Patrolling Patrolling Patrolling Patrawhide

Yes so the most obvious of topics to chooses to commentate on this Sunday is this legislation to give internet TROLLS prison sentences and of course one does wonder how such things can actually be monitored and implemented-especially when a form of TROLLING is clearly taking place on a daily basis within the streets and environments near YOU-YES you read that correctly-given that most TROLL activity is seemingly actively carrying out SLANDER and SMEAR CAMPAIGNS against people and persons then we could well be seeing an awful lot of people going to prison. I have had relentless TROLL type campaigns carried out against myself in recent years and some folks never seemingly get the message or learn the lesson.

So unsure how that is supposed to work though as I have said previously this website is unpublicised and anyone who finds there way here is either of a similar mind set as to teachings and learnings or is a NOSEY PARKER STALKER.

How differing from TROLLING IS STALKING?

Yes that another topic in its own right of course though as has been repeatedly suggested-I moved of facebook quite simply through huge amounts of continued abuse and falsehood from complete strangers-painting myself as quite a number of labels that I personally do not relate to or indeed have any experience of.

So a CLEAR CASE can be brought against several individuals who when asked to STOP simply ignored the LAW & indeed RULES OF KARMA.

Where else-well I did find myself wondering if I could class myself as a Troll and clearly as I am not running around posting offensive messages left, right and centre anywhere else than my own unpublicized blog I think any individual who thinks they have a case against myself does in fact potentially face a number of Legal Charges against themselves. Who is willing to step forward and go to jail simply for believing some COWARDLY Chicken Plucker Tails.

Yes in the realms of swings and roundabouts so many people can be found to have dirt on their own hands that they have no time to go on the offensive against a guy who gets on quietly going about his own business.

I see that Jeremy Clarkson is bemoaning POINTS on his LICENSE after a 30 year absence-how is that for getting away with it? I am quite sure he is on the Lucky Celebrity (Nudge, Nudge, WINK, WINK,) Side of The Equation rather than the innocent driver that people look up too.

The problem of course he being a DRIVING CELEBRITY that any and all attempts to remove licence from such individuals usually runs into IMPEDANCE OF TRADE type arguments-I do recall however that there was a case where a Road Licence was removed though the individual was still allowed to drive competitively racing and so on-not sure of which celebrity driver it was-though of course a couple of points on Mr Clarkson’s license is hardly an outright Ban anyway-although clearly his nudging and winking perhaps requires some retro practice-DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM!

Elsewhere we have the case of the missing/Kidnapped Boko Harem Nigerian Schoolgirls and whilst that is being highlighted-we do have to remind ourselves that such things are occurring all the time someplace somewhere and for every PUBLICIZED case (in any area of focus) you will and can find many examples that have not been highlighted-whether on the same Continent or another Continent elsewhere.

So returning to comment on the Spanner Issue-I clicked a link and was taken to a page full of pornographic pictures-that your average “common man” type person in the street has likely seen a million times before-whether through Mayfair and Penthouse type magazines or the millions of websites that cater for people who want fantasize about other people’s bodies and so on. You do of course as you get older in the “DARE” terms probably get people who never tire of pushing the boundaries of ACCEPTIBILITY-hence you can buy a Star Newspaper and phone any number of unappealing numbers and small ads for call centres filled with people with “I am your erotic granny” SCRIPTS.

So I have recently of course been giving COMPARISON with DISNEY/CARTOON Characterizations and of course most animations is a series of single shots that when rolled through in sequence one after another create the illusion of movement and so on-and likewise regular movies work in the same fashion.

However returning to the Disney issue-it has in recent years been found in various studies that some Disney films and animators were quite “Naughty” in some of the Subliminal type shots they included within the films. I know you can find EXPOSE after EXPOSE on Youtube and Elsewhere of Cartoons that have phallic symbols and body parts and so on that you would not expect to think of within a WHOLESOME Disney film.

That is another area of debate of course-where pornography is allowed within some circles when it is called art and likewise disallowed when it is not called art. At the end of the day most people can make up their own minds as to what is acceptable or not within their own sphere of influence or indeed sites.

Car wise I have been seeing an awful lot of SMALL SUZUKI type chunky vehicles-they perhaps of that inflated Mini type size-someone has said how can we take this classic style or model and turn it into a proper TONKA type vehicle-though it is of course interesting that when we look through the ARCHIVES of vehicle design and so on that we do find many a comparable model existed in a futuristic movie from long ago-so for instance-directors perhaps used to BEEF UP standard cars to make then look Futuristic and then someone comes along and says-well actually in this day and age we can put this SHELL on this FRAMEWORK and this ENGINE into the framework etc. etc. and Bob’s your Uncle you have DELUSION OF NEW.

So I recently mentioned Matches and of course famous UK matchstick brands were Old England Glory and Swan Vesta; I was thinking about this some more because in relation to CARS as a CHILD I was of course of a generation that bought and collected some MATCHBOX VEHICLES. They were basically miniature vehicles of existing models and highly popular for throwing across carpets in battle and so on when the rain stopped outdoor play.

Where else can attention be turned well the title says patrolling as opposed to the classic COWBOY show and Blues Brothers piss-take RAWHIDE starring Clint Eastwood.

So yes officers Patrol and the public Trol I have no idea who invented such rules though of course one cannot talk about such mystical creatures without once again stepping into the La-Di-Da realms of Mr Tolkien and popular La-Di-Da characterizations such-as those from Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit. I am personally always AMAZED at how many people do not regard themselves as LA-DI-DA despite being fans of such films and characters-I mean look at all the Super Hero Materials that have been big hits in recent years-will Coronation Street Ever make the BIG SCREEN-well it is perhaps about time though they might have to bring back that women with the Hair Curlers.

Who remember Wilfred Bramble? Think that was his name STEPTOE & SON “You Dirty Ol’ Man”

Yes a colleague recently mentioned this and that does of course run well with some of the events that have been occurring recently-every generation of people and persons regards the prior or previous generation as “Not Being Allowed To Be…” ye any number of things can be inserted at the end of that sentence-though I think common sense demonstrates that you can be better of rolling eyes at the behaviours of some folks and taking an AXE to the Head of others-Leon Trotsky of course suffered that latter at the hands of Joseph Stalin.

I did think I would write something PATRIOTIC and INSPIRING and so on at some point for some of my readership-though at present such things are more likely to make it to the privately published meanderings than the publically published meanderings.

Yes this was once again written in Office which I can seemingly trust to not slow down to a snail like pace of STAGGERING PROPORTIONS OF INCOMPETANCE.

So I have to concentrate and focus and ask how can I transfer knowledge into this other realm or this other realm and so on-yes is it foolish to think that some realms do not exist simply because you refuse to acknowledge them-though likewise given the popularity of characters such-as Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris and so on-is it not time to HUNT DOWN with ZERO TOLERANCE those promoting the most EVIL and VILEST of behaviours towards others in Society. I certainly think stronger and stronger messages are require for some folks in some quarters who think they are “Normal” when clearly the boundaries are exceptionally QUESTIONABLE!

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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