Syncopation Spoilers

Now it does not of course take a genius to work out that many a job and role in life does actually work in the using of forms of syncopation-though again I think that a point of CONFUSION exists as to what you want to be syncopated with-so for instance the Army have MARCHING and that is a form of syncopation-you go to a Nightclub on the weekend and you can pick out multiple syncopations whereby you will seeing people dancing along though they are unsure as to what they are keeping time with-whether it is the Singer, the drummer or rhythm guitar or Base guitar and so on-now you can say-well hold on I am keeping pace with the song and that works-though in reality the group and components within the group are syncopated in alignment with what is expected for the respective instruments.

So you can visit any factory site and again you will find staff working in syncopation-whether it is in sync with a production line or in sync with the next break time and so on. So you might then SUGGEST that we are chock-a-block full of assorted syncopations that we seek to use as guidance for our lives and the problem comes as I have suggested from very often simply not knowing what we are supposed to be syncopated with.


Might of course be the most obvious of questions in the sense that if we take the IDEA that everything is now and will always be now and so on and so forth then all we really require is attuning ourselves to that simple fact through the testing of PROOF Hypothesis.  So is it simply a case of staring in the mirror and saying each and every day I am syncopated in always.  I think the problem is of course where our attention goes.  So I tend to point people and persons to the most obvious of benefits of holding a belief in NOW in that you are not PREDICTING ANYTHING because that assumes automatically that the past or future EXISTS and the NOW FRAME is one assumes the present moment WINDOW OF CONSCIOUS AWARENESS that enables us to see PATTERNS and so on and so forth that we most of us have collected throughout our lifetimes in our respective Brains.

So we can have potentially detrimental patterns and we an have potentially life enhancing patterns and most folks do not like being told such things because of the HERD like preaching of NEGATIVE associations and the buying into the beliefs that have been most misrepresented or misguided and so on.

So are SYNCOPATION SPOILERS NECESSARY?  Again this is a topic for debate-I think if you are syncopated with folks that cause you ill health then that might be reason to no longer be syncopated with such folks and likewise if you are syncopated with beliefs that require your death then that might be required spoiling.  Most folks of course including myself have grown up hearing how you HAVE TO WORK HARD, STRUGGLE TO SUCCESS, GET YOUR QUALIFICATIONS AND PRACTICE AND SO ON.

HOW many of such beliefs are actually factual and how many are simply-DECLARATIONS-I’ve struggled so I want you to struggle, no pain no gain, the truth is sitting write under your nose and staring you in the face.

So of course you might think well why have I myself struggled and in reality of course we have designed and created our own lives whether consciously or otherwise-though I do often hark back of cause to dying at 17-and many a person can likely relate to possibly having sabotaged themselves in some fashion and of course once your so-called defensive thoughts are TRIGGERED you can go round and round in circles and spirals that are of little or ZERO BENEFIT to anyone.

I have seen some CLASSIC two-seater vehicles today and that of course reminded myself of the ancient game known as OUTRUN-whereby you in the driving seat with accompanying blonde are carrying out BEAT THE CLOCK time-trials whereby each section of the so called game is dependent on your having beaten the clock in the previous ZONE and of course whilst the easy zones were quite EASY the less seconds saved in each time trial would lead you to eventually find yourself struggling to make a FINISH LINE in one or other section of the game.

Twin seater vehicles are of course where the LUXERY Motor market is often CENTRED-I know that some EXOTIC BRANDS do boast of having rear seats though in all honesty anyone who has ever tried to squeeze into the backseat of a sports car knows that they are perhaps for SHOW rather than FUNCTION-YES LOOK AT ME-I have a sports vehicle with rear seats.  I guess there is that Market for the MR or MISS who does not want to give up the SPORTY IMAGE when having children and I guess youngsters could fit in the back of such vehicles though you probably would be better of finding ALTERNATIVE means of having multiple vehicles and so on.

So we do of course have a million and one driving songs to select and I am often when I have seen such ALBUM COLLECTIONS often wondered how they came to include that song or this song-you know those songs that only get played on ANCIENT FM and nobody you know listens to that anymore apart from BBC DJ’S and OVERGROWN HIPSTERS-people who remain trendy throughout there life rather than within the stuckness of they’re own generation.  I think in fact you cannot avoid such things-though again the choice can be to grow old disgracefully in style or what is the otherwise?

Pick a song-who moi?-ummmn OH LORD WONT YOU BY ME A MERCEDES BENZ-is that a driving song-of course elsewhere we can look to see what vehicles are used in the movies and very often many a film has the latest vehicles or classic vehicles that know one would mind having in the COLLECTION. Yes what is it about Mercedes then-they of course another German Brand and somewhat more expensive than the commoners BMW-though again technology wise MERCEDES are not to be fooled with very often leading the way in TECHNOLOGIES that compete with ROLLS ROYCE and so on-so how do we categorise these manufactures when they very often set out to set themselves apart in the first place.  I think you simply have to go with your own choices.  I would go with a Mercedes over a Beamer simply for that little extra bit of…what do they call it?

Yes money is of course not to be TRIFLED with though having none does have its benefits in the sense of knowing very quickly who your friends are and so on and so forth.  Ohh HOTEL CALIFORNIA-THE EAGLES does of course again have a Mercedes reference-now there is of course a Grand Prix at some time or stage today around the World in JAPAN and I would like to visit though would have to take my own food-bunch of bloody fish eaters-SO HAVE I MISSED IT?  I will of course be hopefully speaking to daughter Rose today assuming that she is with her mum at home in the Lewis-yes did I not mention that?  Lewis is actually part of the name of the village that I once lived in-unsure how common or uncommon the pre and post fix is though it is not to be messed with Lewis-says Morse-what was his FIRST name and could you fit morse code into a standard screen such-as the one you are viewing and get away with it?

Now given my reputation as an exceptionally lousy TIPSTER-OH YES I AM-you can all but put money on anyone I mention not finishing or crashing or becoming the latest in a long line FAILED HERO’S.

So what to do with oneself.  If I had a little money-I am sure I would wuickly find someone to take it away from myself if they are not already in the current crop of taking money away from myself.  Yes I have heard that MONEY IS APPRECIATION for a service that is provided so I guess I could add a donate button-though my own experience of hearing other folk’s stories on the issue of donations is that people when asked to voluntarily contribute to the livelihood of others rarely demonstrate the act of giving.  Of course we are bombarded with CHARITIES collecting money for this and that and it is all well and good though when you yourself have little in the way of possessions and friends or any kind of a life it becomes tiring being asked to contribute to the success of others peoples and persons.

What are the MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS that are acceptable for refusing to help others when they have only sought  to do yourself or those that you love harm?

Possibly more later-just throwing stuff down and it is never as it seems-X FILES-ARE YOU SURROUNDED BY YOU OR IS THAT A RIVER IN THE MISSISSIPPI-Oh know we are once again heading down South to Louisiana.

Yes focus focus trouble and strife whoever writes this is in need of a life-I do of course have other things to be getting on with though clearing our the long-term detrimental themes of ones life can take a little longer than the short term OVERLAYS or does it now-who knows what is to be that did not already happen in some alien dimension.


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