What Does The Ground Beneath Your Feet Sound Like

So as per usual there are a number of ways in which we can change our own TUNE so to speak in our mishearing of the WORLD around us-far to easy to mishear or misunderstand some SENSORY clue that could have served us in some fashion simply through some simple SPEECH type understanding.

The reason I mention this is because when we are exceptionally young and indeed when we grow older we very often find ourselves having NO TEETH.  Anyone who has ever curled there lips around there teeth and then tried to communicate will have a better understanding of what I am saying.

So a GOLF CLUE yesterday turned out to be my mentioning of NAPPIE WIPES and they may be called muck towel which is a sound alike for McDowell-so we have the most obvious of changes to sound coming about through differing people having differing groups of teeth or not according to age and so on and likewise when we speed some sounds up and slow them down we can also find ourselves with such CLUES.  I do remember-promote a number of courses that use a SYSTEM called a FAST FINISH and those can help you in improving your HEARING ability at regular pace.

I say that of course though we can all of us I am sure go about our day-to-day lives and find ourselves next to people who when talking and talking never seem to pause for air-as though on an auto-pilot of there own World and making.

So the technologies allow you to SLOW down your own thoughts and thinking and how you experience your own SENSORY ARRAY of INPUTS and likewise you can then move forward in experimenting with differing ideas in relation to each of your known senses.

So for instance within the realms of PHOTOREADING Paul Scheele suggests photoreading a Dictionary and then afterwards turning to a random page and carrying out a test of seeing what you are able to remember of particular words in particular positions on pages and so on.

All these things are of course choices though of course for some folks such practices can increase your perceptivity of the WORLD about yourselves.

A further advancement that I was thinking of introducing for people from certain quarters was another form of MAP READING exercises.

So I publish private and public pieces each day and I was thinking you could actually set an intention for yourself of creating or painting a 3 DIMENSIONAL image as though it is in the realm of FLAT 2 Dimensions. HOW?

Well when we go and look at a CAD type package or description we have differing dimensions used-TOP DOWN, SIDEVIEW, SLICE THROUGH, OVERALL.

So we could set our intention that I am now going to create a DIMENSIONALISED MAP and each BLOG article is going to have its own SET INTENTION FOR ONE OF THOSE CAD perspectives or VIEW.

Such exercises are again probably easier for folks who have sought to develop ART TYPE skills though it is never to late to do as I have done and buy the odd ART book-I enjoyed the WALT STANCHFIELD cartoon books far more than traditional FORMAL art books-choice is choice and you want something at each level of expertise (possibly) though I personally study across a spectrum array of modality levels and teachings.

So you set an intention at the beginning of each article that this blog article irrespective of the words within it is also at the same time painting an image within this dimensional view and system-as long as any given group is working in the same ORDER as yourself as to understanding or interpretation of VIEW you can develop a whole new secret language that you and your friends or colleagues and so on can communicate in.  The next step would clearly be to have a keyword known only to those the image is intended for-so you have know time to go through all angles and dimensions and simply include a keyword for one dimension.

Even if you think such things beyond yourself-the non-conscious that we all have can record such information for you-so all you require is improving your INPUT/OUTPUT mechanisms and again many a course will help to train such abilities.

My own system was originally geared towards clearing out much flotsam and jetsam and raising threshold-though now I find myself thinking far more in terms of developing systems and abilities and PROCESSES that anyone can use to benefit themselves and friends and colleagues and so on and so forth-whilst this blog may be making more sense to readers now I am writing it so slowly that it is exceptionally frustrating. I may start writing elsewhere in some other package and then copy pasting into this blog because it really is CRAP-ARE YOU LISTENING WORDPRESS? Due to the way this package is presently working this blog may soon disappear. Though I am sure the record it contains up to and including the present date is still completely valid at least for those who desire or require A NEW WORLD ORDER within there own mental hemispheres between the ears.  I am now going to write in something ELSE that actually works.

Until next time.

Thank you for reading god bless and be well 😉

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