Can You Light Fork Handles With Matches

So for some excessively strange reason I find myself thinking about candles and matches and further to that one or two events and conversations have actually reinforced the point of view that I need to be thinking about candles and matches.

Yes we cannot be sure what realm such information requires applying knowledge to though they are something that can come in handy when the battery run’s dry or you are carrying out some SPELLI-BINDING INCANTATION or having one of those “Meals”.

Yes so today started with a conversation on whistling-a chap was whistling a famous tune-The nutcracker (I think) and for myself that reminded myself of the earliest “Performance” memory that I have-I played an APPLE TREE in some primary school play and was perhaps akin to that Rabbit in Headlights.  Staring down off the stage at hundreds of eye’s staring back.  Anyway the tune led to a conversation and the chap mentioned DUN DUN DUN DUUUU. Which he thought was Beethoven and used in some film that he liked from his youth in the 1970’s The Clockwork Orange.  I may have cross referenced the film I know it is a Psychological Horror type story and he explained how he went down to London to see it-and we spoke on Skinheads & DOC MARTIN BOOTS-something that whilst not being a skinhead I did wear frequently at one time in my life-they are actually excellent all-weather wear and so on.

Elsewhere another colleague mentioned he was going for a meal  and candles and matches were not mentioned though that brief piece of information did act as a kind of confirmation CATALYST that my thinking was perhaps within the realms that I needed to put pen to paper on.

As a pedestrian who strangely quite often finds himself monitoring vehicles both parked and driven another kind of clue appeared this morning in the form of parked cars facing each other-yes I know, I know-though trust me-when you walk the same streets & routes regularly you begin to see cycles and patterns belonging to Society wide scenario’s being played out with vehicles-and this morning the only advice I could give to a huge number of cars was “get a room”.  That does presume of course that they are not opponents facing each other in some BATTLE.

Some cars did appear in gang formation whilst others were clearly lonesome tonight type attitudes. In relation to cars being driven in direction and manufacturing Country of Origin you can also scale to the Wider World-most vehicles be they Ground Sea or Air have comparable model types that appear across each others realms.

I cannot go into too much information of course because of readership requirements and some folks do not see the unconscious pattern dynamics and tactics they are displaying.

We also have a BIG STORM HEADING IN SO PERHAPS power cuts are on the Horizon. As to incantations well I did say that History repeats itself and any set of data that is always now is also shared by people & personnel who have read or used the same resources.  Anyway I cannot use this wordpress package any longer as it is once again dragging its heels.

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