Have You Ever Thought “IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME”

So once again you are getting on with it in your day-to-day life in whatever life roles you have seemingly been dealt and wondering “HOW CAN I…” perhaps change circumstances to circumstances that benefit anyone who want improvements and so on within there lives.

The last few weeks especially I have had what might be regarded as some truly great synchronicities occurring in various forms and fashions and whilst I’d probably like to think that it was all my own doing you do of course when you have realizations that others are being friendly and-or riding shotgun (so to speak) give due respect where it is due-so to anyone who has taken it upon themselves to ride shotgun I am more than happy to say thank you too.

What else has been catching my attention-well there I was a standard night at the factory when I HEAR word that a roof sprung a LEAK and some MANAGERS found themselves getting wet-they often do around myself anyway (pressurized water pistol in hand) though of course that might be regarded once again as a SYNCHRONICITY in the sense of my recently publishing on PRESSURE VALVE release type scenario’s and situations-likewise I am quite sure that it was not as bad as the CHICKEN LITTLE post that I made some time back.

Elsewhere I found myself becoming aware of ROOF GUTTERING and so on-I once worked for a Double Glazing firm going door-to-door and it was quite a brief stint I perhaps stayed in the job a couple of months-the relentless doors-in-your-face type attitude can become detrimental; though of course given the SALES & SCRIPTS like nature of such jobs that everyone has “HEARD BEFORE” it is of no surprise-I perhaps myself giving courteous no thank you’s to all & sundry making cold sale calls and so on.

Yes they say double-glazing though in fact many of these companies also sell for greatly enhanced fee’s all your roof guttering and external house fixtures and doors and so on.  This time of year perhaps a busy one when the high winds pick-up and so on.

So anyway there I am going through the work motions and I hear an ADVERTISEMENT on the Radio-The Armed Forces are currently recruiting and whilst such adverts go unnoticed by myself I actually thought “how cool would it be if I were able to turn back time and do that”  I think for anyone who perhaps lives in a so-called military town it can perhaps be more difficult to be successful-perhaps the issue is one of “comparison with the garrison” whereby you live in say somewhere where the local regiment is cannon fodder Infantry you perhaps have little thought or worry as to levels of attainment within services though likewise I am quite sure that any town or city that has so-called ELITE garrison’s the BAR for achievement and attainment is seemingly far higher-in the sense that anything less than the “comparison with the garrison” is failure-that is not TRUE of course though when you are younger and so on it can perhaps seem lie it-especially if you have no prior knowledge of what to expect.

So yes I though that given today’s World and so on that I am more than happy to recommend youngsters join such institutions if it is for a short 3 year term and see how character building and so on such things can be.  yes any folks send the children to CADET FORCES and those can act like tasters for the real deal given that many TRAINERS and COACHES and so on are all experienced personnel.

So that is the reason for the title-IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME I would very likely do as a number of mates did and simply left school and signed up to the military and TESTED myself through the basic training and so on-all to easy as I have said to do that comparison with the garrison though in reality that makes the assumption that you want to be in the so-called ELITES.  I think a great criticism of the forces over the years has been this one of SEE THE WORLD and so many areas exist that you can go into that work as part of infrastructure personnel and so on and whilst basic foundational training is often seemingly the same for many a service-there really is no requirement of comparison with the garrison.  I think Hereford folks perhaps have an issue in the sense that the Bar is already so high and children and so on of such folks really are probably better of setting course in some other realm or direction-I am sure some would say that they did what they did so the children would have better or improved lives-though again it must give a level of pride when your children choose to follow your own so-called path.

So whatever anyone’s life expertise and so on-the TRADE very often gets passed down to the next generation-hence we seeing so many classic “& SONS” type signs around from town to town and city to city.  My daughter used to say when are you going to set up a business and I thought about that at the time and did IMAGINE “PERKINS & DAUGHTERS” something like that.  For myself given the struggle of recent years that would for me be a fantastic thing and of course we very often have little choice as to the sex of our children-yes some people in some Countries try to manipulate such things though I would not swap my daughter so would have to have an “& Daughter” type business-strange label that I do not recall ever seeing around though some must surely exist.

I think such things come down to the way the English language is setup in many ways to MASCULINE terminology whereby irrespective of gender a masculine term or label is applied-that of course has been challenged by feminist type peoples and groups though that is not for myself to comment on. I simply like the idea that as a man with daughter I could set up a business that says “& daughter” and were I fortunate to find love once again in the future leading to more children I could very well be in a position to have an “& Sons” as well.  Yes strange where some lateral thinking can take yourself though turning back time mentally is not all that difficult to do I think once you have cleared much junk out of your SYSTEM so to speak.

What else well I was trying to think of ways in which I personally could create some PROCESS much akin to many processes that have gone before that would HELP folks in certain life roles and so on-so that they are not necessarily having to live with a high alert status and again when you look around many such things have already been put into place in some communities and it really can be simply a matter of MAKING CONTACT or TOUCHING BASE and COMPARISON and SHARING of KNOWLEDGE.

So that perhaps one of the fundamentals that you write and write and do not be afraid to report and write everything that you think and feel and all the rest-as I have said it is all to easy to fall into the NO-one will believe myself trap-in reality you can write such things down and just keep on writing such things down and you will begin to see that you are not necessarily WRONG about anything so much as those who thing otherwise are simply not as mentally ADVANCED as yourself in some fashion-and there is nothing WRONG in seeking to SURPASS what has gone before-you may even bring a smile to the face of those who thought they were already at the top of the tree and on top of there game.

So the FUNDAMENTAL FOUNDATION does seem to be that we have LINEAR states of time and we have NON-LINEAR states of time and when you understand that they can be INTEGRATED and you can find ways to JUMP through MENTALLLT TRAINED BARRIERS you can prosper from pre-knowledge and INTEGRATION of such abilities without necessary operating from HIGH ALERT states of FEAR and NERVOUSNESS.

Most triggers for many people are seemingly the same strangely enough though once a fear is eliminated you can find more and more layers to work through and laugh at your own foolishness.  Many an errant though is simply the GHOST memory of some long lost and forgotten childhood trauma-though likewise when they REAPPEAR make a note have a look at time and date and see where the JIGSAW piece fits within your own life realms puzzle.

Well that seems to be plenty to be getting on with and yes I really would sign up given the opportunity-I think that “IT IS NEVER TO LATE” in many ways to change the patterns and routines that govern ones life and “it is never to late” to give respect where respect is due so as I said earlier in the post irrespective of age, colour creed and so on, if you have been synchronously riding shotgun for myself in any way recently you have my thanks and appreciation and if I can return such favours in my own UNIQUE way then I shall hope to do so-courage under fire can be one of those GLORIFIED TERMS though FIRE can happen in so many walks of life that using such terms in any walk of life whether School or Church or Cadet force or scouts or Within a business or within a SPORTS team and so on is nothing to be sneered at or abused.  IT IS A TRADITION in many sports that competitors SHAKE HANDS and that again is perhaps a mark of respect for opponent that you knowing how much work you have put in can safely assume the opponent has done LIKEWISE.

In the realms of trust I think most of us know who we can generally trust to do the right thing irrespective of what has gone before and likewise we all have the potential to develop and further our own skills and those of family and friends.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 🙂

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