Are You Living In A Quagmire Of Your Own Manufacturing

So we are once again entering into the HEMISPHERES between own our ears as to what such a title proclaims-although it is of course interesting to know how much is genuinely our own chosen thoughts and feelings and so on and how much we have merely inherited through circumstance.

I am at this time thinking HEAVILY in terms of SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS and such things are of course well known by many a person-whether you have some sickness or illness that you desire to go unnoticed by those about yourself or you are preparing some SPEECH for a presentation we all of course have gone through stages of LEARNING CURVES for this direction or that direction and very often we become embroiled so to speak in the BELIEF that we are merely a BODY and as has been previously suggested on many an occasion-we are genuinely so much more than that-when we take the bold steps to self-inquiry and carry out MEDITATION and so on that leads us in to ever greater beliefs in other so-called dimensions of existence-whether spiritual or however one would describe such things.

News wise we can apparently now see a pregnant Princess where previously we were only allowed to speculate on what a pregnant person looks like-elsewhere someone called Oscar-famous for dressing other people has died. Strange of course for parents-as we have perhaps all had the experience of dressing our children without such things being highlighted as requiring FAME. Anyone ever been for a Suit Fitting?

The reason I ask is of course because such things often involve NEEDLES. Yes you stand there whilst perhaps having measurements taken and cloth design choices furnished and needles stabbed by accident into your flesh. Not sure that is supposed to happen though I am sure many a person even if simply for some “PERFORMANCE” in a School play type clothing can relate to having been stabbed by a PIN or NEEDLE.

Not sure why I bring that up though of course-we often when having blisters and splinters and so on-come up with the most ancient of REMEDIES that often require LANCING aforementioned site with a pin or needle.

Yes you have a splinter let’s make it worse-I as a child was always seemingly getting splinters & so on perhaps from my blackberry bush Jungle wanderings. However in the case of Blisters whilst they say to leave such things I generally do find RELIEF in Lancing them-though I guess it can pay to be done by someone who actually knows how to do such things in a safe manner-the difference between making some small incision and cutting of great areas of your body. Likewise there can also be a risk of INFECTION though again we do have things such-as ointments and plasters that can relieve some Physical Discomforts and so on.

How many of us have scars about our personage simply from ignoring the most basic of advice-to leave this condition or that condition alone. Yes easier said than done perhaps when a rash or sore is grabbing all of your focus and mind-again perhaps similar to that mind pain in the background whispering go-on go-on scratch me-you know you want too.

I think it was the MOVIE FLETCH that I have perhaps previously mentioned where he had two angels appear on other SHOULDER one whispering GOOD & the other BAD and each Angel was himself dressed in REPRESENTATIVE dress-one as red and demonic hell like and the other in white and proper angelic Halo like.

That is perhaps a typical representation of the GAME OF BLACK & WHITE where we are encouraged into some belief of a FUTURE SALVATION for having lived this kind of life and likewise DAMNATION for having that sort of life.

So un-remedied extremes can exist for all folks not just those who place themselves firmly into this realm or that realm simply from having WATCHED such film and media and so on.

What else well returning to the pins and needles issue we did of course have thenow ancient Hellraiser films and famous baddy PINHEAD so that perhaps an extreme example of the dead fashion designer.

What else is grabbing headlines-well another OSCAR is apparently starting a jail sentence for murder though how long will the case get dragged on by appeals and so on I am unsure-these things are perhaps dependant on regional appeal procedure and so on-I know here in the UK that few ever seem to serve sentences-always perhaps being given remission for good behaviours and having already served calculated time during trial and so on.

I think some SYSTEM most definitely can be brought in where PEOPLE SERVE THE GIVEN SENTENCE. All these we’ll cut it here and there and everywhere is somewhat difficult to swallow-especially for those of us at the poverty end of society. Break the law and go to jail-three square meals a day-a gym to work out in and play stations and consoles a plenty.

Is that really worse than what many a person has as a life anyway?

Elsewhere we are hearing more on EBOLA though I do not think I can think of anything further to say-all well and good saying we have a SYRUM though that perhaps sends a false hope-given as has already been stated that the CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG-THE JACK IN THE BOX HAS ALREADY SPRUNG. Elsewhere we did have an Oil giant boss of Total dying in an plane accident in Moscow though the news is fairly regular in reporting of mayhem and murder and death and destruction and so on. IS claims to have some of the supplies intended for elsewhere and such things are always going to happen to a certain degree anyway. Parachutes from planes can blow or be carried into multiple areas and in such a scenario it can often be the fastest to the HAUL or CATCH so to speak.

You expect such events though I am sure PLANNERS seek to reduce such events to a minimum where possible-and likewise depending on what the supplies are-are supplied Universal in there usage. My guess is that in some fashion they are and not in others. I used to play console type shooter games a lot and again it can be akin to finding the WRONG weapon CARTRIDGE.

So you have a pistol and find rifle ammunition and so on-I am a sure SKILLED individual in such matters can find usage out of having the wrong kit though likewise how many of these kinds of fighters are skilled and how many are simply volunteers and so on from a City near you.

I am quite sure that there is little that I can commentate upon for people experienced in the usage of the modalities I recommend though likewise in monitoring patterns and cycles-it does help to have people and persons you can cross reference with and so on.

I have written privately on SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS issues so that perhaps an issue for people with this complaint or that ailment although I was simply mentioning my own and of course the cause and effect has gradually perhaps worked its way into my conscious awareness-I perhaps stabbed some irritation with a pin or needle in the past and the area comes back to haunt myself.

Am I a lunatic-well quite possibly in the eyes of others-though likewise not in the eyes of other people-far better perhaps to remedy your own ills than constantly SHRAPNEL all around yourself with nonsenses not based in any study or area of expertise or excellence.

Elsewhere a transplant of some description was successful and of course that is perhaps a FRANKENSTEIN type thought and issue-I know the Jehovah’s Witness view on such matters and in some cases I myself do think would I rather have a transplant than potentially DIE and so on and surprisingly I am someone who in body-part terms tends to think I would reject transplant and so on. That is a personal kind of issue and of course many of us do not know how we would react until it is ourselves and likewise would we find such things ACCEPTIBLE for those in our care such as our CHILDREN and so on. I think that it can perhaps be better if a DECISION is made by some third party ruling in some of these matters-although I guess again it can be related to how hard and INGRAINED ANY given set of beliefs ACTUALLY is.


Einstein and Frankenstein sitting in a tree….

Yes I see we are once again heading quickly toward HALLOWEEN and of course MOON MONITORING and WEREWOLVES and DRACULAS and perhaps many more regular types of costumes are perhaps appearing as each generation CHANGES what went before.

Will anyone ever come up with DAVE THE HEREFORD LUNATIC costume and will anyone actually recognise such a costume-especially given that he himself is likely going to have an OVERHAUL of some description when the funding becomes available for such things.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well-whatever your language. 🙂

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