So Following Dave S Perkins Is Prestige Less

So in the realms of swings and roundabouts and so on and so forth it might then be suggested that following myself is actually a direction lacking in PRESTIGE and so on.

You liken such things as being akin to cutting out the middle man where you do not need to follow Dave when you can go tune yourself in to any number of luminaries within your own chosen life direction whether that is the ROYALS or your favourite MEDIA STAR or simply your own mother and father or whoever your present parents are.

As I have repeated the further I have progressed the less I find do distinguish between many a person-especially when you break things down into sub-modalities and understandings and so on. The technologies can retune you-though it is up to you as to how you interpret any given DATASET.

I personally choose to break these things down into patterns and knowledge that are more life enhancing and empowering for people and persons across a BROAD SWEEPING COLLECTION of so-called ideologues-that does not however mean that I am able to represent any particular given group and that is where DIFFERENCES perhaps occur.

So whilst I can support anyone’s right to live as they so wish-I do find it interesting that many choose to seek to force myself into realms and labels that I do not identify with and then WONDER as to why I might be thinking about having a TAKE A WEAPON TO WORK TIME PERIOD.

Yes the trip up the mountain of enlightenment and back down again does bring with it a set of DILEMMA’S in the sense that some folks REFUSE POINT BLANK to CHANGE or accommodate other people’s and person’s around themselves.

Should you have to-well I guess that depends upon position and lifestyle and all the rest of such things and I do have to be fair and say that PREJUDICE OCCURS irrespective of race colour creed and sexuality and so on from all groups.

At present it does seem to myself that we are in a HEIGHTENED PERIOD of such issues where hard core relentless type individuals are seemingly coming to the fore. In WITNESSING terms you can perhaps say well at least you know who your friends or otherwise really are and likewise accept that some folks are choosing attitudes and so on that could lead them into patterns of self-harm and so on and so forth.

Where else can attention be turned-well I do suggest that little reward is to be found in placing yourself into particular groups and sub-modalities though likewise as you progress and take on board the LESSONS & LEARNINGS that can be garnished from IDEAS such-as FRACTALS and a STAGE WITHIN A STAGE and transferring any given set of information into a differing FORMAT you do begin to see more and more how you can FREE yourself from many a lifelong concern or stress about this issue or that issue.

Now some suggest that I am not a Lunatic and one does have to wonder as to what constitutes some of these things. So for instance I regularly walk down dark alley type environments even though I know they are potentially DANGEROUS places to be-likewise I pass through a town graveyard that often acts or turns into get-together type points for tramps and drunks and drug heads and so on.

When you pass through such environments regularly enough you come to see the same old patterns occurring years after year and do wonder-WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE STILL HERE-after having perhaps being moved on-at some earlier time. So know matter what age you are and know matter where you live-any given City Town or Village and so on and so forth can PRESENT itself as DANGEROUS. We are of course heading deeply into the earlier Sunset type Scenario’s and this time of year for myself has often involved (In the past) going to bed when its still dark and getting up when its becoming dark-so you might in TRANSFERENCE of KNOWLEDGE think of such things as being SQUEEZED AT BOTH ENDS. If we live our lives as books from some Library at the end of the Universe then you might say that the SQUEEZING at both ends is akin to someone placing BOOK ENDS at the end of a shelf you have designated as being a book shelf. That perhaps somewhat “old fashioned” given that in this day and age we generally have ready made to requirement and purpose bookshelves and so on.

I cannot of course mention such things without mentioning that here in Hereford we also have Hereford Cathedral and it is a Library that contains what is known as a CHAIN LIBRARY. Books were once so PRECIOUS & VALUABLE and so on that they were literally attached to chains to stop people and persons from marching of with them. That perhaps akin for FILM WATCHERS as some kind of Harry Potter HOGWARTS book library. Okay so nothing presents itself though when we are young going around a Library with dusty books untouched for years and so on can INDUCE those CREEPY feelings that you may get from TRICK OR TREATERS on the Official Day of HALLOWEEN.

Many a tale to be told I am sure by those in the book retailing and Library sectors-I think that one of the Nicholas Cage films National Treasure had the United States Library of Congress featured and that again was about an ALLEGEDY secret DIARY belonging to the PRESIDENT and for PRESIDENTIAL EYES ONLY. How true are such things-well when we are younger we perhaps buy into such ideas as hiding away our own precious valuables and so on-perhaps where jewellery type boxes and so on came about-as well as musical boxes with secret compartments and well when you think about such things-you can often reinterpret many such thinking’s into some INNATE desire to have PRIVACY


Well I often think it is better to WITNESS than rush in with partial knowledge and end up with egg on your face.

I of course cannot APPLY for any jobs at the present time because of my DISCIPLINARY RECORD and that is a given for myself though others of course are likely to suggest otherwise. So I am not available for any positions and I am not interested in re-going over already in many respects covered ground-I should also mention that despite HYGIENE being regarded as all the same-that I do not work in the area where the JOB PROMOTIONAL is and having worked there previously I am genuinely unlikely to return-I seem to work and function better in small groups and teams than in larger groups full of squabbling egotists and so on-is that true in all areas-no I do not think so-though in my present work locality it is-perhaps CONCENTRATIONS of PARTICULAR types of individual’s are DRAWN to working in particular areas-some folks LOVE CONFLICT and CRUELTY-I prefer a QUIET LIFE. When you have carried out the WITNESSING as long as I can now claim to have-it is obvious WHO the BEST and FOREMOST ACTORS AND ACTRESSES are.

Well that seems to be enough to be getting on with-I think I may have a look at the present NEWS Headlines though as I have a year or two of posts on this blog it is building up nicely into a DATASET ALL OF ITS OWN.

Yes I just write and write and if you are triggered by anything said or written here then that is for yourself to perhaps seek to remedy rather than look to the external-at some point people have to face they’re own INTERNAL DEMONS rather than constantly and recklessly pretend they are someone else’s.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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