Top Presents This Christmas? HAZMAT SUITE

I should of course not joke given all the people we have seen wearing Chemical Hazmat Suites within the news-however someone did say they were becoming a popular Halloween Choice-how lazy is that?

Actually the reason I return to mentioning “The Hot Zone” is quite simply the spread of Ebola Virus within one particular variance of EBOLA was believed to be AIR BORN.

So traditional RETRO Virus’ such as HIV are believed and described as CONTACT based virus’ and the BIG FEAR was that the believed at that time to be air born variant of Ebola would cross pollinate into Human Populations.  Several examples were explained whereby the only explanation for infection was that it was AIR BORN.  It is of course possible that knowledge has improved and that a level of cross pollination/contamination exists in traditional variants-though the rapid spread within African Populations suggests that we will see super-mutations sooner rather than later.  Whilst we all talk about many of these virus’ as though ONE thing-in fact most viral infections constantly mutate and that is the given reason for why many prior remedies for common cold and so on no longer work.  The truth is often that we are in a constant battle to keep up with mutations.  Science wise of course they are now able to CREATE MAGIC BULLET type remedies that can DISTINGUISH between normal bodily cells and bugs and infections though given that we are each of us walking hot zones of millions and millions of bugs and bacteria it is of little surprise when some areas have sudden outbreaks of particular ailments-especially given the international contingents within some areas and populations-Airports of course are the most obvious though some Cities such-as London also are shown and known to demonstrate larger ethnic communities and the associated pollination of IDEAS as well as the higher likelihood of immune deficiencies of varying descriptions.

The other on-going DRAMA is of course conditions of infection CREATED by the so-called CURE.  So we have had huge debates over immunization systems that have led to some peoples and persons becoming ill or worse.  Popular conditions that have required PROOF of existence include M.E. and Gulf War Syndrome.  Many US veterans believe it was the result of the chemical weapon type drugs they were given.

Unsure as to why I have written so much on this subject area though we will likely be seeing the regular as clockwork get your Winter FLU VACCINATION NOW CAMPAIGN.

The version of WordPress I am using is crawling along and I may move if I SWITCH to another editor and find that is no longer running in a useable manner. the RIDICULOUS ridiculous and FRUSTRATING EVENTS OF CAUSE AND EFFECT are enough to make one scream.


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