As Speedy Gonzales Was The Fastest Mouse Hurricane In All Mexico

We ask the question “Would it not be wiser to re-designate such storm systems when they break up and so on?”

Yes over recent years I have seen weather report after weather report of some DEVASTING storm that is breaking up as it crosses the ATLANTIC-CAN we not have a point in the Atlantic where we get to rename the storm to something more befitting of what us Brits can expect “Hurricane DROOPY” perhaps.

That perhaps an example of Stereotype though I was thinking about the character Droopy recently-some day shift colleagues were mentioning another long term day colleague and I was try to work out who the individual was-I generally knowing far more faces than actual names-anyway they tried to describe said individual and I had an “OH DROOPY” kind of moment where I realised to who they were referring-Droopy is perhaps not the most appropriate title and the guy is perhaps more of a mixture of Droopy & Marvin (Marvin being the depressed Robot in Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy).

So yes when you think about many a strategy for how we remember people-we can very often recall them by such links and associations and that perhaps links in with a POSSIBLE SYSTEM of self-inquiry.

So I have been mentioning rather a lot of cartoon type characters and so on and so forth during the longer term course of this blog and I was thinking “If you were a cartoon character, which one do you most identify with?” in behaviour terms or even physical for those that are not animals-though it must be noted of course that many such characterizations actually had human characteristics and attributes and so on given them anyway.

Some think such things are stupid and childish nonsense though again many people grew up watching such shows and seeing such characters regularly so my argument is that again it is far too easy to non-consciously perhaps pick up some traits of one description or another. Especially if you are of a generation that was babysat by the TV as many a person has been.

This is of course (I think) a shallow approach to self-inquiry though I have perhaps already spoken on more in-depth ways of going about such activities. I think I have demonstrated that you can categorise quite a few “CHARACTERS” whether real or cartoon into particular groups-so I think a typical one was Pinnochio being in a group with Data (Star Trek TNG) and so on-again that is perhaps a typical “FINDING YOURSELF” type approach to growing up and developing life skills and so on-though like many a person-I do wonder how in the hell so-and-so came to be the way they are or indeed why is so-and-so allowed to get away with that etc.

I think there is perhaps from the Disney Angle everything is oversimplified in the extreme anyway in the sense that we have “this is Princess” and this is “Prince” and this is “Evil Person”-where when we look to perhaps the Realms of Tom & Jerry we get to see that whilst Tom may well be an instigator of hunting mouse-that the mouse is not all that well behaved either-and how many of us perhaps feel like that Dog Spike who generally gets dragged into the nonsenses in one fashion or another through little fault of his own beyond being a dog.

So yes I think such thinks are quite harmless compared with other “COMPARING” SYSTEMS that many folks seemingly seek to impose on others. This is not all that dissimilar perhaps to my previous suggestion of using ready-made character groups such-as those of The Mr & Little Miss Characters or indeed The Smurfs.

Where else-well I have recently spoken on this issue that some folks are trying far to hard to be some kind of image of GROWN-UP whereby any usage of child like materials is rationalised as “BAD” I as a bloke with a daughter perhaps do not think like that-though I do encounter many a person who seemingly does-I think far to many people rationalise from a point of view or position of YOU HAVE TO BE GROWN UP AND DEMANDING &COMMANDING ETC. and very often far to many a person has seemingly SKIPPED some required actual perhaps NATURAL DEVELOPMENT STAGE.

Do such things catch up with yourself in later life-well that is debatable-though as is well know by now-try the meditation technology and see for yourself why I recommend such products and so on. Some folks seemingly think they can take up such MODALITIES and still be HEAVILY prejudiced to all-comers and so on-and whilst that is potentially true-it does not seem so-from the kind of peoples I myself have encountered. So what is the big deal with counters anyway?

Yes of course if we accept the premise that each generation is somehow designing and creating future versions through the psychological type programming systems that seemingly revolve around this idea of “CHAOS” then some behaviours are EXCEPTIONALLY highly DESTRUCTIVE. So any of us can run around saying I hate this group and I hate that group and the FIRST person effected is of course you yourself-WHY KILL YOURSELF? How many of us know folks with this disease or that condition who could quite possibly rapidly HEAL if they change their OWN TUNE. The other BIG ISSUE is of course being in jobs or positions WITHIN WORK environments that require working along-side such individuals-how many folks about such people are being made ill simply through listening to these SQUEELING PIG kinds of FASCISTS.

What else-well I am not a big follower of the ENTERTAINMENT industry in recent years though I have seen reference to a new Brad Pitt, Shia Laboef movie Entitled “FURY” about a TANK crew and was thinking that I would not mind going to see another WWII type action flick. Of course that perhaps has actually been done before although they seemingly claim otherwise-perhaps I have seen some foreign language type film about a tank crew or maybe I am simply TRANSLATING THE DYNAMIC PATTERN from another realm. A Crew in a tank is not all that differing from a crew in a plane or a crew in a submarine, or indeed any other VEHICULAR type group.

Yes every vehicle perhaps has its own characteristics and any group within vehicle can be given particular dynamics though that is what we regular as clockwork generally buy into. I did actually have an ACTION MAN tank and an ACTION MAN jeep to go with my facially scarred action man though as I recall it was somewhat of a squash trying to get more than 1 Action man within such vehicles-especially given that at that time the JOINTS were not designed beyond one direction of movement that we have in real life-so to get DOLL to sit correctly you had to be quite forceful in the adjustment of body joints. In real life of course examination of the body demonstrates that we actually have quite a large degree of in-built flexibility within our joints at least when used in COMBINATION so whilst an elbow maybe one direction the connecting bones are rotational to the degree that most people have far more roll pitch and yaw within their body framework & dynamics than is given credit for. The simplest way to explain roll pitch and yaw is perhaps to look them up on wiki.

That is not to say that some things cannot become somewhat fixed as we grow older-though in theory at least anyone has the capability to reduce stress and pressure and so on through the correct usage of body action and motion-I spoke previously about LEARNING TO WALK AGAIN following my big death accident and likewise of course-we have the more recent WALKABOUT paraliminal that perhaps delves into those realms more than many of the other modalities. Can Learning Strategies sell walkabout to Pinnochio or will we continue to exist as hanging from strings like all the other puppets and muppets and so on and so forth. Yes that perhaps takes myself back to Thunderbirds though of course the Muppets have also been on my mind recently-although I watched regularly as a youngster I was never a big screen follower or indeed many of the knock-on type show. Though I do not mind watching the occasional Christmas type movie that they seemingly target films for. So what was it about the Muppets-well it was of course A SHOW WITHIN A SHOW in the sense of following a group of characters putting on a show of some description on a weekly basis-I was too young to understand such dynamics when a young viewer though it is interesting that they have not really ever returned to that format since leaving it. Elsewhere in the big screen stakes I think Mel Brookes did a similar kind of PUTTING ON A SHOW type film with songs such-as Springtime for Hitler & Germany-and I also think Singing in the Rain was also of a similar nature-so the SHOW about putting on a SHOW kind of FORMULA is PROVEN as being quite timeless as a CONCEPT and others who watch present TV can perhaps point out other kinds of examples-I think Hannah Montana and perhaps one or two other Disney type channel shows follow similar formats much like The Monkeys-the daughter likes something called Big Time Rush-that is another comparable production as are of course those bloody awful musical type shows such-as Glee and so on-OMG I am suddenly realising just how much junk I passively take in from the World about myself-I will have to come up with some kind of Cloaking Device/Protective Shield so I am know longer catching a BAD DOSE from some of the goings on-about myself.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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