Can You See A HAT When You Are Wearing IT

This once again one of those questions that many a person never asks within the realms and hemispheres of life in which they find themselves existing-though of course the reality is once again that it is a worthwhile pursuit of inquiry.

How so?

Well we have all perhaps grown up in or around particular institutions that perhaps have required us to wear UNIFORM of one description or another and of course whether it is a school uniform or a work uniform or really any kind of this is what I have to wear within this realm and role we become attuned to such things to such a degree that it becomes “TAKEN FOR GRANTED” and it is only when we go into the SELF-INQUIRY that we can once again see how ridiculous some reactions and so on and so forth are to any VARIANCE from the so-called NORM that I spoke of yesterday in the sense that differing areas of life very often quite simply follow particular colour schemes and coordinated fashion and styling.

So for instance from my own experience within my place of work-they decided a year or two ago to change the HAT colours that differing people within differing roles had to wear.  For most the change went mostly without any kind of a fuss-however I at that time was wearing a green medical hat and that colour was re-designated to people and personnel who are known as FLM’s or First Line Managers.  So whilst I am waiting for my new colour hat-some colleagues took the opportunity to kick up a fuss that went around like WILDFIRE-he thinks he is this that or the other-though having been a wearer of the green hat for several years I was so USED to having the hat that such fuss and NONSENSE had little effect on myself.  I could not see the HAT when I had been wearing it for so long already-IT was quite simply what is all the fuss and nonsense about.  Had I of course started running around trying to issue orders and so on to personnel and colleagues then that may or might have been a differing matter though in reality no such occurrences occurred and I simply waited as the managers did themselves for the NEW appropriately designated Hats to be ordered and arrive.

So we can of course say well actually you can see a hat you are wearing within a MIRROR or REFLECTIVE SURFACE though again “FAMILIARITY BREEDS CONTEMPT” is one of those phrases that again is perhaps underutilised in the sense that people do not for the most part irrespective of consideration for others LIKE CHANGE!

So we can all perhaps carry out plenty of self-inquiry as to the assorted uniforms that we have worn and perhaps imagine how things would be different were we carrying out particular life roles and so on.  I know some computer type games were released in recent years known as GHOST PATROL and I as many of you know have worn the colour GREY for a number of years.  Not sure what the particular triggers were that led to that sequence of events and my buying of so much of that colour-though of course grey was the uniform ofa primary school I attended and of course I did setup my website  So perhaps I had some non-conscious need to become a GHOST or “FADE TO GREY” as another ancient song lyric reminds myself.

Of course I do not know feel a need to buy and live within grey though it is perhaps interesting to look and see what the causes were as to those events.  Maybe in writing such thoughts and feelings down and understanding of the generation to generation teachings this is a FORM of GHOST WHISPERING.  Whereby I am putting pen to paper so to speak and YOU as the READER of information are using that within whatever life roles and so on you happen to yourself be living within.

So again we all have CHOICE as to our own interpretation of the World around us and of course our RESPECTIVE feelings of CONGRUENCE within said roles.  So for instance how many criminals for instance run around in black mask and striped uniform with a bag entitled SWAG on the back?  Again I think the congruence issue in whatever life role you are in takes time to sync in and adapt to and likewise how such pictures are painted.  So you have just been promoted within your work for instance and whilst you are pleased and perhaps having ENCOUNTERS with people and persons of a similar role and so on at the same time someone somewhere who was a COMPETITOR for said role might be feeling down or depressed and likewise REACTION to such events can make all the difference to FUTURE progressions.  So it is all to easy to fall into NEGATIVE spirals when you are having opportunities closed to yourself and likewise you can instead of saying there is something wrong with yourself look as too possible causes within ENVIRONMENTS-ALL to easy to become the dying martyr when in fact you may be better over the longer term simply analysing and seeing how all the various JIGSAW pieces fit together.

So we can have positive role models and negative role models and when it comes to judging books by there covers it can be all to easy to fall into the wrong hazards and thought processes.  I failed so I am going to reinforce my feelings of failure instead of turning it around and giving a REFRAME that says perhaps this place is not suited to peoples and persons of my own abilities and talents and I clearly require seeking environments that are better geared towards my own wealth health and prosperity consciousness and so on.

So congruence internal and external can take time though likewise not taking on roles and responding to baiting from some quarters can also be a sign of MATURITY where younger generations are perhaps seeing FOES from every quarter rather than opportunity to mingle and socialise and develop LIFE SKILLS and so on and so forth.

Yes so it is easy to fall into contempt like thoughts and feeling towards others though in many respects that can come down to SELF DISCIPLINE and not taking on roles that you personally do not identify with.  We have all perhaps grown up watching and seeing espionage type stories and war stories and so on and likewise we do have to ask where our next feather in our cap is going to come from or what would it actually feel like to be operating in this fashion or that fashion and likewise whilst we are sat at home comfortable watching events UNFOLD around the GLOBE-WHAT must these things be like for the family and friends of various personnel who are being sent into some of the less than favourable HOT-SPOTS around the World.

So visualization wise it can be fun to ask if this hat really fits and likewise how can I know what it feels like to be in some of these particular life roles that others have lived through and so on-and again we often in many respects have done that through assorted media and reading of books and watching of films and so on.

The most simplest of MEDITATION VISUALIZATION exercises that I find myself carrying out quite regularly is one of visualizing the EARTH in rotation whilst being in ORBIT with many others encircling the earth like some kind of Global Communications SYSTEM.  It perhaps strange to those who do not meditate though I find such visualizations highly THERAPEUTIC and it can relieve some tensions and so on as you run through that visualization with differing events and so on occurring as though a great link exists that all are part of and everyone knows such things within themselves on a DEEPER LEVEL of understandings and so on.  So I seek to do right by those who seek to do right by myself and likewise when you find improvements and so on within your World it can be good to acknowledge such things demonstrating perhaps that we are moving in coordinated fashion and direction.

Yes how can I improve my current circumstance to one of “understanding” and “acknowledgement” of others who have in there own realms perhaps suffered more than I myself have.  When you are able to acknowledge the suffering of others it perhaps relieves yourself of some of the feelings of BURDEN that you may or may not be carrying simply through events that have occurred and happened throughout your own individual existence.

Wow that was far longer than intended and llikewise when you can imagine yourself within some greater scheme of things links and so on it can make you wonder as to where some of the I am all ALONE type thoughts originated and so on-if like attracts like then of course we can perhaps seek to not judge books by there covers so much as the multifaceted and empowering number of SENSES that we have at our own disposals-that is of course assuming that you are peoples and persons who have sought to develop and further your own abilities with such modalities.

I saw a DIAMOND Freight haulage wagon during the course of my travels and do sometimes of course wonder what it would be like to have a DIAMOND hanging above my head in the sky like we have seen in various and assorted SIM like games.

Does curiosity kill the cat or are we just WET WET WET in thinking that we can change to more prosperous attitudes and behaviours given the opportunity and INVITATION to CHANGE.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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