Wow What A Year It Has Become For Learning Strategies Courses

 So as I have repeated quite a lot in fact-I did not dive straight into the Realms of Learning Strategy courses when I took up Holosync-quite simply sticking with the meditation and generally avoiding anything that I did not necessarily feel I could trust.  I having started out with multiple Hypnosis type Learnings had upon beginning Meditation decided to give anything within the realms of Hypnosis a wide berth.

However once I had completed the Holosync Courses over a year or two-I did RISK returning to the Learning Strategy Type Modalities again perhaps feeling that I was NOW better positioned to gain any benefits that they may have had to offer.

Again taking an all-encompassing type view-I actually bought and paid for one or two paraliminal collections without actually listening or trying them-not sure why though I did eventually get around to having a listen-and you might liken such things to being a BIOGRAPHY of Paul Scheele-in the sense that he clearly decided again and again on a set of questions as to what he could develop and create next.

So having rushed early Holosync Levels with a desire to CLEAR out what I regarded as many a bad dose from the Halls Of Fame Of Hereford I continued into the realm of Learning Strategy’s mainly with an interesting in Healing Modality such-as Spring Forest Qigong-that for myself was far more interesting than perhaps some of the INTERESTING though LA-DI-DA type modalities.

Anyway I gradually decided or was encouraged by some success to move onto Modality after Modality and eventually had built up a large enough collection to become a CLIENT and-or AFFILIATE.

So you might say that in many respects I was playing CATCH-UP with the Company’s Long term Clientele and so on and in that respect I was perhaps not giving ENOUGH CREDIT for the quality of courses perhaps acting in a somewhat snobbish or sneering fashion although of course-the courses were of the time that they were respectively created-and I having perhaps leap-frogged some IDEAS in my straight to MEDITATION fashion.

So this year 2013/2014 has perhaps seen a differing attitude and set of circumstances in the sense that having ploughed through the BACK CATALOGUE-this year has perhaps more than any other seen myself being up to date and CONCURRENT with NEW RELEASES.

Yes it might not seem RELEVENT-Though for myself I feel that it is-So whilst I have not bought into absolutely everything-those Modalities that I have bought into have seemingly become PHENOMINAL, OUTSTANDING and any superlatives that spring to mind do not do one or two of my favourites justice.

It is far to EARLY to be carrying out end-of-year REVIEWS though given that we are soon going to become SWAMPED with such activities I might as well write something now.

So I loved the Spiritual Codes course and it very much seemed that it was geared in some respects to addressing one or two issues that I myself had HIGHLIGHTED.

So yes I have also added one or two other Modalities that were perhaps smaller though still of a High Quality and Standard and again was playing catch-up courses such-as Sonic Access that brought together Highlighted components of other multiple courses.

So anyway after investing in so many courses-I thought I could rest on my Laurels and take my time with digesting modalities such-as Aura Seeing and Walkabout and so on.

Then as any reader knows I started recently talking about Numbers and Alphabets and that was more simply whatever was coming into my conscious awareness.  So I did wonder what the cause may or may not have been.

So I found myself catching up with my envelope type mail and among the letters was another NEW course for NUMEROLOGY-I have briefly delved into such realms and was wondering what might this course offer that is different.

So  can Dave resist-of course not and I am actually unsure if the course is widely available to all at present-though following on from the Spiritual Code-this course once again addresses multiple issues that I myself have Highlighted and given the NATURE of NUMEROLOGY in being far more directly personalised-it could well become another FOUNDATIONAL CLASSIC!

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