Wow It has Gone 5 pm and I Have Very Little To Say

I was just thinking of Slumdog Millionaire and that of course was a somewhat modern day interpretation of an OLIVER TWIST story-all though the graphic nature of some of the inferred events within the film were hinted at rather than shown there was enough to STRETCH the average person’s thoughts and feelings on such matters.

Yes so the ISIS crisis continues to grow and of course that might be akin to the growth of GANG CULTURE within the streets and parks and so on around the towns and Cities near you.  Very often some group are doing activities that whilst not necessarily frowned upon are pet societal annoyances and whilst it can be good to establish areas where some activities can be carried out in greater safely you will always move on to the next growth or however so perhaps former skateboarders who got themselves a skateboard park have moved onto bikes or indeed cars.

Likewise whilst many activities are harmless you always get the one who fails to comply with the norms of any group environment and likewise you often get the FAGIN type characters showing up.

So what started of as a harmless group practicing or enjoying a particular hobby gets gradually turned into criminality. Things such as under age drinking and drugs and shop lifting and so on can rapidly take hold within given groups when they are targeted by some of these FAGIN type characters and whilst it is not for myself to tell others how to live-it does seem that the question can be asked-if you could have finance and all these goods that you want and so on through relatively little expenditure-as the courses I recommend mostly are-why fall into the TRAP of going down the DARK side and so on.  As someone on the wrong side of forty I am more than happy to recommend to any young folks that whilst breaking Societal Norms might seem Great tests of “DARE” and courage and so on-in reality a few years down the line karma could well come to bite you in the rear so to speak.

Many laws exist for a reason and that is often to protect people who do not necessarily realise that they need protection from some activities and cultures and so on.

So whilst being a rebel against policing and so on might be what you have grown up with it could well be in the interests of many a modern youth to be the BLACK SHEEP of the family and go into STRAIGHT LAW-ABIDING practices and so on.  Sounds strange to some perhaps though it has ben demonstrated in some MAFIA type scenario’s whereby they did what they did for better or improved lives for the children and the children go to better schools and get educated and become PROPER ESTABLISHMENT as opposed to secret underworld establishment.

Yes the no rules ideas are somewhat appealing and yes the technologies I recommend perhaps demonstrate that more than many though likewise in the WORLD of BLACK & WHITE EXTREME COMPARISON you can find opposites for just about everything.

So a tough street gang member could join the forces and be tough within said forces as many a book demonstrates.  Likewise such individuals could join safer options (he says) such-as the Police though again they probably see more action at football matches and street protests and so on that the military.

These things do seemingly have swings and roundabouts and are dependent on Country so we see some Police in some Countries that are armed to the teeth with all the kit and equipment that you might expect of the military.  Likewise in the UK there has been a gradual CREEP so to speak in the security realms whereby the Police perhaps have specialist divisions to deal with particular groups and likewise that translates perhaps to greater options for the modern youth.

The discipline and idea of discipline perhaps not that appealing to the FREE DAREDEVEIL youngster though likewise as many a criminal can testify they may well have gained training from establishment organisations earlier in life anyway.

HOW many paramilitaries in Northern Ireland were set up by Ian Paisley and how many of those within those groups were former UK service personnel? I think the figures were shown to be quite high and likewise the same can perhaps be said for many an opponent.

So most or many of the members of illegal gangs and groups and organisations have actually had FORMAL training within pre-existing and established Country type structures and systems.  Likewise I myself do not or cannot recall beyond regular schooling having belonged to any such organisations and that is perhaps if regrets are to be listed a regret as was perhaps suggested in one or other post recently.

Far to easy to think that some BLACK mark in youth or coming from the WRONG background is going to be held against you throughout life when in reality some such black marks are ignored when it comes to actual requirements and so on and getting on within any realm that you want progress in.

So whilst we are TOLD of exam pass requirements for this job or that job very often the INTEREST and APTITUDE can be in some realms perhaps more important and likewise they can have entry exams that are none to difficult.

I recall seeing some questions for British Citizenship and thinking I would struggle and likewise so did many a person I spoke with on such questions.  So can questions be found that set an aptitude bar rather than an outright answer bar.  We do of course see more multiple choice type questionaires in this day and age and again PATTERNS can be found within answers so even if your answers are wrong or not absolutely correct you may fall within a given TOLERANCE RANGE whereby it is felt that with appropriate circumstance and training you could rapidly move into the improved patterns and correct answers and so on. Strokes for folks has never been made so easy though again of course when you are young it can seem otherwise.

I as always scan news to see what stands out and the McCann case is once again highlighted-the problem with FORENSIC type techniques is of course that each generational improvement has often come through proving prior knowledge incorrect-given that we have had Parents are guilty-parents are innocent I am not sure what next evidence can prove.  Either way seemingly not important from the perspective of the child’s point of view. (any child not just Madeline Mccann in that instance).

I see Pistorius was “let of” and I had predicted that as I am sure did many of yourselves.  The reasoning that forgiveness of the LIVING seems to occur far more than forgiveness of the DECEASED.  The living of course what anyone who is reading this is at the present time even those of us who wonder as to the nature of being the living dead or zombies and so on.

elsewhere someone had a former prime minister’s ADDRESS-oh no shock horror.  HEY EVERYONE I HAVE DAVID CAMERON’S ADDRESS(10 DOWNING STREET)  AND HIS COUNTRY HOME ADDRESS (CHECKERS?)

Yes I most definitely should not mock given some of the unwanted and undesirable attention I myself have seemingly encountered in recent years.  Former Prime Ministers of course are just as entitled to want to feel secure and protected and so on within a society as the rest of us.  That does not mean of course that those that can afford extra security measures should not invest in such things-I know I would if I could though as perhaps is usual with Dave funding for anything in life is not obviously available.

Ebola of course continuing though an EXPLOSION is being predicted given the SYNHRONICTY of ISIS and EBOLA and so on it is perhaps of little surprise to some of us who have been practicing witnessing and so on and so forth.  There does seem to be an ACCELERATION of many things occurring and all coming to the fore with one another and perhaps a big SOCIETAL WIDE type response will occur.  I suggested BIG BROTHER type Police State and we do seem to at present potentially be heading for such things.

So most of my monitoring has been mainstream Political News though of course we can witness CELEBRITY realms and SPORTING realms and so on and seek to encourage witnessing of areas that most appeal to ourselves.  I perhaps have not though through where I should be witnessing because as is often the case I seek to HELP folks who I know to be operating in particular realms and that requires knowing similar knowledge and learnings although it could be suggested that “this is our example of a bloody idiot!” so having not had formal training in many areas of life (despite being well studied on a personal basis) I perhaps an example that know matter where you start out whether in poverty on a council estate or from the establishment or wherever you have choice and options as o personal growth and you have choice and options as to hoe you personally want to seek to serve society and establishment directions are not as bad as someone such as myself from a council estate might think irrespective of BLACK Marks in youth and so on.

Yes I am perhaps of a generation of people who aimlessly switch from job to job and never settle though likewise you may one day find yourself falling into a position that actualy has great appeal and you like and think YES I CAN DO THIS-and show me the money and so on.

Yes all to easy to mark your card as being pigeon holed with the wrong wars and groups though as I have suggested recently you simply have to have a hold the line approach with kindred spirits until the calvary arrives or you go down fighting-oh know not General Custar?

Yes History has never been my best area of expertise though likewise a broad knowledge across multiple areas can serve in the pick n mix sweepstakes in the sense that you are always able to have a conversation and likewise commentate on issues inn one manner or another.  Yes some things are not worth taking sides on though likewise in the WITNESSNG realms you really can be better seeking to be part of a greater establishment than not.

Hmm I myself could well be heading into the REALMS of CRISIS in the sense of having a WHAT NEXT-yes I do have the other site though progress is dependent on concentration and so on and focus and simply getting going.  I have stalled though at least have the equipment available that I wanted in order to progress.  So some cheap investment in pens and paper and drawing utensils and even websites and website addresses can be exceptionally useful though in the longer term some IDEA’S might be worth letting go or at least selling to individual’s whom you trust to do the so-called right thing with said information and teachings and learnings and so on and so forth.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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