Yes sometimes you have to wait a day or two to see what you are writing about and see how that relates to the rest of the World and then perhaps review what you earlier wrote-this is why regular diary keeping and so on comes in handy in the sense that you begin to see why differing things have been written as they were and so on.

So on the weekend I said a BIG THANKYOU to some folks who I had encountered during the previous week and likewise it is only when you have that small (KEY KNOWLEDGE) that everything else can make sense.

So on a day-to-day basis I am quite sure that many a third party could potentially have become upset by what was being written-though likewise I am happy to apologise to anyone who was given that impression and as I say I was more quaking in my own stew and boots than anyone else perhaps needed to have done so.

Yes so likewise to what was being written I also have longer term DEJA-VU type scenario’s going on whereby I can go back to the same time-period in a previous year and see what I was writing at that time whether published or otherwise-I say this because whilst we all JOKE about DEJA-VU you really can sometimes GENUINELY have such occasions occurring and likewise you can perhaps have a change of thought and feelings as to some of these types of scenario’s whereby if you have had a given response that was caused by one particular set of circumstances and you encounter the same circumstances later on or on differing occasion you can have an AH-HA and TENSON RELEASE and so on and so forth.

I am often amazed at how we do mentally quite often SUCKER OURSELVES in the sense that pre-meditated thoughts come into the CONSCIOUS WINDOW arising from pre-existing RECIPES and we can simply remind ourselves that we can CHANGE those pre-existing recipes when and where we want too-to something more fitting with NEW KNOWLEDGE and so on.  So again some folk do this and change behaviours appropriately to new knowledge and circumstance and others strangely choose to carry on in the same fashion or manner as though things have not changed about themselves.  Yes I myself have done that in some circumstances-though as I say I have mostly cleared out a lot of friction and nonsense thoughts and feelings-though likewise when others who could change refuse to for whatever reason you can often find yourself being dragged back out of sync with where you would personally prefer to be at.  So whilst it is easy for folks to point and say he/she thinks it is all about themselves-in reality we all of us can to a certain extent think and act like that though in a more spiritual fashion that does not involve getting wrapped up in insults and ego wars and so on.

Yes I might sometimes come across as humourless and vicious and so on though in reality these are just words on a page or screen and any thoughts that anyone has in relation to those words and so on within your monitoring apparatus are really your own to self inquire upon.

So I said that it was becoming proper Autumn time and likewise I have had one or two yearly Deja-Vu type circumstance tat have probably caused FRICTION from others though in reality are nothing to become overly troubled by.  I think from my point of view I think that life is hard enough for many a person without adding to the WOES and likewise because I am on foot going to work and returning it can become FRUSTRATING when some folks are just having a laugh or humour and so on that does not necessarily feel like that to myself.

Yes I heard Donnie Darko MAD WORLD on the radio at work and likewise found myself thinking about that time period (1988 when the film was set) (1982 when the song was out) within my own History though not sure what STANDOUT information is contained within said time period though likewise something is always as many of you know APPLICABLE to someone somewhere. I think that was again within that group of years that were not particularly great for myself-though likewise I am sure others who were teens during those years were probably also having plenty up upheavals and so on themselves-those years (1987-89) were pub crawls for myself places such-as Kerry Arms and Grapes and Litchfield Vaults and Barrels and those places down Widemarsh street and then going on to the sticky carpets Crystal Rooms and so on followed by leaving to get Kebabs /Chinese and watch the regular fights and so on. Though as I said that underage drinking and so on for myself did END ABRUPTLY with accident and so on.

So what else was going on in the WIDER WORLD in 1988-OR 1982 I think I am going to have a WIKI research overview of the year to get the juices flowing and so on. Though I doubt in cycle terms that it can have been any different to any other time period-though we do all of course have our own set of patterns to bring to our respective attentions.

Well plenty to be getting on with.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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