Dear Dave, ‘Ave you Bin Moonlighting Again

Dear Dave

‘Ave you been moonlighting again, why I aughta Grrrr


Hi Mongo

No I have not moonlit for many years preferring instead Hudson’s Hawks Head.

So what was so appealing about those particular characters-well Hudson Hawk had some really wacko actors and actresses involved and actually was regarded as a major flop in Box Office terms though again was an Enjoyable CAPER type picture and vehicle or indulgence for the Lead actor-I cannot recall his name that bloke from Die Hard I believe.

Though in Hudson Hawk of course all his timings were based around the idea of carrying out and performing tasks in sequence accordingly to differing musical tunes-so each time some CAT BURGLARY was about to happen-he would begin singing some Classic tune and so on along with accomplices and that of course is another way in which people can keep a mental SYNCOPATION with each other-the problem for many folks is of course RUSHING AHEAD or FALLING BEHIND-you go to any regular Church Service on a Weekend and you will notice how no matter how much people are seeking to stay in sync and so on that a VARIANCE can be detected within any given group-so singing groups thn simply through repetition and practice LEARN to keep SYNCOPATED with one another-and that of course OCCURS in differing requirements also-people singing backing VOCALS and those BARBER SHOP type Singing groups that are so Beloved in the Good ‘OL US  of A.

So that is perhaps where group training comes in for any group of people-I was reminded of this when a work colleague mentioned that one of the Companies we provide orders for wants everyone put down as a number and all that kit that person has would have the same number and I thought initially WELL?

Though in fact that does in many ways from an auditing and accounting type fashion have a great deal of sense-the downside of course that none of us want to think of ourselves as a NUMBER-although when you think about such things you probably already are in many ways-National Insurance Numbers and Telephone numbers and ADRESS Numbers and so on.  Would we be able to FUNCTION far easier if some overall numbering system that was UNIVERSAL was in place instead of having to recall and remember all the differing numbers-not only all of your own of course but the numbers of family and friends and the numbers for bank cards and the pin numbers for differing security systems.  So these ideas whilst we resist them initially can make a Huge difference when you can reduce everything DOWN to such simplicity of UNIVERSAL or GLOBAL type strategies or indeed INVEST in strategies that enable you to recall such things-so again that is creating your own mini-scripts for recall-one of those strategies from Paul Scheele whereby you create a picture description of what it is that you require bringing back to CONSCIOUS AWARENESS at any given moment in time-the ASSOCIATION Strategy of course.  The only issue that perhaps many of us have is that after so many years of these things we do generally have many such details that really we do not need-yes I can remember the address of where I lived throughout my life-will I need to remember such things beyond STORYTELLING purposes.

So the system of Universalism can as a strategy make sense though the downside is what if NUMBER FIVE leaves-are they really suggesting that you can call up a Human Resources Department and ask for a replacement number five?

Yes that is of course another common theme in story telling whereby we want to think and feel that we are more than just a number or statistic-though surely our Human Relations and so on allow for that anyhow do they not?

I think I have seen multiple stories on this some weird and others quite logical-Zero is a popular theme in many stories-or perhaps the achieving of zero-I was thinking of writing 2 Budha Zero though that has perhaps ben done in many ways-I already mentioned Kung Fu and of course when we follow the china-town laundrette type themes we when looking to international news perhaps think of places such-as Hong Kong and what is currently going on there-these are generationally predominantly people who have grown and live through generations of British Rule and of course the ancestral Chinese Rule is perhaps not to there liking-though I am sure that they will eventually IRON OUT THE ROUGH SPOTS-I of course know little of such Asian cultures apart from what I have read and learnt in books and so on and I know that they do THINK differently to us simply because the PICTORIAL LANGUAGE is far more expressive than anything we have in the WEST-far more detailed and also differing-in the sense that the tones and structure and syncopation and so on can be very strange.

We in the West have become somewhat obsessed with particular kinds of music though when you HEAR DIVERSE rythms and sounds from around the GLOBE you do com to see that not everything works with a METRONOME (that is like a ticking syncopation system used by many Western Musicians to keep a regular 4-bar pace).

Of course you do have to start somewhere and using such tools is again a SYSTEM.  Whereby once you have learned the Foundation and Basics you can go on to more advanced type activities-developing your own SYSTEM and STYLE and so on-who do we remember when it comes to EAR SPLITTING GUITAR SOLO’S and so on-it is rarely the people who have not sort to develop they’re own style and so on.  Again that is CHOICE so many a person simply enjoys being able to play an INSTRUMENT and is happy to find a group that they can play along with-without necessarily feeling that theey are under any scrutiny beyond the SELF-SCRUTINY that many of us put ourselves through-How many of us have thought-If I cannot be the best at this activity then I will not carry out this activity.  That of course a MOTIVATOR or indeed a DEMOTIVATOR.  How so?  Well I think again it can come down to how well you are geared towards DRAMA-so some folks are quite and simply get on with things and others are all about themselves taking CENTRE STAGE and being the best and so on and so forth.  Likewise we ALL OF US can perhaps say that we have encountered people who we TRULY DO NOT UNDERSTAND in the sense as to how the hell did this person come to be fulfilling this role or that role in the first place-a typical example I see is the lady who has just RESIGNED from the US PRESIDENTIAL SECURITY TEAM.  The idea that she has worked for some 30 years in those realms does not occur to critics though likewise some roles are of course OCCUPATIONAL HAZARDS in the sense that you can only ever at some point along the line FAIL.  Many of those kinds of jobs do of course come with such wages and so on as to COMPENSATE such position holders-though one hopes that you can of course have a successful stint in any role that you undertake.

So some people are fortunate than others perhaps in that Companies REQUIRE people to step forward with differing skills or be able to COMMUNICATE effectively with others carrying out tasks-where I work many workers are International so of course the International’s can better communicate with one another the downside of course that every environment has someone only to ready and willing to SABOTAGE people if they are not foolish enough to sabotage themselves-and that again is a matter of focus in the sense that it is all to easy to get distracted by people or persons with unhelpful attitudes that simply enjoy stirring or muckspreading and all the rest of it.

So any given group can work in SYNCOPATION and so on with any other group and likewise when you use some of the meditation type tools and Learning Strategy type tools you can enhance such abilities further or BREAK FREE from the NEGATIVES that are all to easily picked up from others around yourself.  ENVIRONMENTAL ATTUNEMENT is again a TWOWAY STREET  and it is no good getting drawn into UNHEALTHY syncopation with people or persons who do not have your best interests at heart-the meditation enables anyone to KEEP OR BE TRUE TIME as opposed to being one of those singers in the church who is racing ahead or falling behind.  These are again a matter of practice and Tuning-though it is of course interesting that when the BEAT Changes for Chorus or whatever that you can always bring yourself back into sync-so differing roles have differing syncs and likewise can be fashioned in such a way as to sound as a SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA rather than cats wailing on a roof or dogs howling at the moon.

I see the French have also been in the news though of course any reference that I might make is purely in language terms that folks may have spotted clue wise-my favourite French is Baguette though of course I am sure they have made many other contributions to the World in being temperamental Garlick Eaters-and of course many a story The Musketeers and so on again had a certain level of appeal-I also liked one or two of the Comedies that have been made and I think I spoke of SID JAMES and some of the roles that he played during his career that also linked many time periods and so on.  The Carry On’s were of course popular though I think there were a number of other Comedy roles also that could be used successfully to understand that you can jump from reference to reference without necessarily ever being direct in where you are wanting to apply any given set of knowledge.  So we can be DIRECT or INDIRECT and likewise you have to see where you yourself are in understanding such things and perhaps seek to strengthen where your weaknesses are.  That again similar of course to the SENSORY understandings and practice practice practice-I still have to do my drawing linkages better than what I have been doing though as I say even when MAPPING-I find myself INTENDING IMAGINING and then keep returning to WORDINGS.


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