How Can I Explain A Show Within A Show As A Fractal

How can I explain a show within a show as a fractal was a thought I had recently following another published piece or article that I wrote and then I thought well so many examples exist already that it could be quite hard to actually get across what is meant by such things-especially to newer readers who may not have heard speak on FRACTALS and so on previously.

The best option for myself is to suggest that people who are unfamiliar with the idea of FRACTALS look them up a little further in research of some description-I am sure a wiki exists and likewise then look up one or two of the programs or movies I mentioned and see if you can understand the like for like comparison.

I know that I can attempt to EXPLAIN such things though really you perhaps have to have progressed with meditation (or have prior experience or knowledge) for some things to sink in.

Though I think in WITNESSING terms when you look at the STORY WITHIN A STORY or as I said previously show within a show you can carry out a COMPARE with the IDEA of FRACTALS and potentially gain a new LEVEL of understandings and so on and so forth.

The other ISSUE is of course as was suggested by Bill Harris on his blog that it is just as EASY to get sucked into ALL BLACK or ALL WHITE issues in the sense of the UNIVERSE BEING NEUTRAL.

So you might say well I want my life to improve and I am going to DIRECT my FOCUS towards everything being ALL WHITE and as you progress you can perhaps manage that-or likewise you might have ambitions to being the DARK LORD or LADY and again you can perhaps direct attention towards such matters.

So FOCUS is a CHOICE although as I have suggested previously and as many of the longer term followers know it is quite easy to not be starting out from a particularly DESIRABLE POSITION.

I have documented in some ways how circumstances were not particularly to one’s liking when starting out with some of these technologies and I can have FEW COMPLAINTS now as to how some ENVIRONMENTS that I find myself in have CHANGED to a certain degree. So for instance I occasionally USE work as an example and that is because from the SHOW WITHIN A SHOW FRACTAL TYPE PERSPECTIVE-once you have progressed to a high enough THRESHOLD and understanding of these matters you can understand that:-

Whatever is going on within your realm can likewise be translated across realms to other people’s realms and so on and so forth-again such things can be a matter of focus-though in general I do think that most folks once equipped with such technologies generally understand what I mean.

I recently mentioned the DIFFERENCE perhaps between Forest Gump and Pulp Fiction being the ABSENSE of A CENTRAL CHARACTER or THREAD and that is akin to what some folks describe as YOU BEING IN THE WAY OF YOU-another strange saying that does not perhaps make any sense unless you have progressed with some of the more SURREAL type teachings and so on.

So our very often deeply embedded PHYSICAL EGO’S very often place us DIRECTLY in the way of being able to SEE PATTERNS & So on and so forth-and one of the best way’s to REMEDY such things can be to think in terms of visualizations that will perhaps give you that perspective I suggested recently as some set of Eyes or SATELLITE or ANGEL or BUDHA looking down upon the EARTH from the Heavens.

The idea perhaps that as you progress you have a gradual global type shift of perspective from the “me ,me, me” perspective to the “we, we, we” perspective.

Again this does not necessarily happen all at once and likewise you may not want such shifts although from a maturity position it an perhaps give you greater FLEXIBILITY and likewise when you separate out areas into differing groupings such as SPIRITUAL, EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL you perhaps again have or gain GREATER FLEXIBILITY.

Far too many folks in society OPERATE purely from the PHYSICAL perspective and HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS MANTRA’S SUCHAS “ANY HOLES A GOAL” I think I suggested previously that whilst it might be regarded as masculine peer pressure and so on that FEW who come out with such CRAP & GARBAGE actually ABIDE by such sayings-something we can perhaps be thankful for.

So instead of operating from physical, physical, physical we can see that actually other realms exist-we have all perhaps heard of MEDIA STARS & CELEBRITIES going into this clinic or that clinic for COUNCELLING and so on & Therapy and very often some of the conditions are perhaps related to having found themselves sucked into ONE PARTICULAR REALM & perhaps feeling trapped or overwhelmed or however-I am sure that were any of us film & media stars we would likely be tempted to take advantage of FANS & other benefits that perhaps occur via such celebrity.

Those things are again CHOICE-though I personally think that from a perspective of being STABLE & BALANCED & DEVOID OF CHARACTER OR PERSONALITY (as many CELEBRITIES are when you analyse them a little closer) you want to operate across multiple realms.

So you may or may not be in a one-to-one relationship and that might be regarded as operating in all of the three suggested realms of spiritual, emotional, physical. Likewise you may be one of those girls that is close to mother and that might be spiritual & emotional.

As is suggested by a number of peoples who teach such MODALITIES us blokes are usually the ones that suffer most in the sense that it is not regarded as MASCULINE to have emotion, or spirituality and so on-leaving many with only the physical realm as an outlet-perhaps why so many MARRIED & IN RELATIONSHIP people often still run around behind PARTNERS back trying it on with anything in a SKIRT or LONG HAIR.

I have already mentioned Kilt’s and Rock Stars so do not need to follow that line of enquiry-though it is interesting that some folks caricature themselves heavily into a corner through the BRANDING of others without considering that they are CREATING EVER DECREASING CIRCLES about themselves-eventually you will be left breathless and lifeless through PREJUDICE-especially if you are heavily sexually obsessed and stuck in the so-called PHYSICAL ZONE.

So yes I am sure given the opportunity that many a man or women would potentially have greater freedom than they were brought up believing they could and likewise after speaking on the differing REALMS of SPIRITUAL, EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL you can often see relations between other words used within each CATEGORIZATION. Again these are merely overview type labels and headings and not necessarily absolute though I have seen them in one or two modalities and that suggests a commonality exists that people understand in such threads.

I think I shall perhaps publish this now and perhaps write another piece in relation to whatever is presently Headlining in the NEWS though as has always been suggested these writings are mostly from a perspective of a handing down of knowledge and so on and I am generally when doing that operating more from a SPIRITUAL perspective.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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