In Another Word Written Tester He Says

So back in July I wrote a quite popular article “The Culling Fields” that for many a Company and Business perhaps summed up the entire Whole Going On Of It All attitude towards coaching and teaching and working drill and practice and so on and I thought-could I write the same piece any differently given what I know now as opposed to what I knew at that time-the article was in fact a precursor to the FIFA WORLD CUP FINAL 2014 and perhaps arguably one of the best demonstrations of how interpretation can be translated from one WORLD REALM to ANOTHER REALM-assuming of course that you are working from the same place and strategy.

The most popular strategy that I have been seeking to develop is this one of taking any given set of writings and then drawing them out as either simple pictures on a page or as mind map type structures. Likewise I recommended a particular Investigative interview book at one point and again the same strategy was employed within its pages-you take any given writings and then transfer them into an alternate type format that can act as a visual stimulus and also a cross-reference-so when we talk and talk and talk it is easy for folks to cross reference knowledge and then for instance return with suitable questions as to what was REVEALED by the previous question and answer session.

The investigative type interview book was related to Policing though as I say I have seen the same strategy deployed within multiple realms and my SUGGESTION was that WE THE PEOPLE take these TACTICAL APPROACHES that are used by the Police and the Military and the Intelligence Agencies and use them within our own respective FIELDS OF ENDEVOUR.

I of course was mostly encouraging folks towards the SO-CALLED “MUGS GAME” of GAMBLING though in reality as you progress and develop these TRANSFERABLE skills you do find an ever increasing level of confidence within your accuracy. So you do not have to gamble at all-though you can say write I am going to take that suggested practice and try it out on this newspaper article that I have read and then see if I can predict the CORRECT OUTCOME of this SPORTS RESULT.

I of course being Dave and advertising multiple Modalities have taken a BROAD SWEEPING approach to how I have gone about these matters-though I have encouraged others to take the start out small approach-practice with one sport and then another and continue until you are at a place where you can see that you really need not have any difficulty with thoughts and feelings as negative connotations and so on.

Everything we do in life is in fact a choice or option and gamble is merely another word of in reality the same MEANING. So the PROCESS is nearly always the same irrespective of starting position and likewise I suggested that Folks concerned with expenditure try out technologies for FREE on YOUTUBE though I personally like and recommend the Centerpointe Research Institute Technology and the Learning Strategies Technologies.

The other area that I have not really spoken on is this idea of AN INNER CIRCLE and the reason I think for that is that I was more interested in joining the Inner Circles of more advanced Teachers and masters and so on than developing one inner circle of my own though I am quite sure that those took up the Technologies upon my Original Recommendation have all surely gotten to stages where they perhaps consider themselves as having inner circles on one kind or another. Again these things are perhaps no differing to MASTER MIND groups though of course you can run into differences in some areas of life and it really can be best to simply let bygones be bygones and treat folks on a more individual basis than as part of some EVIL COLLECTIVE. The problem for many a person going into any employment sector can of course be embittered long term employee’s who have little or anything good to say about those who have progressed within companies. Likewise when a Company has changed beyond recognition to how it perhaps was a few short years ago that is perhaps a sign that even those within the hierarchy of power and so on recognised that they themselves wanted or desired the environment to change in some fashion-and of course when everyone has worked in Unison with all the so-called greater cycles and recognised such things as existing instead of operating without a full deck we can all mostly seek to benefit and indeed congratulate ourselves upon achieving multiple goals-even as is always the case the Horizon is stationary in the distance.

So a NEXT STEP that I have found myself thinking about is How Can I Decriminalize Honesty?

Strange though true-even those who might consider themselves as having lived honest and respectable lives when delved into further usually find themselves to not be being fully truthful in making such claims-very often these things start in childhood where when we know we have been “naughty” in some fashion that will result in a punishment-simply deny the naughty behaviour. No twas not myself who ate the last packet of jaffa cakes.

So reality then is that few if anyone including those who are employed to ROBOCOP “UPHOLD THE LAW” can claim to be truly holier than thou-although of course all judgement is taking place within the Hemispheres between our own ears-it can genuinely pay to move towards positions where you are acting from a place of Honesty and reacting perhaps in a differing or more understanding manner to the crimes of our children than we potentially had ourselves-again these can be difficult issues especially given the broad age ranges classed as childhood that are differing from continent to continent and region to region-though you perhaps want to be able to feel that you are operating from such position as opposed to feeling under duress or stress as to how your relationships are with other family members.

So what are the recruitment and battlefield tactics that are applied now as opposed to what I suggested within the culling fields post in relation to World War I. Well World War II did of course see large amounts of CONSCRIPTION though in all honesty-when we look at the History books-again such things were not genuinely all that new having been implemented in various formats for multiple circumstances down through the ages. So whilst we saw Conscription and used that term in application of World War II we have seen similar actions again used from Country to Country and so on and so forth depending upon where you were unlucky enough to be living at any gien time as a “common man”. Yes that another term that I can perhaps repeat given that Parliamentary Representation is supposedly by the common man and for the common man one does wonder at how that applies to so-called traditional CLASS TYPE FIXTURES AND FITTINGS. We here in the United Kingdom do seemingly consider ourselves to have moved away from class type stereotypes and so on though introspection suggests that many such examples can be sited where far too many use the position as a favoured FALLBACK. That again often goes hand in hand with the Professional “INSERT LABEL” person who has not set foot in Homeland or region or town or city for XX years and so on.

Can I be a Professional South Sider given that is where my youth was spent-or can I be a professional Hereford person given my own desire to leave and strangely many of the populace’s desire for myself to leave-or perhaps I could be a professional embittered person who can only complain when options have been presented that anyone can use to change there life and circumstance irrespective of starting position and knowledge or background.

Yes I can see that I really cannot write another piece like the culling fields though perhaps will in time find myself once again in a flow like state where everything just reels of as though in some picture perfect manner that can happen time and time again.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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