Ever been Serenaded By A Robin?

So there I am in the garden wondering what can I write about to day and up pops our little Robin friend acting like an Emperor standing on a FENCE I am of course reminded of many a sequence of animals communicating with Humans in some fashion-whether through the Disney films where Princess’ are la-di-da ‘ing it with said birds or indeed characters such-as Dr Doolittle although I cannot recall if it is true or otherwise I was thinking along the lines of Obi Wan Kenobi.  I really cannot recall the Star Wars movies particularly well though I did feel that my speaking “Hello Little Friend” to Robin on fence was that kind of a sequence.

Likewise we have some roof tiling being carried out nearbye-some gentlemen appearing scaffolding and all on a rear back garden house opposite or on the parallel road to the one that I live and the scaffold is seemingly parallel with a bedroom window a lot like a Hitchcock REARWINDOW type scene whereby some CRIME is committed that a crippled wheel chaired gentleman see’s and due to zero evidence no-one believes what he is saying.

I think I can very well relate to such scenes and scenario’s though likewise I myself can take a similar point of view when I have such an attitude towards others-I guess some activities really do fall into the realms of “PUT UP OR SHUT UP” and I of course cannot prove many an abhorrent thought about others anymore than others can prove an abhorrent thought about myself.

Likewise it is not in anyone’s interest’s to perhaps make assumption as to readership though likewise I generally find that people READ this material of they’re own free will and as the site is generally un advertised coming here and reading and then promoting negatives is not very clever-likewise I cannot assume that folks who do promote negatives toward myself are part of the readership-many such a debate is moved on from when people take up the assorted TECHNOLOGIES for themselves.

Again many of these things people do not want to do because the WORLD is seen is HARSH & STRICT terms of black and white and never the twain shall meet and likewise they are potentially not being realistic in knowledge terms-the anyone who is not myself is [INSERT LABEL] or [INSERT LABEL]or the [INSERT LABEL].  (those can be thought of as THIS, THAT ,OTHER).

Likewise even folks who try to be more generous in a commonly accepted Universal terminology are still not necessarily accepting of exceptions to the RULE.  Whereby we can say that everyone has THOUGHTS, FEELINGS, ACTIONS and given the mental pathways and associations and so on very often operates TODAY based in some long lost series of thought processes from some time long ago when such thoughts were actually required.

So yes today the bloke DAVE S PERKINS had a conversation with a ROBIN and do you know what it was probably one of the best conversations I have ever had.  There is something appealing of course about “IF I COULD TALK WITH THE ANIMALS” kinds of things and as I say animals INSTINCTUALLY are better JUDGES of people than very often people are of themselves.

Having said that there is an Alsatian (GERMAN SHEPHERD) dog I regularly encounter during my day-to-day life that seemingly wants to become closer to myself than I myself feel about the relationship.  The dog is just one of those kinds of people walking with dogs type situation and I think the dog is a Guard Dog in day-to-day life though as I say he does seems to want to play with myself and I am not overly keen on being chewed by such creatures.  My Grandparents did at one time have an Alsatian that I believe may have been my fathers-I am unsure though think that when I and brother were younger the parents chose to not have any animals around-though as I say the first animal I remember was that bloody great English sheepdog SUKI and whilst I do not recall anything bad happening with any of these animals I do recall an incident at a friends house.

as I recall we were visiting family friends and us children were playing outside the house and a neighbours dog that was for whatever reason hungry decided to have a chew on my ARM.  I as I recall had not interacted with the animal in any fashion and just happened to be within chewing distance when the incident happened. I think they were just setting out for a walk or letting the dog out for toilet duty or some such.

I do think that whilst I became more weary of being around animals in general that living of course with animals of our own families meant that I had comparable data whereby I was not perhaps as extreme in reaction of fright to animals than I might have been.

What else well of course the scaffolding stuff does bring the ESPINAGE type thoughts and feelings to the surface especially given how easy it is to get sucked into such THRILLER scenario’s and so on-though likewise I am quite sure those within such realms have to take into consideration many realities that we as HIGHLIGHTED viewers do not consider.

So yes perhaps the scaffolding opposite my window is not for a peeping tom or sniper though CURTAIN TWITCHING is of course one of those Great British Institutions.  I of course generally seek to avoid such things though in writing anything and everything you witness whether assumed or otherwise you can become to realise how FOOLISH some thoughts and feelings and reactions to differing peoples and personalities can be.

So yes whether you want to keep things private or publish everything in your day-to-day life you can of course choose such options in these blogging sites.  I am of course finding myself that I am once again under siege to make an ANNUAL account payment for website and of course given the cost of upgrades when you can have such sites for free means that I have to decide whether the expenditure is worthwhile.  I do like the BELLS & WHISTLES though likewise given that is it predominantly for witnessing and recording and putting pen to paper and interacting with others few of whom choose to interact then I am in debate mode as to worthwhileness.  Much like the http://www.silvertoevelocity.com site whilst it was fun at the time there really is little requirement to update and maintain and so on-so I may well let that go-though am unsure as to how some of these things operate when it comes to worth.  So statistics tell myself that your site is worth X Pounds and you do wonder WELL HOW CAN THAT BE.  A site that is unpublished or not promoted with little interst from the owner in maintaining and updating.

So lots of self inquiry for Dave S Perkins at the present time then though we do of course all have our own troubles and tribulations to think about and put down in our own words and terms of endearment and so on and so forth.

I am now going to scan the news headlines very quickly and see if anything is worth reporting upon within the blog as a commentator though I do find much news to be somewhat repetitive just as I am sure other readers of this blog find myself repetitive.

So I quickly scanned sky news and a report on bees was what drew my own attention yes Kobane is headlining though likewise I am merely reminded of the suicide of Curt Kobane leader singer of Legendary NIRVANA that of course being another Enlightenment terminology and I of course had that classic album with a baby swimming underwater on its cover and so on.  Yes these lateral links can take you all over the shop though that can of course be useful and unuseful-the ability of ESP type abilities can enable folks to perhaps know what is valid and relevant at any given moment through the use of similar write-ups and reports from differing personalities within differing life realms and soon and of course-whilst they say call it as you see it-you do generally as you progress tend to change what you are calling and seeing-it can not be helpful to not seek improved guidance from more experienced personalities though liewise everyone seemingly has they’re own CROSS to bare so to speak in what ACTIONS can be taken at any given time.

So talk about ESPIONAGE and the BBC news headline that grabbed my own attention was one of a bomb making guide-these things do strangely have some kind of appeal for those of an inquisitive nature.  You know I remember sitting in chemist lab and how differing combinations of chemical and metals can create this or that kind of reaction.  I have an almost hypnotic interest of fascination in to the ingredients and recipes of such things.  Though obviously from the point of view of someone sat at home watching regular news and so on as a youth we would often hear of IMPROVISED weapons.  Very often tihtly packed nuts bolts screws and so on can act as shrapnel when an explosive force of some description occurs.  very similar in fact to how the internal combustion engine works or indeed the STEAM ENGINE in the sense that the trapped force is ROUTED into particular direction releasing a pressure valve and so on.

we have all of course had those night-time type GLOW sticks that you SNAP to combine chemicals that create a GLOW and when you understand that irrespective of the title of material the same PROCESS is occurring you come to see just one-dimensional the world can be from a labels point of view-rather than a picture point of view.

So Dave thinks he is Doolittle though the more modern Eddie Murphy edition was a let down in not having a PUSHMEPULLYOU was it called?

Perhaps that means we are in the Siamese Twins season and so on as I say I shall be witnessing as always to see what is relevant and what can be let go-the Disney album was one of the first that I had and I remember some WE ARE SIAMESE cat song-perhaps the ASIAN theme or overlay is continuing more than I have given attention.  And I did of course LOVE RAMA my Siamese Cat one of the best hunters I have ever encountered in my life-far better than your average tabby that I have also had at this time.  Yes he was small in cat terms though as I recall writing previously he was perhaps the best HUNTER that I have had as a pet and over the years my family and families I have joined with have had a fair few pets.  So that a typical example perhaps of MUTTON DRESSED AS LAMB or WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING.  Who knows where this stuff comes from.

Yes I am uite sure I am not to many a persons taste or whatever though I simply keep it real to what is real as I currently see and witness.  It is amazing the amount of recall you can develop were you to choose to do so though likewise many areas of life are not necessarily worth reporting upon-we do of course have reasons why some topics are no go zones for some folks and likewise reasons why it can be better to seek to be part of a family or community of likeminded individuals-everyone perhaps has a certain level of interest in shared security systems and shared lives and so on. I think I shall leave it there and see if I can find more creatures to test myself against an exploding TROJAN HORSE perhaps.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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