There’s Something About Shallow

So I see this license plate that kind of spells out DEEP and I’m thinking well actually I did all that nonsense when I was younger and see where it got me-you know sitting around on an afternoon perhaps after a few pints and everyone is unconsciously trying to OUT-DEEP each other like it is going to make some great huge difference to life the universe and everything.

So I am now thinking Dave S Perkins needs to be SHALLOW-SHALLOWER than a puddle in the Tropics-though it then occurs well actually Dave it is not the Tropics you want to use as an example you want shallower than a puddle in the Sahara-ah-ha.  I am sure that someone somewhere can correct myself on that one too-though obviously as a commentator and “example of bloody idiot” I have little left to actually think about beyond perhaps wondering if it is possible to out-shallow shallow people.  I did of course see the Comedy “Shallow Hal” years ago and that was quite one-dimensional in the sense of only being a commentary on relationship type shallowness-though in reality of course you do see that everyone has a certain degree of such shallowness when it comes to such issues-I find it interesting how some folks think that any kind of acknowledgement of existence is akin to catching the plague in some quarters.

I guess that is dependent upon how self-obsessed some folks are-where any kind of acknowledgment becomes an OMG what if he/she wants to be close friends, date etc.-as though grown adults who are perhaps simply work colleagues, should be thinking and acting in such fashion.  Strange though true I guess it perhaps comes down to “Experience” where  some folks really do experience people wanting more from them than they are perhaps able to give or provide and so on.

Yes even the most obvious of things can be broken down into deep analysis-though reality is perhaps more simply explained as what sectors of your life you are available at on any given subject title-so we perhaps have emotional availability, spiritual availability, physical availability and so on and each one is perhaps multi-layered or multi-faceted in the meaning given to differing relationships.  You can of course be someone who wants SHALLOW across all life areas-or you might be someone who wants DEPTH across all life areas-or perhaps some mixture and combination of both.

In the news is that someone called Lynda has died-famed as an OXO advert mum-though I did not recognise her-cube stock of course a popular addition to many a recipe and they have gradually expanded the range of such cubes-that perhaps an example of one of those products that is a steady earner for the manufacturer who at one time perhaps gained nothing-presuming that the stock was perhaps initially a by-product of some other process.  Many a food manufacturer has gradually found ways and means to get VALUE out of creating beneficial side lines from the main product-I spoke on Bulmer’s producing Pectin for instance previously.

Elsewhere the US has dropped supplies to Kurdish rebels fighting IS and that is perhaps an example of The Greater Good type of strategy-where such supplies may have been unthinkable just a couple of years ago-the Kurds in question regarded as terrorists themselves when fighting on a differing regional front.

This was an attempt at returning to writing in Word Press-though unfortunately it was a decision that ignored on the ground reality-so I will perhaps continue writing elsewhere and transferring to HERE.

Thank you for reading-perhaps more later, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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