Oh Lordy Its The Happy Wanderer

So returning to childhood memories-I  recall a music class of some description where they had us all singing this song that I again am not particularly familiar with so decided to see if I could TRACE it and the song is apparently called THE HAPPY WANDERER.

Further to that it was listed as a Scout Song-though never having been in the Scouts I have no idea what sort of a person would want to sing such a song.

The other reference in the title is of course from The Comic VIZ a famous United Kingdom comic from the Northeast that was perhaps aimed at an older age group readership than the Beano and Dandy that I mentioned more recently.

Yes VIZ had a number of what I would regard as a number of Culturally Classic Characters-From Johnny Farty Pants to Roger Melly the man on the telly-ah I remember it well.

Yes so not sure why I have zoned into the Northeast though another character I did find myself thinking about was of course Jimmy Nail-he of course famously sang CROCODILE SHOES though was perhaps more Nationally famous as an actor from shows such as Auf Wiedersehen Pet-I also recall that Robson & Gerome were also perhaps appearing around the same time period in various shows and the also went on to release a song or tune that made the charts.

So what else can I write about today-well I see Australia has declared themselves as having been put on a war footing with ISIS-and Australian jets are apparently already within the region operating out of a base in one of the Arab States. Closer to home we are also seeing the TOP GEAR team being reported as having flown out of ARGENTINA flowing the displaying of what for the Argentines was regarded as an offensive Number Plate.

That takes myself of course back to the Plates issue that I spoke of more recently where many of us quite fancy having Number Plates that inspire or reference ourselves and so on and so forth and the other area that cannot of course be avoided are the RUDE plates-apparently I recall from memory that someone somewhere actually sifts through applications and seeks to remove plates that might have what might be regarded as offensive combinations.  Not sure how that is supposed to work in all honesty because we all of us I am sure can giggle at some number plates and cringe or be TRIGGERED in some fashion by others-by that I mean that you can sometimes have TIRED EYES and think you have seen something and take a DOUBLE-TAKE so to speak in having a 2nd look-kind of like I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT PLATE SAY…

So what else well I see Mr Cameron is visiting the Troops and that is of course up to they themselves as to how they feel about such visits-I am sure they would prefer whoever the latest Sam Fox is though I guess that any new face is probably welcomed if you’ve been STATIONED OR POSTED  to some LONG HAUL DESTINATION in a desert or jungle and so on and so forth.

Yes so Dave’s life is so interesting that the most standout object that stood out like a sore thumb during his own wanderings was a TOOTHBRUSH-and that of course reminded myself of that PACKING adage DON’T FORGET YOUR TOOTHBRUSH-these things are somewhat strange when you think about them because as most of us know such things are often better picked up cheaply at destinations rather than going with HEAVY BAGGAGE-kind of like buying T-Shirts and Shorts and so on at the Holiday Resort-the downside can of course be that you do not necessarily have any guarantee that they will have anything in your size or taste and so on-though most resorts seemingly have endless amounts of Tourist Paraphernalia and Propaganda to sell to visitors.

I of course have electric toothbrushes-though still have the mentality of keeping a regular hand powered spare-not sure why that is though I do know that when the daughter visits it is often something she has not packed so even if I myself am not using the spare toothbrush-they are something that get used.  Likewise an old mate who joined the Army upon leaving school never used to tire of telling a particular story as to how Toilet Duty would often be enhanced by the addition of a MARS BAR being crushed into the bowl so to speak-I did sometimes wonder can you actually be sure it was not a Snickers OR REAL.  Yes I think many of us again grew up with the TV/MOVIE and exceptionally tough DRILL SERGEANT type characters and personalities and so on and these days you do sometimes get the impression that too many “RIGHTS” have had to be adopted to protect the FEW rather than benefit the MANY-those things again are of course for those in such REALMS to CONSIDER-if what we see and hear growing up (VIA ASSORTED MEDIA) and so on is true-then you surely cannot have much to complain about when you arrive at the BOOT CAMP GATES so to speak-most guys I knew who joined up even if they did not last long as one or two did not-still went through months of dedicated training simply to get themselves into shape and so on-I am sure some folks do not have such plans or agendas when signing up-though these days given the LEVEL OF PROFESSIONALISM with which the Squaddies of recent years and wars have had to conduct themselves it again demonstrates a level of commitment or taking of responsibility for oneself.

So again these things are PARTIALLY related to FOCUS and partially related to this IDEA of the WHOLE going on of it all-in the sense that you cannot escape impermanence and so on so you are better seeking to where possible at least FLOW with such things rather than live in constant resistance or however such things are to be described.  Easy I am sure for any of us to commentate though I myself have of course an early work day to be heading of for.

So 1 2 3 4 Take It Away Junior https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8KvM3vZo0w

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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