger though again I had no knowledge of the reference-a bit like being called Dorothy-how is a bloke supposed to know the name of some woman’s clothes shop-yes I do know now though when younger such references made no sense-that of course in the realms of making sense in differing languages-I can SWEAR in multiple languages having had a selection of many international colleagues over the years and such 2nd language type swearing and so on does not generally bother anyone as much as in the FIRST language Triggers-not always the case of course-though I have generally found such things to be TRUE through out most of my Life and Learning.

Yes the countdown begins once again to whatever it is that is most on your own mind within your own World and of course I am off to cook a nice meal of some description-I am often reminded of CROCODILE DUNDEE early on in the film when taking the female co-star on a tour of the OUTBACK-“YOU CAN EAT IT BUT IT TASTES LIKE SHIT” before pulling out some tin of beans and a can opener.

Where else well the strangest of things-you know how you often are reminded of particular actors and some are perhaps more famous as support actors and so on than necessarily in there own right-though when you check you find that they actually had quite a distinguished career-how cool is WIKI.  So talking of the films that I myself grew up watching Western’s and WWII type faire I happened to check through and happened upon James Coburn and he was in The Magnificent Seven and The Great Escape and a number of films of that film making era-though more recently he was actually a VOICE ARTIST in MONSTERS INC-I of course often think  I recognise this voice or that voice having watched a fair few animated films over the last few years and you do find that many LEGENDARY a person whilst not necessarily being leading cast appears in support roles and so on in some of these kinds of FEATURES.

Yes so whilst some perhaps turn they’re nose up in snobbery at voice acting roles I do think that some major Hollywood type stars and actors have actually made such things quite cool-I know that whilst I have spoken of James Coburn here as an example that when you look down the appearance and voice list for many an animated feature that some surprise or other can be found as to who is still going strong long after an alleged heyday-it does not matter as you grow older how old your birthday age as most of us can maintain a level or age of youthful vitality-at least that is what many an expert says-I have never reached an age where I feel that the theory is being tested. 🙂

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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