Dear David

Dear David

A F****** Tree-that was your introduction to stage craft and performance and now here you are 30+ years later dressing for work in the very same kind of costume very much as though you could be a tree-talk about the circle of life.


Hi Mongo

Yes these things are quite strange when you are able to link across a lifetimes worth of seemingly irrelevant information though of course the tree graphic-some big painted card of some description was quite heavy as I recall and standing around for ages as still as possible with people staring at you is not a task I excel at.  Yes I cannot recall if I was ever paid for the role though clearly given that I was a King and Leading Character a year or two later my rise and fall was quite rapid.  Secondary School was seemingly geared against myself-although the size of fish’s in ponds comes into play I think that being a South sider in a North side school worked against myself in the first couple of years of secondary school though I did make various sports teams and did move to the North of the City later on.

Yes so know matter what age you are-you will always find folks who are capable of pre-judging and throwing you in the scrap heap-and that is one of the main reasons why I recommend the technologies that I do because quite simply Technologies such-as Holosync are great “equalizers” for those that need that little extra stimulus and feelings of self-worth and so on and so forth.

What else can I speak on-well the weekend is here of course and most folks have or make various plans for weekends though I having catapulted myself into a limelight of sorts for a couple of years-have mostly withdrawn from any kind of weekend activity in recent years preferring a quiet off-the beaten track kind of life-partly why I worked nights in the first place, even though now I can consider returning to normal daytime jobs if any should appear that appeal.  Yes there are plenty of folks who do not know myself to reference in any kind of way shape or form and I am happy and fine with that-though likewise as anyone who is a bit older realizes there is always someone somewhere only to ready and willing to start up some fresh round of nonsense and so on.

So  what news  information is currently grabbing my own attention when I scan through the headlines-well I think there are a lot of “OH LOOK, No matter who you are-you can still suffer the same as…” so an example was Obama having a credit card declined.  Elsewhere a space plane (Shuttle)  has landed after encircling the earth on some top secret mission for close to two years-this is the next generation type space plane though it would be quite interesting to know what it’s mission has been-I think various new kinds of technologies have been included and they are having longer and longer test flights and technological overhauls-again returning to a subject that I know quite well many systems designed for flight navigation and telecommunications systems and so on have used quite now aging technologies and I suspect that this space plane is using newer technologies and obviously with “real-time systems” you again have to seek to fall within given reliability tolerances and engineering wise these things can be tougher to achieve than many a movie and so on suggests.  So perhaps chips and processors that were known to be reliable from the 80’s have been let go in favour of newly designed chips and so on from custom designs-where once it could take years to get a processor design up and running now as we see with the consoles and most gadgets market you can build for purpose and have reliability as well-though of course you want those factors for the long haul when it comes to your next generation vehicle fleet. The modular way in which many vehicles are created whether they are for air or land or sea or space means that upgrades and so on are that much easier.  The problem of course for a Country starting out FRESH with any new PROJECT is the manufacturing of parts and components and how much do you have to exist within what has gone before.  So with nuts and bolts for instance there are international standards though again with new project and new processes you may have genuine need or requirement to no longer use such an agreed standard.

So backward compatibility can be a bonus in the reduction of cost and manufacturing methods because you use what is already pre-existing-however so many new technologies are available that at some point you have to make a commitment towards progress-and likewise that is where many a business gets cold feet-new technology comes with new price tag and accountants are well known for there sense of humour are they not.

Yes I am still in dilemma over wordpress-I want to continue to publish with this site though it has become unuseable as to how it is currently or presently set-up. I am fast approaching blog number 666 so maybe that is a reason-they all want to interconnect all these differing operator sites and internationally agreed standards already exist to enable that to happen with the multiple platform approach though likewise I am a rule of Keep It Simple Sweetheart (KISS) kind of guy  and not a Make It Complicated Expert (MICE).

Thank You for reading God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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