When I Was In Egypts Land Let My Cameron Go

So of course there I was speaking about the breaking of the so-called Fourth Wall and a classic teen comedy came to mind in the form of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” whereby the central character portrayed by Matthew Broderick spoke to the audience through out the story.

The title here is actually a quote from that movie and could well be many a person who has seen the film’s reason for not likers our present Dear Leader David Cameron.  Well actually the character was nothing akin to the PM though of course he did have a shared name.

What else has been running around the dark recesses of ones cerebellum?  Well there I was of course speaking on some classic movie’s and was wondering what many of the ESCAPE movies had in common and of course the most obvious is that of TOOLS-so of course one requires a set of tools for particular work and jobs and some tools clearly have the potential for more than one possible usage-I was of course reminded of this when I encountered a gentlemen with a crow bar in the line of his work that of course one of those fundamental LEVERAGING type tools that whilst having many a normal perfunctory usage can be applied across multiple domains.

We can of course say the same about many a knife and fork I mention them because some Artist has created a Designer Set of eating utensils for buffet type meals and it was according to the article I read more about seeing if you could design multitasking eating tools beyond the bog standard knife and fork.  They did look somewhat bizarre though will probably becomes “Collectables” in years to come.  I did of course once work in the NHS and the Consultants I worked with did actually carry out a similar activity-whereby in discussion with Operating Tool Manufacturers they were able to have some more customized type Surgical knives and other bits and bobs made to they’re own preferred specification.

So whilst we can go to any DIY shop and get ourselves a Batman Utility Belt Kit selection of Swiss Army Knives and other such utensils-you can actually find Companies that have already created or manufactured Utensils to CUSTOMER or CLIENT SPECIFICATION-that sort of detail can again for some folks in some Business’s make all the difference.

We have often for instance seen the Joke of a CAKE with a FILE  contained within and these days you can get lightweight and strong materials that you probably could put in a Fairy cake and get away with it.

An example of this can be found with cars-I recall visiting a Ford Engine Plant a few years ago and they were using such Lightweight alloys for the Engine and so on and I am quite sure VEHICLE WEIGHT is one of those most UNNOTICED of progress’s that has been made down the years-we do of course hear a lot on the subject in relation to Motorsport though the average person in the street would not consider looking at the differences in WEIGHT SPECIFICATION of a particular car model today compared to a predecessor of 10 or 20 or 30 years ago.

You might in fact say that whilst cars and vans and so on have themselves become lighter that the average weight of occupants has actually increased although again that is mostly based on speculation.  I think they say that burglars and so on can often see if a van or truck is worth breaking and entering simply on knowing vehicles and being able to gauge the pressure that is being born or barred by the wheels.

I know when my quality cycling bike was stolen (I had one from Coombes (Local Quality Bike shop)) and I found myself buying a cheap replacement that the difference was really for myself noticeable-in the sense that whilst the replacement was of the same type that it was far heavier than its predecessor and likewise the wheel pressure was seemingly very differing-this bike again boasted tubeless tyres though unlike the predecessor they seemingly could not carry my weight.  The first bike I had gone to a local family business and had it all setup “JUST RIGHT” and the latter bike was a cheap off the internet type and the difference was far more noticeable than I had expected.

So not sure why I have spoken on these subject matter though as I say when you write regularly-unless you have some really exciting life finding new things to comment on beyond the day to day yawn can be strained.  So what else well I did see one of those pickup truck with a crane on the back for hire type vehicles and that again reminded myself that it will probably not be all that long before Christmas lights and such decoration are going up-the problem with many such a vehicle must be USAGE-we all perhaps could well think of using such a vehicle as opposed to ladders though I did almost have an accident a few years back with a similar lifter type vehicle.  This one was a wheel around your factory type of vehicle and despite all the Pre-usage “CHECKS” that I had to carry out and had carried out after a while of using said device the bloody thing toppled over when a wheel came off whilst being wheeled from point to point-thankfully no-one was in it at the time although simply having had a so-called “NEAR MISS” was enough to make myself far more cautious and weary of “Fancy” GADGETS- what do I mean?  Well whilst the lifter was perfect for carrying out particular tasks-some of those given for said lifter were still the kinds of functions that you can use a ladder for-although of course struggling up a ladder with other weighty tools and so on perhaps  making multiple trips is TIME CONSUMING.  So for many people in particular jobs finding the best combination of tool to time consumption is perhaps where many a thing is at.

We do of course see TIME being measured over and again by multiple companies-Haulage Firms often desire the saving of fuel bills and costs and have those vehicle METERS and we many of us have Household Meters again measuring consumption or usage.

We also see delivery firms using similar strategies-these days they seemingly can give you an estimated delivery time down to the nearest hour.

So what other “FANCY GADGETS” do we have that whilst “LUXERY” often become an I cannot do without type gadgets once they are safely and firmly within ones possession?

Yes the list goes on and on for many peoples when you think about such things-we are often surrounded by tools that have saved us time or particular jobs and created space for other jobs that have then been filled by some other life requirement and further tools developed by someone to fill these roles.  The most obvious are of course things such-as washing machines and dishwashers and fridge freezers and so on.  How many old style FOODS do we have as a TRADITION and-or RECIPE that in fact came about through PRESERVATIVES.  SALT VINEGAR and so on were historically used for those preservative functions and these days many foods that contain them do so through our liking of said foods-all those pickles and so on spring to mind as examples.

Likewise we still cook ham and many meats and fish and so on simply through Historical techniques and tastes that in many cases have been OUTSTRIPPED by modern REQUIREMENT.

I am reminded of the OUTRAGEOUS Sunny Delight selling strategy of a few years ago whereby they placed the High sugar high preservative Sunny Delight in Refrigeration Units in shops simply as a SELLING STRATEGY and Marketing rather than any requirement.  We have often come to associate Fridges and so on with healthier foods when in fact much of the contents sold to us as store in fridge/freezers are now some of the worst things you can to keep from a HEALTH perspective. (It is not of course for myself to tell others what they should and should not eat-though I know that I myself have gone through PHASES of swinging from the fresh fruit and vegetables to the dairy cheeses and ice creams and so on-yes most of us probably have a blend of such things though you could of course (If on a diet) keep a FRIGE DIARY and see where your Focus is AT-IT is often surprising how many a person complains of WEIGHT and then eats some of the very worst foods-when I have get my weight down in the past it was simply a MATTER OF ABSTENTION.  Abstention is Different to what many people think abstention is today.

Today Abstention is sold as buy this DIET VERSION of your favourite junk foods (or whatever).  Actual ABSTENTION is simply going Without.  It is called he Zero Calorie Count-you cannot gain any calories if you have not got the FOOD whether DIET or OTHERWISE in your possession.

Does that work?  Well in my own experience it does-simply going without-however I would place a PROVISO on that in the sense that the change that many a person wants or desires can itself take time to accomplish and that is often simply through the long term metabolism  type issues.  So we abstain the snacks in any form and eat the three square meals a day or have a SNACK type lifestyle though making sure that the snacks are of a VARIETY that feed your bodily requirements-we generally need some FAT and we need some MUSCLE and so on so all these DIETARY preachers are not necessarily telling the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.

Where else has the mind of Dave S Perkins been wondering?  well I wrote a piece yesterday and that took myself back to the WILD WEST because of a LATERAL JESSE JAMES reference-he of course a FAMED OUTLAW though zero evidence exists that he was a Robin Hood type character as portrayed in some movies.  In fact many such Wild West type characters and figures had similar Legends that most of us would not necessarily agree with.  A bit like Barbara Windsor saying how wonderful the KRAY TWINS were-yes leaving a trail of murder and mayhem is only any good when it is not in your own backyard or doorstep and that is perhaps another reason why we have the Police and Military (IS IT NOT).

These days of course we do not hear of many Gentlemen named Jesse the name often now being a shortened Jessica.  I of course cannot think beyond the Jess J was is who sang ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY MONEY, ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY MONEY, SHES A LIAR yada-yada-yada yes I did like that song though I do when hearing phrases suchas ITS NOT ABOUT THE MONEY have my doubts.  A bit like reutnring to the Politicians theme and declaring ITS NOT ABOUT THE TAXES, TAXES, ITS NOT ABOUT THE TAXES TAXES.  Where else well I think the other Jesse was Woody’s love interest in Toy Story 2 if memory serves.  Considering how they say red Heads and so on are a dying breed or group you do see rather a lot of them in film and TV.  Almost like-everybody wants to be CELT, because a Celts the only-that’s another Disney Song quote from somewhere something to do with Cats though one cannot recall the actual-it will no doubt return-yes the celtic red colour is actually a favoured hair colour of a number of Polish work colleagues and if I am honest-you might think it is a bit like the PEROXIDE BLONDE issues whereby the Fakes look better than the naturals-not sure if that is true 100% of the time-though you do over the years come to find that people who change appearance in such fashion are perhaps more adventurous personalities and so on-again that is partially experiential and partially speculative-their really are ZERO absolutes when it comes to TASTE and of course the pick ‘n’ mix life theme is where many a person in society is at anyway in the sense that these log pieces drift aimlessly from topic to topic without any OVERALL idea as to area of expertise and so on and so forth.  rather like a WEDDING buffet snack that you have taken and then decided AGAINST Eating leaving on your paper plate and so on.

Well that should be enough to be getting on with as I say I did watch a rather lot of those movies and so on and it is exceptionally easy to see some influences in some folks fashion and styling and likewise it can be all to easy to assume the worst of people when hey may have your own best interest at HEART.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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