Now Who Dares Wins Are Such Stirling Lines-An Intention I know to Confess-Of Saints & Sinners who dare to tell tales-the warriors require that we bless-so many spirits-so little time-to make a mark that is true-who would you be this day this hour-competing for requiem in you.

A Soldiers lot is not his own following ordered commands-though those that reach the pinnacle heights do so with challenging truths-a questioning mind and a Heart forged in fire-the model that runs for all time-who determines the time and the place-the dare that sits within you.

Cycles and patterns and pictures a plenty-this battlefield learning runs through-and those that make the grade & badge are beginning not ending in truth-so many trees and paths exist-united in squadrons the way-a team of outlaws exist in the wilds though always reminiscing guess Who.

Whilst time stands still for no-man-the truth is more streamlined than that-the integration of knowledge passed down ensures that DIAMOND comes through-the sky above and the earth below- your environment compass & maps-a heavy kit bag weighing you down-your own inner circle is who

Learnings and Teachings and the Vision of ages-Angels perform as a choir-choreographed Hearts & minds underscoring-what can be achieved in this place-Go Forth & spread your wings of fire-let them know the DARE-for we have a message to send to all quarters…


Yes of course you embellish and exaggerate and so on and so forth when writing such sentences and lines though of course many a knowledge base is written by the VICTORS and surely those that reach the top of there respective tree’s and games have EARNED the right to WRITE HISTORY as they themselves EXPERIENCED IT.

As a third party observer and reader of such LITERATURE I enjoy many such writings and knowledge and seek to include such knowledge in my GHOST WRITINGS FASHION for others to learn from and so on and so forth.

Of course any work in progress can be scrapped at any time or likewise MODIFIED to REQUIREMENT of preferences of those with genuine knowledge and experience-so the last line is like an INVITE for some folks to complete for themselves-though as I say such writings can become harder as you progress or in fact EASIER as you find your RHYTHM and STYLE and so on-likewise I am sure some OPERA type theatrical stage writer would likely CENTRE the words and so on as a lyric.  Will we ever see a STAGE PRODUCTION-WHO knows-maybe those in the Military Realms should be thinking of The Adventures of “INSERT NAME” THE MUSICAL.

Oh well back to the regular Monday in less than how much time?

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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