Is Your Blogging Software Fit For Purpose

Now the reason that I have written the above title should of course be quite obvious to anyone who has been reading my writings recently in the sense that the software has seemingly been becoming unfit for purpose-you cannot claim that the software works in this fashion or that fashion when clearly it is not working as it should for this user of said software.

I have spent some time today typing and writing within Microsoft Office and WORD and that package quite happily keeps up with my typing and offers to correct many an error just as this word press suite does-however It does not feel as though I am typing a blog when I use Office.  So I want to be able to use the blogging software that is supposedly for the job and that then puts my mind-set within the so-called blogging zone-when I sit in front of Microsoft Word I am seemingly within another type of zone that does not feel write for blogging.  Yes I can write articles within that package though am unsure as to why it feels different though it most definitely does and I am quite sure some folks use such systems regularly anyway-I simply as suggested earlier like to use packages designed for purpose and one would have though in this day and age that a popular blogging website would not alienate the pre-existing user base with changes to the software that make it seemingly unuseable-yes I am quite sure folks who write for twitter and facebook are able to set everything up quite nicely though those of us who simply want to write without any necessary template are going to struggle with the speed issues.

So why is the software not keeping up with my typing-a simple request; though one that is most definitely not working as it should.  So it seems to myself that some real time functioning has been attempted where every bell and whistle is checked through for requirement and really that is not necessary at the editing level in my opinion.  I want to type and then press an auto format button at the end rather than have a non-working auto format as I go along-the software is RUINING the FLOW of thought and so on-yes I do not claim to be all that CREATIVE and clever when writing these articles though at the same time I do like to FLOW with thought to screen and that is clearly not happening as it should at the present time.  The problem for myself is and that I am perhaps not implementing usage of such abilities instead simply pointing to the Course Authors and so on-they have created learning strategies and I am not earning anything from publicizing such things so need to find new income streams for myself that are REAL WORLD relevant and of course helpful to those who have looked to myself for guidance.  I am going to attempt to carry out some article creation within WORD though as I say the feeling of the usage and so on is differing and may well effect how I come across in the delivery of my writings-so a multifunctional package that does everything already is being frowned upon-strange though true.  Must be the realm of the underdog fighting the powers that be when reality is that many a quality existing software package can do all the functionality you require already-however the mind set is seemingly differing and I am unsure as to comfort level within such package.

I will publish this article and then write another within word for comparison of differing inspirations and sensory attitudes and so on-the MAJOR issue is that what I am writing has been reduced through frustration to articles halve the size of earlier examples.

Quality versus Quantity perhaps-the age old complaint within Computing circles and realms was undesirable repetitions-bloatware versus streamlined for purpose ware.


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