Can I Have A [ ] Please Bob

Yes I am quite sure some remember a long since passed piece of student humour on an ancient game show whereby everyone asked to go to the toilet.

I was of course thinking on the issues of Peas because they are of course a popular staple diet for many a person-I myself do actually enjoy sausage and chips and mushy peas and gravy type foods though again such diets are questioned as being non to healthy in the modern day and age.

We can of course do things such as MASHING for ourselves when it comes to potatoes and so on though likewise just about every imaginable variant of food seemingly now comes pre-prepared in the sense that someone has thought lets save some time by making this part of the food chain redundant in some fashion.

I actually still quite enjoying mashing potato for myself and do on occasion put regular peas into the mash-up and whilst it may not look appealing it is something that I can happily enjoy eating assuming it is accompanied by some other variation on the plate such as some meat of one description or another.


Well of course when you are little the modern parent of course has nappy wipes though I do not think such things existed when I were a nipper and I also recall watching years ago some show that had comedy adverts from around the World and in the USA especially we saw many a directly competing slander campaign of Huggies Versus Pampers.

So returning to P’s we also of course have many or multiple Learning Strategy Courses that have seemingly been built up around using several P words and likewise we have similar list of P words within Armed forces literature in relation to Practice and Performance and Preparation and so on and of course we also have words such as Persistence and Pursuit and so on so why is having a P so popular?

I was thinking of course that again many of these things are relational in the sense of following a RECIPE OF INTENTION in the stating of what you do want and desire and so on rather than competing over intentions and behaviours and values that many a person claims as not valid for themselves.

We do of course return to the REALM of reverse psychology and so on though that assumes that those about yourself are operating from the same vantage point or position of knowledge and awareness that you yourself claim or think you have at any given moment and far to often people fall into the TRAP of FALSE FLAG FIRE whereby some alleged humour gets out of hand or goes wild when someone does not DISCERN between what might be true or false coming from someone who was trusted to actually KNOW.

I also for some reason found myself thinking about COCKTAIL STICKS to be confused with the petrol bomb type recipes that we have seen such-as Agent Orange and MOLATOV? cocktails-yes so many things exist that we could be wondering once again into the realms of wandering how to distinguish wishful thinking from factually accurate and articulated truths.

What else in the headlines well we do all of course have instances of rabbit in headlight type events and happenings though when we look at the greater scheme of things everything can perhaps be given rational explanation though some things can also be bookmark-points in our lives where we chose this direction or that direction and very often for the wrong reason or perhaps not wrong so much as unwise or from a lower place on the hill.

So in order to move away from positions of ANGER to clarity we want or desire that everyone with such advanced knowledge is geared toward operating from an effective position of teaching without recrimination-when we point the finger of blame or carry out name calling and branding we are simply demonstrating recrimination very often for things that are beyond the understanding of your average day-to-day or life point-to-point awareness.

Well I do have some other things to be getting on with though as I say when you let go and released so much junk and so on from your own life and bodily system and so on it can pay dividends to empower as broad and diverse a group as you are able within the realms that one finds oneself living and so on and so forth and likewise empower peers who are encouraging and positive in personal development and growth terms irrespective of the environment that you find yourself in at any given moment in time.  We can all dare to dream of better things and improved lives and whatever is happening within our lives now we can think to empower ourselves as NOW.

I switched editors and whilst it began speedy grounded down to a slow and plodding ANNOYANCE OF HINDERING PROPORTIONS snail like until the end.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well. 😉

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