Why Do You Do What You Do To Me

So having had requests for updating of auto-renewal payments plans I thought-yup okay Dave best be keeping things all up to date and so on and whilst ownership of plain blog is fin I do like some of the fancy stuff that the premium package provides.

So this should be easy-I go to email and clink the link-so far so good-then enter new renewal payment details-your previous payment were in US $ would you like to change that to British £.  So of course that immediately can set of TROUBLE ALERT-very often Companies rather than messing with exchange rates do a straight $ to £ exchange whereby the only thing that changes is the £ or $ sign.

So okay I’ll bet they are honest and switch to £ payment.  The £ bill is reduced accordingly with exchange rates and a lower £ fee is given-although from my own quick mental calculations it is within that range of TOLERANCE.  I have spoken on Tolerance before though think it was in relation to Engineering whereby you often in statistical terms can have a + or – percentile of variance within a given range or measurement.

So I enter all details as required and YOUR PAYMENT HAS BEEN DECLINED.  I try again and again-what is going on GRRR. So go to ONLINE BANKING and check account-zero issues at that end.

Oh well I will have to go without.  Then come here now to write something and think I’ll just check what the actual site says.  I go to the UPGRADES page and it says as the email said-you need to turn auto-renewal on and update payment method.

So I do exactly the same though without changing to £ or anything like that and PUSH THE BUTTON-details accepted-auto renewal will take place on X date.

So I have gone from feeling pressured for a payment-to not paying immediately-to having an auto renewal occurring on some date within the near future.  Strange how all these differing systems communicate with one another-I now suspect that a visit to the bank in the near future will show account empty and all attempted payments as having gone through-yes all well and good giving decline messages though when you have entered all details correctly and know finances are available you do begin to suspect that the various operating systems do not necessarily have your own best interests at heart.

Where else-well I see  in the news that some MOD staff have been sent to IRAQ and that for myself was somewhat expected-though having said that I am not up on all the so-called labelling and so on it said Yorkshire Regiment as in Grand Old Duke Of York though we do of course know that many SPECIALIST DESIGNATIONS are given to groups on SECONDMENT.

So you work in one regular ENVIRONMENT say an office and you are asked to go and work in another OFFICE for a while and that is sometimes called a SECONDMENT.  You may well be given some appropriate designation befitting your new assignment though continue to keep or have your regular day-to-day title within your so-called sphere of skills and abilities and so on.

Strange how these things work-I guess these things happen quite a bit and so folks buy into such ideas ore than others. Just as I wrote that I quite fancied an “& Daughter” type business I am sure that some managers and business leaders play pass the parcel with many titles and I did of course speak previously how the Royals are known via a multitude of titles depending upon which province they are being reported on.  So the press & media report English, Irish, Scottish, welsh titles according to where the press or media information is being released.  Anyone who has done long haul train journey’s will realise this as many a Newspaper from station to station and district to district changes in headlines and print edition and so on.  It can be quite surprising the amount of Variance from region to region.  so up North in some areas you will see reports of Heroic UKIP Leaders battling for the rights of the people and elsewhere the same writers will promote similarly negative stories on the rise of the racists.

Yes DISCERNMENT and the need to maintain a certain level of keeping your own COUNCIL and owning your  own mind and will and so on really can go a long way.

So we can have bad influencers and good influencers and whilst I have in many ways placed myself outside of many of these realms-I am as is suggested by some recent posts more than happy to support those that encourage positive behaviours and societal type learnings and so on.

There are of course as always many thing vying for peoples attention within any day to day time and life and so on though likewise some things have more appeal for folks than others-things such as following your favourite sports personalities or practicing your own favoured Hobbies and so on and so forth.  as I say the idea to record everything can gradually set you mentally free from many a bind and likewise give you further and further realizations.  I can of course continue to profess such things indefinitely here on this blog though likewise as I have said on multiple occasions I do have another site that I wanted to get something done on.  Having said that I am unsure whether that project was itself a distraction as to where I should really be focussed or whether it was one of those momentary IDEAS that I though HELL YEAH and then could not take further once the designing and creating underlying foundations and infrastructure and frameworks and so on came into play.

I continue as always to monitor a wide variety of sources though knowing what is relevant and important and what is merely something worthy of a chuckle or however one is to describe such things is questionable.  Can a disciplined approach to creativity pay dividends or is it merely another form of procrastination-PROCASTINATION is one of the great IRONIES I think in the sense that learning to trust your own knowledge set and ideas and so on when you have been relentlessly attacked in some quarters is a troublesome area.  So you want to do write and you seek to do write though opponents always seemingly have an upper hand in the sense that some things cannot be undone and some things we want to do though are possibly unwinnable battles that really are not worth getting involved in.  The focus of attention with a group of likeminded individuals can of course be inspiring though likewise everyone has a point or line over which they perhaps feel they cannot pass.

How Strong is any line in the sand and how often do some folks cross said lines in sand knowing full well that they are out of order and so on.  Yes I do like the idea of studying such process thoughts and ideas and it is clear to myself that these things are well studied in some quarters and lifestyles so I may go further into thinking about some of those aspects.  Some folks of course are employed to cross lines in sand where others simply are indulging prejudice and so on and likewise I do think that if something is not financially rewarding then why do these things?  Some truly strange and illogical and irrational peoples exist in the World though of course finding a point of CONCORDANCE or AGREEMENT of tactical approaches and understanding differing dimensional approaches can make a huge difference.

Well that was another just keep on writing and see how many colours in the rainbow line-up to a disciplined approach to how you view and see the World whilst playing your assorted instrumental scales and so on-yes some rather strange and large results have occurred within some realms though likewise that makes the assumption that any given one individual is able to follow them all-I myself am not so the truth is simply stick with those that most appeal perhaps-much again like school days whereby primary was al football in the yard and secondary was all Rugby on the weekend and I had a healthy appreciation for both sports though they are generally regarded as appealing to differing sections of community and likewise cricket again has a differing audience and then we can move into the realms of darts and snooker and these are just a few English sports so when we expansively look at all the League and Styles or RULE INTERPRETATIONS we again are falling into sub-divisions and how differing is that to that really-we do not want to play with you anymore said the premier league to the league some years ago and likewise this is just one of those NEXT GENERATIONAL type LOOPS of the TREE and progressions.

Many sports are perhaps at points where new VERSIONS can appear and likewise the same can be said for Business and WELL many areas of life really.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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