So I Have Been If’ing and Af’ing As To What To Right About

So today I have been if’ing and af’ing as to what to right about and earlier I wrote a publishable piece though did not feel that it was right in some respect that I could not put my finger on so to speak-so simply decided to throw it into the drafts collection-many of the drafts could actually probably be Trashed-though I am perhaps a Hoarder in the sense that I can have a tendency to hold onto things that are perhaps long out of date-you know like a favourite jacket or pair of shoes from some favoured era in your life whereby you think yep fashion and trends will come round again if you hold onto X item for long enough.

So anyway I saved the article though like I say it shall probably never see the light of day-it was jut bland and dull much like many of my writings in fact though of course that can be the point in the sense that the more practice you give yourself the more you hopefully improve and come to see just how dull and bland or stark raving bonkers or whatever that you are.  So another Monday and of course I shall be trooping of to work at some point later this evening and Monday for myself is often a long day whereby I have perhaps had excessive rest over and recovery over the weekend and now feel a little more energised to begin the new week.

Stand out items today for myself was seeing a classic mini and I of course am known to quite like the movie The Italian Job though I am sure that the mini was actually used in far more movies than just that particular movie.  What else well we are now of course if we were not already moving strongly into proper wet and windy Autumn time though so far mostly some rain.

So what else well monitoring the news I see that someone known as a TROLL has been found dead for attacking the McCann’s.  As I understand it she was apparently tracked down by Sky news and interviewed over her attacks on the family.  Well so-called Trolling is usually regarded as hiding behind pseudo names and accounts and so on and having ago at folks and so on and I think is regarded as a form of bullying though I am not fully sure on the ins and outs of such issues-so whilst I have myself a belief that they (The Parents) were or are mostly likely the highest level suspects I am not running around abusing folks and so on or hiding behind names-which in some ways can be a form of guilt in and of itself can it not?  Yes of course any of us can set up accounts with names and just go on attacking folks though it perhaps demonstrates something wrong in someone psych perhaps-of course some professionals and folks in some professions and life roles also prefer to change names or indeed use ALTER EGO’s and ALIAS’ to protect themselves or friends and family and all the rest of it-and I think that can be perfectly acceptable from the perspective of security systems and so on.  I think that I may well have done something similar given some of the abuse I received over some of the teachings when I started out on Facebook-though again in all honesty some abuse would be received irrespective of those issues anyway-some folks of course only ever happy if they have some control freak or power pressure of some description over others-I despite what I try to convey and teach do not seek to exert control very much because much of those things are what I have sort to release in the letting go type modalities.  Yes I can know my own mind and set my own intention for the best of circumstances-though likewise early on in the meditation and so on I really was about CLEARING as much so-called mental crap and victimhood out of my mind body and spirit as possible-far easier said than done perhaps for some of us than others though again repetition like all repetition type training usually gradually syncs in until you are genuinely operating from a so-called place of clarity.  I think that is perhaps what many people want irrespective of many life issues-simply having your own clear head clear mind and as I have suggested previously doing right by those you can do right by and letting go of the negatives and so on that can keep ones stuck.  Of course many questioning strategies exist and I think getting to a RELAXED or CALM brain and so on to perate is like an early stepping stone-whereby instead of feeling constantly hunted you have time in any moment of day and night to mentally slow down and take the most appropriate action-I think I spoke of the muscle memory and again strategy memory can perhaps work in a similar fashion once you are used to your new drill or routine and so on and so forth.

I think even when I have adopted some strategies from courses-some already existed perhaps in some form or another though it can perhaps be about widening or broadening your mental pathways like following a spring water leading to a stream leading to a river leading to an Ocean and so on.  Likewise these are just descriptive tools and as is known I am not to hot on doing the describing though likewise I could probably sit down and think about describing something and visualize describing something and then carry the task out to completion.

So this just as perhaps dull and even more boring than the earlier article though thankfully people come and go as to how they choose to follow or otherwise so even the nothing eventful occurring here type materials can relate or confer knowledge to others wanting comparable materials and so on-is there a colour of the day-well I have seen a BRITISH RACING GREEN and thought yes one day I will have a vehicle in that colour though it is usually of course related to cars such as Jaguars and so on-though I think it when looked up can be found to have been adopted as a standard colour across quite a wide range of vehicles-you can have any colour you want as long as its green-I wonder why the Model T Ford only came in one colour rather like the Penny Black Original Stamp perhaps-that another interesting thing is that one of the earliest books that I recall having was a very large Stamp Collectors Book with all the so-called famous stamps listed and so on-I think it was a Stanley?  do not quote myself though that name was of course linked in some way or other-I think I must have watched BLUE PETER and thought ah-ha I want to be a stamp collector-yes strange all the brief hobbies that we can accumulate in our early years though that perhaps just adds to my geek dull bland and boring-nothing exciting here appeal 🙂

Yes I will have to think some more about some of those eary childhood years and see if I can recall any other hobbies that had brief moments of 15 second appeals as of course opposed to Fifteen minutes of fame and so on-I think given the Worldwide audience that everyone seemingly gets that these days even when it is just an obituary within the local press or however-these things are seemingly given to all-comers irrespective of wealth and health and popularity.  Yes they do say that you cannot take money with you so if you have it you might as well spread the love around so to speak-though I did I think once see a TV show about some multi-millionaire who had his only exceptionally large tomb build here in the UK something akin to the pyramids whereby he was going to have all his favoured possessions and so on included-what are those things called-I know crypts are one name is it mausoleums?

I have just been trying to get google on my Microsoft pad and of course they must have stepped up the so-called WAR because whilst I love my PAD I dislike BING and prefer GOOGLE and it keep refusing to give myself google home page or search engine and so on-very annoying-I dislie BING because I again it does all the predictive stuff and creates a job lot set of videos and so on when I search for those-I like to go to youtube directly and choose one-especially when planning to publish links and so on-the links when you do such search engine parameters are massive because they follow a long line of threads rather simply giving you a new window with one desired result thread-likewise it seemingly does the same with the regular search hence my annoyance at not getting google-I probably have to type google search engine your opposition with superior search and data collection facilities-yes as if Dave does not have anything to grrrr about in his life the simplest of layerless gadgets would be a start-anyone who creates a BELLS&WHISTLES-STRIPPER.COM complete with a set of gadgets for that function could create a roaring trade-yes ease of use is often the very opposite for long term users of technoliges-I thin I have repeated that more than once also have I not.

Oh well

Thank you for persevering, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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