Who Says The Banking System Does Not Work

So continuing on from my earlier post and attempt at making payments I later discovered that my bank had been trying to contact myself with a series of text & voicemail messages.  I had better respond to these immediately I said to myself and then used the inbuilt call back system to get in touch with them.

Automated fraud system was activated due to an old card being used in a renewal transaction that then led to the new card details being held and payments refused.  So I answer anti-fraud questions and wait whilst listening to automated messages intertwined with that lift type MUZAK & please wait whilst we put you through to our anti-fraud department.

It is Sunday I am thinking-will they have anyone working or am I just waiting in vain-I wait and wait whilst thinking impatiently there cannot possibly be working bank systems on a Sunday-my patience eventually pays of and I am put through to a Human operator informing myself that they are anti-fraud and could I answer further questions which I then carry out without a problem.


So apparently I have to acknowledge what payments can and cannot be paid and instead of getting just the payments I thought I would get I get a whole long list from preceding days and so on.  Apparently I can now just leave things as they are and the inter-banking systems and so on will now sort themselves out-I explained how I had simply updated all current payment details and that there is not a need for further concern of mismatched data between attempted payment on old and new cards and so on.

So that was how much time of waiting and waiting simply to eventually be put through to a human operative who then asks the same sort of anti-fraud questions that I have already answered on several previous occasions with the automated system.

Yes all well and good saying we want to optimise and stream line such system though when you are simply going though multiple layers of the same requirements it can become somewhat grrr inducing.  I am sure I would complain more if I were out of pocket.

So all that just to know that all is right with the World and I can relax as to what to do next and of course I do have my Perkins on Sunday type head-on where I am looking at the weekly summaries and seeing what articles and news and so on most stands out for myself.

There is quite a selection though as per seemingly usual the stand out stories are those with the greatest FEAR factors involved.  So we are hearing and seeing an awful lot surrounding the issue of EBOLA and likewise all I can say really is that the OPPORTUNITY or WINDOW of CONTAINMENT has perhaps already passed.  We potentially really are going to be seeing some related UK stories though we already have in some respects for those folks that have been dealing with this particular “nasty” abroad.

The problem of course is that given the high level COBRA type meetings that have been taking place in Government we could see ourselves heading towards a “POLICE STATE” I say police of course though in reality it is perhaps the Military that will possibly be called upon to close down any Towns and villages and infected areas and so on.  Will that extreme an event occur?  Well we all of us have perhaps heard of long known stories of places and areas being closed of to the public though clearly QUARANTEEN with some conditions is never enough-EBOLA was one of those as anyone who read The Hot Zone knows-the biggest fear and danger is MUTATION whereby such bugs go into other creatures as has happened with multiple bugs and diseases previously and they mutate into ever more harmful and detrimental to health versions.

I probably sound like I am fear mongering myself though in fact am writing this in a calm and peaceful VOICE so that perhaps something that cannot necessarily be identified from the written form.  I know that several MODALITIES I have taken actually use some kinds of FEAR inducing sounds within the SURROUNDING AUDIO and whilst that might seem UNPLEASANT it can again bring to your conscious awareness old fears and traumas and so on-we perhaps have all had that CHALKBOARD squealing shudder of frequencies and likewise some of us the assorted sounds of physical trauma such as the snapping and shattering of bones and so on-whether we like these things or not or have experienced such things ourselves they do again seemingly have there own UNIQUE frequencies and can be released and let go to a certain extent once you know you have been adversely affected in some fashion.

These things do seemingly act like fashionable grid coordinates within our respective brains and likewise we have that cube type mapping and indeed the fractal mapping so when used within systematized and coordinated fashion many things come to make far more sense as to having realizations and unearthing long lost treasure and all the rest of it.

So a lot of though has clearly gone into the modalities where by the speech patterns are akin to thinking patterns and we can actively choose those process and methodologies to improve our selves and the lives of family and friends and not get drawn necessarily into unhelpful thoughts and feelings from the past.  So the more effort and practie you put in and see what you yourself are thinking about and likewise give voice to such things this is again away of creating or moving into the NOW and SIGHT BEYOND SIGHT type realms.

I did at one point think there must be some kind of optimum that can be fashioned though progress perhaps demonstrates that there really are endless angles that can be enquired upon and or otherwise-areas that can be given the boot.

So yes maintain focus and discipline as was suggested earlier has in many ways not been something I have been all that great at though likewise finding and surrounding yourself with folks with better attuning and perspectives and thinking VOICE can do wonders.  All to easy to look about ourselves in the World and seek to take our own bitterness or hurt out on some easily targeted character-though a better approach is to perhaps ignore externals and see through the masks and pains to what lies beneath where very often as I have repeatedly said are in many a case a HEART OF GOLD or the STRENGTH and COURAGE OF A LION.

So we cannot always safely judge books by there cover and I am quite sure that is in fact one of those great learnings that many of us have to come to terms with-far to easy to assume the worst of people only then to experience the BEST.

Yes when we know that some battles and fights are simply people getting confused and-or upset and hurt from previous experience we can have that little bit of extra patience and seek to help them turn things around in the same way that others may have helped ourselves previously.  Of course many a debate remains as to how much progress and so on can be made given the “HEAD OF A HYDRA” type thoughts with regard to some things though I personally have found that the best progress has been made where community and greater understanding of awareness and knowledge is shared to the benefit of all and not just a few.  Yes all to easy to think that some folks and communities have nothing worthwhile to contribute though in reality you could well have been exposed to such individuals via the mass media and so on anyway so far better to acknowledge where we have been heartless and savage and move on to more appropriate and rewarding thoughts feelings and actions.

Can Dave S Perkins achieve a level of discipline within his writings that has not surfaced previously?  How can I give greater voice to rewarding actions thoughts and feelings and so on through my own work having learned from some of the greats of yesteryear?

Yes returning once again to the question and question again type thinking-many an exiting strategy clearly is known and works hence the handing down of knowledge from generation to generation-likewise we perhaps all have differing levels of EGO and understanding of what might be immature versus mature ego-I know that I have to continue to learn and find coaches that I myself can learn improved ideas and ways of doing things from-the life long learning and feedback and response type systems do seem to become more and more reliable once you have gone through some of the depths of your own mental realms and places of torture and so on.  Amazing how many things gain CLARITY in later life that perhaps do not make sense when we are younger.

Well I could write for ever and ever though think I shall return to my studies and wonder who can I look to too be coached by next?  yes always a difficult issue given that many a person does not believe change can benefit them though I like to think that when you demonstrate and continue to demonstrate looking to find the best from people you can raise yourself up as well as though within any area of life that you are expected or required to have a focus upon.

What is different about the cycle of time to how the cycle of time was previously-what knowledge and learnings will once again act in a more empowering and uplifting manner than I have previously realised.  The finding of positive role models perhaps an ongoing quest where many a person simply gave up long ago-could I find new realms where I can be a positive role model to others rather than simply  finding myself in undesirable battles often with grownups who should know better?

well that was an interesting voice to screen exercise what next well many matches are taking place today and whilst many a person is not keen on spoilers I think that such thinking has not been questioned thoroughly enough the belief that you have to be a particular label to be able to demonstrate particular skills is a great falsehood and I am sure I can find many a person who demonstrates such things far more ably than I perhaps have myself at present.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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