On the Issue Of Comments & Spam

I thought I should just take a quick moment to comment on the issue of comments & spam.

First of all the blog site has an automated SPAM filter and that filter seemingly blocks or catches all incoming information and seeks to categorise said information appropriately.

However there is more than reason to suspect that some folks may have tried to comment and found themselves not appearing and if that is the case with yourself then you have my apologies as the filter does seem to filter everything.  I could of course turn the filter off perhaps though suspect that such filters have been introduced for a reason.  I know with my regular email addresses that only so much information can be handled at any given time and likewise it can pay to have a spring clean of sites and addresses that are no longer relevant to where your present interests are at.

Yes so the filter acts as a catch-all and then shows the occasional comment to myself and I generally if said comment makes sense in some fashion allow them-though clearly some look as though they are spam-language filters and translations allowing I simply go with gut instinct on some of those types of things.

Likewise some blog posts perhaps act as RESET TYPE POINTS whereby I can go back to a post where I was studying a particular modality and very often retune myself to how I was thinking at that time.  Returning over and again to some courses when you have gradually built up a suite of those TOOLS is of course time consuming and others perhaps far more Advanced than myself perhaps KNOW what information is genuinely useful and relevant and what is junk.  As I say I have more and more recorded all and sundry and likewise hoped to clear out much junk though knowing or DISCERNING between present knowledge and WISDOM again is troublesome in terms of where to turn to for direction.

So if you make a comment & do not see it try again rather than give up and I simply may not have had comment brought to my attention and likewise thank you to those that have taken the time to provide any feedback at such times as was felt they were necessary.


Strange to be asking though I was thinking turn the filter off-though given the DISCERNMENT within the realms of learning & teaching I am unsure as to how to fully distinguish

what is good or  bad and so on and so forth.  Sometimes the filter lets through a comment and then removes the status so again lots of these strange occurrence can leave one BEWILDERED as to what is actually going on.

I think perhaps the filter is not acting as it should though I am unable to test or perhaps introduce a filter of my own that is GEARED towards all present learnings and teachings and discernments.

Perhaps this site has been long since isolated and I have little or know readers though the statistics at least do not seem to say that.  Perhaps people in particular lines of work are better able to monitor all that I am doing at present than others-I have not used HIGH SECURITY MEASURES on the site though again as to need well I cannot see that I am PREACHING anything that anyone can regard as being responded to-beyond promoting some modalities that I have personally used to enable continued existence in the face of assorted prejudice campaigns that know one necessarily needs to get involved with.

So thank you for commenting and do try again if you did not pass the filter measure-I think perhaps it filters the smaller comments more than larger comments-though again having not had a large comments (that I am aware of) to respond too these things again are debatable.

Yes comment and yes spam and I will then have a better GAUGE so to speak on whether I am writing anything that people want to read or otherwise.  As I have said much has been dull and dreary though that can serve a purpose of its own to a certain extent.  Likewise breaking down through THRESHOLDS can perhaps require STRONGER terminologies and so on than I perhaps used-seeking to find a modicum of balance-within the strange goings on within the CEREBRUM so to speak.

That is all for now though as I say-I am more than happy to receive feedback from folks who have used the MODALITIES that I have recommended and likewise who knows I may well find you are the COACH or TEACHER that I have been looking for.  That of course one of those strange comments that can get misrepresented or misinterpreted though I do think some issues really are better left to peoples private lives and thoughts and feelings and so on-though yes any thoughts on improving for instance SPORTS RESULTS FEEDBACK? is welcome as is IDEA’S for NEW TOOLS that I may not yet have within my own CATALOGUE of personal development tools and learnings and teachings and so on.

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