Whose Cheek Is It Anyway

Of course many of the technologies that I recommend cost MONEY and it can seem initially that you are being MUGGED in some fashion though as I have suggested on many occasion-when you continue with the regular usage of Modalities such-as Holosync and those of Learning Strategies you will eventually come to see that money in many ways CREATES ITSELF.

Anyone whose interest has been peaked by my comment on Numerology-the best that I can suggest as to whether this course is for you is to see if you were either Touched in any way by this Article https://davidsimonperkins.com/2013/06/29/princess-diana-my-guilt-and-shame/

or found this Article to be of any interest https://davidsimonperkins.com/2014/07/22/happy-birthday-george-basher-cambridge/

If either article peaked your interest or indeed if you are connected in some way to the Local Military Forces then the Numerology course could well be the course you have been searching for all your life. Other little comments that I can make are that it does connect well with the Teachings of Feng Shui and indeed actually demonstrates multiple techniques and methodologies for getting the best out of your own personal set of numbers whether for Birthdays and Names or family and friends and also included is a method of transforming the alphabet to Musical Notation.

This course is quite in depth and whilst I am likely to breeze though it-as is my own fashion it is the sort of course that requires a little effort and work on the part of the individual. I myself am going to create multiple charts for myself and see what areas of my life I can improve through making changes-it is surprising how the shortening or deleting or changing of one’s name and DOB and so on can alter your own personalised information-and even if you think you have done that in a positive fashion-this course will show you how to get the best out of all and any combination that you personally have to live with and so on. So should I remain as Dave S Perkins or change to David Perkins or have a complete whitewash-you will have to WATCH THIS SPACE.

Elsewhere I once again found myself receiving email from WORDPRESS saying that my bank are still refusing payment on an update to this blog that runs out on my birthday eve 07/11/2014. Not sure why they require payment 2 months or 1 month or indeed weeks in advance when clearly any money paid will result in INTEREST of some description for whoever is currently HOLDING THE CASH or MONEY. So whilst I was annoyed at the payment not being paid as the funds are once again already available-I cannot help to think that SOMEONE UP THERE IS WATCHING OVER MYSELF.

Why? Well anyone who has been reading this blog in recent weeks will already know why in the sense that the SOFTWARE has become UNUSEABLE for myself. I type and minutes later words appear-the article I published earlier directly within the word press package took more than an HOUR to write simply waiting for the software to play catch-up and that is a GENEROUS ESTIMATE.

This piece is being written in Microsoft Office and I am already within minutes close to being up to the same word count as the previous article and of course because of the way in which the software was failing to serve myself in a FUNCTIONAL FASHION-I grew more and more FRUSTRATED at not being able to write in a free flowing fashion-in the end that article probably failed to say many things that I wanted to include within the ARTICLE such-as a BIG THANK YOU TO LEARNING STRATEGIES for taking my ISSUES into CONSIDERATION when developing NEW TEACHINGS & COURSES.

So as I have said-yes easy to complain about cost though when you feel that your feedback is USED and TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION and the COMPANY goes out of the way in being ACCOMODATING in respect of payment plans and schemes you do begin to wonder why more GLOBABL BUSINESS BRANDS & CORPORATIONS do not follow a similar approach and strategy.

They do seemingly operate as an EXCEPTION (IN A GOOD WAY) to how many other business’s and so on operate.

Where else can attention be turned-well RAIL of course yesterday being one of my TRAVEL DAYS and once again as is common on the Half Terms-the railways rush to complete all and any repairs to infrastructure-I am sure that some must be ongoing-though it is somewhat irritating in that I buy a TRAIN TICKET to travel on a TRAIN and then find myself year in and year out on a BUS. Yes the view is differing-though Coach and Bus trips tend to be differing in ATMOSPHERE AGAIN.

We have perhaps all had the experience on a rain of wailing children and drunken idiots-though generally the option exists to MOVE-that option generally not available on Bus’s and coaches though thankfully-I did not have any requirement of such concerns and pet annoyances. Yes I have been the parent with the wailing kid-though likewise that does not mean I want to experience such things for ever and ever. I do find that I can generally be ignorant of many things and distractions simply through Threshold and Focus though likewise do find it interesting that my daughter is not so forgiving towards other children screaming and wailing and so on-so those perhaps hand-me-down attitudes whereby you forget your own behaviour at such ages and find such behaviours in others as something to be condescending about.

What else is in the NEWS I have know idea if I am honest-I have actually as was suggested recently been having a break from meditation and courses and so on-though likewise have plenty that I could be focussing and carrying out in more in-depth fashion.

So I whizzed through the Numerology materials and they are seemingly COMPLEX though I suspect that when you are following the information for yourself and so on that it will simply all CLICK TOGETHER quite rapidly-I have during my photoreading actually read one or two books on such things though this course perhaps a BEST OF kind of approach-whereby a SPECIALIST within that realm has worked to create a course that is great as a STANDALONE and as part of a more UNIVERSALISED kind of Holosync/Learning Strategy’s approach.

As I said earlier find superlatives gets EASY after a while with many modalities-though likewise it can perhaps seem SHALLOW in REITERATING such things.

Elsewhere I heard a well known IDIOT promoting & saying that EVERYONE BULLSHITS and so on-and that to myself is a clear and DAMNING LIE. The further I have progressed with the modalities and learnings the more I have become attuned to TRUTH AND HONESTY without feeling any need or requirement of dishonesty. I was perhaps more Honest to begin with than many a person within some of the ENVIRONMENTS I found myself-and likewise as progressions have been made I think more and more folks have genuinely GROWN-UP and are operating from places of INTEGRITY and HONESTY. Again easy to say though given the pressure of some realms and jobs not necessarily an easy task.

So that’s NUMEROLOGY-irrespective of your present name and number details and so on-you can learn to see the best within your own personal dataset and so on and so forth.

I will perhaps be back with more witnessing type write-ups during this coming week and I wonder what wordpress have next up there sleeve to cheek myself about-or I about them.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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