Breaker One Nine, Breaker One Nine Looks Like We’ve Got Ourselves A


Yes of course that is a quote from the ancient movie CONVOY a story about how a group of Independent Truckers came together to get their own back on an exceptionally prejudiced Officer of the Law.

I should of course not say train set as that would be misleading and many a SIGN & SYMBOL in my own Mental Realm or WORLD has perhaps been pointing towards Convoys and Motorcades and all those sorts of goings on.

We generally tend to think of such things as Convoys and Motorcades as going in straight lines and I changed the quote because of course many a Teacher and Master has created a Mastermind Group of some description and these are often described as an INNER CIRCLE.

Any issue I myself may have with such things is of course that I have had quite a few differing Teachers and Masters especially in recent years and I can say well actually you can find that Larger so-called Umbrella Type Theories and Organisations Exist-so whilst I use and recommend products from particular companies that does not mean I cannot give credit to one or two or the products that I used early on in my TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHING. You might say that I whether deliberately or otherwise followed a SERIES OF STEPPING STONES and whilst I personally recommend that folks go straight to light versions of the Meditation type technologies-some folks may not have been under the kinds of duress and stresses that I myself was experiencing upon my return to Hereford.

So choice is choice and a recent comment by a chap called Erick reminded myself of that fact-I did of course in my Facebook days recommend folks try (Eric Von Sydow’s) Hypnotica’s Sphynx of Imagination and of course that was perhaps one of those kinds of products that can open folks up to differing ways of interpretation of the World about yourself and so on.

So returning to present time themes we are now of course entering a School Half Term Period and I am quite sure many a parent (Including myself) will be looking and seeking to fill the week with activities of some description.

Now because I have spoken on UMBRELLA TYPE APPROACHES the most obvious for us Brits as was recently suggested can be to join organisations that are already working and so on along UNIVERSAL type Lines of knowledge and so on. The problem can of course be that you are not necessarily clear headed enough to get anything out of such places-especially if they operate on the lines of conflict and cruelty as might be suggested for some working environments and so on.

So in SPIRITUAL TERMS I was thinking that even if you have done some of the same courses that I recommend or even if you have not-there is no harm in going back to basics for yourself-in the sense of DAILY ASSOCIATIONS with any given events-so ever month has a given day for instance and when you monitor and build up your own diary or blog info you can perhaps compare each 1st of the month or each 2nd of each month that is a quite simply thread to weave for yourself of comparing irrespective of seasonal cycle the actual number within the month threads.

So today is a 25 and that might make myself think of Christmas being on a 25th for instance so this is a more FORMALISED or SYSTEMATIZED way of comparing-whereby you remove all the extraneous kinds of information and go directly to number comparison.

Further to that you can perhaps imagine what a number might be alphabetically so 25th can perhaps also be a Y day-where you think about the 25th letter as Y and look for a SYSTEMATISED LATERALISM along those kinds of lines. Likewise you can break 25 up and say well that is a 2 and that is a 5 so that is B and that is E and together they might be BE.

So just that simple translation into another transformational type approach might give BEY and of course parents can often be heard telling children to OBEY though more spiritually developed folks might think I wonder what is BEYOND the obvious.

So the more threads and links you create the more you come to see that you really can remodel and fashion according to both SCIENTIFICALLY DEVELOPED METHODS and perhaps more random approaches.

I think when we look to the Organisation’s approach then the obvious are perhaps those that have developed around Royalty and Parliament and so on and so forth though likewise you very often as I have previously suggested do have to just KEEP GOING so to speak until you start seeing more and more how much choice and freedom you really can create for yourself and those about yourself.

Sounds easy though I did as many know interact with Bill Harris on the Holosync Blog for several years-likewise when we look at the time thing-it does seem that many a thing can happen in no particular ORDER-so whilst it might have seemed sensible to do this course and that course leading to such and such a scenario-I have whizzed of in all sorts of directions-basically ANSWERING QUESTIONS whether sub-conscious or otherwise that once resolved do seem to be progressions.

I still do not regard myself as being all that advanced-though I think some interactions are more helpful than others-and those who find a system generally accelerate until you hit a point where you feel you have to shift across to another modality. I took a LETS HAVE IT approach perhaps OVERLOADING myself in many ways though I think as I suggested previously many Historical concerns and issues can be left where they are-likewise if I am able to accelerate others with hints and tips and so on and so forth then that is also perhaps an option.

I have not spoken on tapping recently for instance-though again they are rapid techniques used in transformational coaching and surprisingly effective one you find your own rhythm and groove so to speak. Likewise ACIM A COURSE IN MIRACLES is as good a starting place as any to get you initially SEEING-again this can come down to breaking through lifelong held beliefs in how the WORLD IS and likewise it can be quite hocking when you see just how much many a belief under TRUE SCRUTINY does not hold water so to speak-far better to clear out your own junk and opt for a more wholesome approach to life and so on though of course many a person cites MONEY as the BIGGIE when it comes to most issues-it costs money to live and likewise just joking or interacting with others is a FORM of MONEY EXCHANGE-hence my recent suggestion that some INTERACTION & BAITING type activities are not particularly WISE-in the sense that most of us who regard ourselves as being of one kind of nature do not like being GROOMED or told by others trying to CONVERT us to other IDEALOGUES. These things can again as I suggested recently be REALISED across the spiritual the emotional and the physical though all too often many a person when going into the COMPETING is operating purely from PHYSICAL and as I previously suggested-far better to turn your back on some things and regain your own focus and equip yourself in such manner that you are operating from a higher pace on the hill with greater wisdom and so on-just because others have not grown up-does not mean you have to operate in kind.

Well bedtime for Dave on this Saturday morning and I wonder what this will look like in the BLOGOSPHERE.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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