Forest Gump Versus Pulp Fiction

So Forest Gump and Pulp Fiction were both popular movies and I was thinking about how the way in which the story telling modalities were carried our within differing formats.

So with Forest Gump we have the “CLASSICAL” model of The Adventures of “CENTRAL CHARACTER” much like we have with stories such as Huckleberry Finn or indeed Sherlock Holmes and the NARRATIVE is perhaps given from the common THREAD of the central character Binding all the events together into one overall piece-so differing events and happenings all happening though a common thread exists through the eyes of central character-though in the case of Sherlock-we are of course the eyes of Accomplish or assistant Dr Watson. So that is akin to Robin telling the story of Batman.

However we were told when Pulp Fiction came out that is what ORIGINAL and how the interwoven stories were interconnected was par excellence in setting a new standard or genre. However closer inspection demonstrates that all the AUTHOR did was perhaps remove any OBVIOUS central character. So you might liken that to being the GHOST or WITNESS. That is of course perhaps the point of such story telling modalities though it is easier to criticize than perhaps do-and again I enjoyed both films for excellences of differing natures.

So the STEPPING BACK from being within the story (To Witness) is perhaps like the PULP FICTION model where you know that having witnessed this previous event a high likelihood exists of the next sequence of events-however as has been pointed out by numerous aficionados within the field of witnessing you do come to see that slight differences occur in the events that you are witnessing and indeed the order of merit of cycles and patterns.

So your life up to and including the present point might be akin to the Adventures of Dave S Perkins though in reality Dave S Perkins perhaps wants to STEP BACK so that he is more WITNESS than CENTRAL CHARACTER.

IE. The Difference Between Forest Gump and Pulp Fiction

Or indeed move from a perspective where everything is happening to Dave S Perkins as some kind of a VICTIM model to a leaner meaner greener path where some coordinated planning and events enable the adoption of realignment with some successful life navigation strategies.

The oher issue is of course how much you learn from previous experience and the re-examing of knowledge therein contained-so for instance I mentioned my Grandfather Jack (not sure if it was his real name, though that is what everyone called him and he was known as).

So Grandfather Jack Survived WWII fighting in the deserts of North Africa and had a bullet hole through his hand and he always kept the compass that is now in my possession that he used to navigate his way back to allied forces when a number of his colleagues died during an aerial air-raid type attack.

I do not know why though when he died and was asked what I wanted (if anything) from his belongings-I said I wanted the COMPASS. So clearly during my younger years the WAR stories had greatly impressed upon myself although I only knew my Grandfather as a Railway man-he having been a rail worker during all of my own lifetime up until his retirement.

So likewise within Pulp Fiction we have the story of the Watch and within Forest Gump we had I got shot in the buttocks-though the further you progress in METAPHORICAL understandings of the SPIRITUAL relationships between events and so on and the various CYCLES and PATTERNS within people’s lives you do see more and more how everything can come to appear as some great TAPESTRY or JIGSAW where everything is already interconnected and inter related within some fashion and your job if you can call it that can be to seek to find CLARITY of thought as to how you think feel and act with such knowledge.

I have of course put myself through a multitude of Learning Strategy type courses and whilst I enjoy those courses-I can also see how each teacher and master has continued to develop skills within they’re own Branch or Field of expertise-and I do sometimes wonder as to how they can be integrated into one all-encompassing series of skills that work in parallel to provide anyone with the greatest series of options and choices as to alignment and tuning and all the rest of such thoughts and feelings and so on.

So I spoke of being at a WHAT NEXT type point and in reality of course I should be continuing with my other PROJECT development though I have also been thinking heavily in relation to this IDEA of SETTING an INTENTION. So I have spoken a great deal in relation to the Military in recent times and of course in comparison with the garrison terms-we people of Hereford can see that the local military MOTTO is in fact very much like an INTENTION #WHO DARES WINS# that is of course a shortened version of another famous type quote or inspirational type saying though the underlying INTENTION is clearly there. When we look at the ESTABLISHMENT (so to speak) we find many such motto’s and sayings whether for Armed Forces or simply as Badge or Coat of Arms type Latin inscriptions and so on. So whilst we are not necessarily part of any given establishment we can learn to perhaps ally ourselves with some of the INSPIRATION and MOTIVATIONAL type INTENTIONS that many such quotes and so on give us.

Elsewhere I mention Grandfather Jack because as a youngster he and Grandma used to take myself and brother to Rhyl North Wales each year and I notice that they are listed as a place of High United Kingdom RAINFALL Patterns-again I am unsure as to comparisons among all the differing regions of the UK though when you SPOT somewhere that you have some relation to you can of course carry out a self-inquiry of some description and see if the links and meanings from one ERA of your life are still relevant or whether you can look upon things with new clarity and understandings and so on.

Yes I included hashtags above because I noted that many teaching modalities use Hashtag and I am unsure of correct usage and meaning-so that another possible exploration of research and knowledge to carry out though it is interesting that a number of modalities do say that you will learn irrespective of being conscious or unconscious of given meanings-so perhaps whilst we want and feel a need to know everything-in many ways we perhaps want to be more attuned to positive inspirational type events and happenings than we do the otherwise.

This piece has been written within Microsoft Office and then transferred to WordPress-not the best of circumstances though one that is perhaps a Solution-another perhaps my giving WordPress the chop. The problem of course that Like most folks I do not like chopping and changing service providers every five seconds-even though many a survey demonstrates that as the best option for many a service. How many of us sign up to contracts only to later find that our deal is being undercut elsewhere-and very often by the same provider getting away with not telling existing customers that they are charging new folks cheaper rates. A COMMON COMPLAINT and one that you would think consumer organisations would seek to do something about.

Well that is enough as a tester for writing in Microsoft WORD and transferring across to wordpress-I wonder what it will look like within the other package-hmmmn.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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