So Today I Have Not Written A Private Post

So today I have not written any private post and some of you are perhaps wondering given some of the offensive published material-what could I possibly be writing that requires recording in a private manner.

Well generally it is a matter of CROSS REFERENCE-SO I throw any thoughts and feelings down into a private post and then another perhaps private post and then I will gather thoughts into a publishable depending on the materials that I have been thinking on.  So of course hackers or peoples able to view private data are perhaps more advanced in the idea of cross referencing material-though likewise most private information works its way into the published material in some form or another.

So this is related to MASKS and CONGRUENCE and so on whereby some folks are in positions where they need to be hidden in plain sight without drawing attention to themselves and of course we often when such thoughts occur have that exact EFFECT.  The non-conscious does as it is told without question hence raising threshold and awareness is a large FIRST STEP in intelligence gathering and knowledge and clearing undesirable thoughts feelings and attitudes from ones system.

Likewise once you are on some of these paths-the setting of intention becomes easier and easier as your alignment with the greater TRUTH and REALITY becomes a second nature AUTO-PILOT.  Though perhaps one that is more beneficial to those that are following similar paths and learnings and teachings.

So we start of quite muddled and confused and gradually step-by-step work our way towards belief in our own abilities and SYSTEMS-MANY of which have already been developed in some fashion by those who have gone before.

Many folks object to any thought or feeling that they maybe a SIM of some description though description can be TRANSLATED into a PROCESS where it is the WORLD PROJECTOR that is rationalising and processing your thoughts and feelings and actions  that is in need of NEW INPUT/OUTPUT STRATEGIES.  As we develop skills in relation to better internal  or improved internal communication the way in which we PROJECT thoughts feelings and actions outwardly also changes.

Everything does seemingly come down to our abilities to tap into teachings and learnings that for the most part that we already have within ourselves in a pre-existing fashion whether we believe that to be true or otherwise. So I was quite extreme at the beginning of this journey simply through a desire to return to my own internal CONGRUENCE in the face of much hostility.

So WE ARE  a thought within a body and as we grow we become many thoughts and these PROCESSES often CONFLICT-WHEN we raise our Threshold we can once again return to a place of congruence in how we operate both internally and externally.

Yes people will likely continue to promote or seek to SEIZE YOUR FOCUS with nonsense and stupidity though over the longer period you cannot not fail to see the WORLD ANEW with a fresh perspective and a desire to help those who may or may not have suffered as much as yourself.

People of wordpress-sort yourselves out!

TTFN 🙂 for you and ;-( for them

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