So Here We Are Wondering What To Do With The Pumpkin

So as some followers know-year after year I have found myself carving pumpkin after pumpkin to greater and greater depths of artistic merit and we are now of course within the time period where a choice has to be made as to what to do this year-I myself perhaps preferring a return to the simple have had the sudden though that I could do a Jihadi Pumpkin-though such things are perhaps tasteless. The other option is of course to find some monster carving design and then spend hours creating said design on the pumpkin-such things do of course become easier with practice the downside being that with pumpkins you might perhaps do them once a year. So some years I have done multiple and others just one and this year is no differing in the carving stakes-having written on such matters I at the present moment have zero idea as to what to carve.

Elsewhere of course we are now squarely within the half-term week and it has often been a week that I might have off work-I over the years generally seeking to have Holidays that match up with some of my child care requirements-in truth of course it is virtually impossible unless you are an independent trader of some description to have all of the Holidays all of the years. Where once I had little difficulty-gradually over the years colleagues have started trying to book similar days and so on and so forth-not always an issue because some Holidays have been out-of-sync from Country to Country and that has served us all in a sense-though more recently everyone has seemingly come into sync in the sense that where foreign nationals once stuck with Homeland timetables-these days they have generally adopted and switched to UK term times and patterns.

News wise we can see reports on the British troops pulling out of Afghanistan and various Camp Bastion type documentary type pieces. Lots of coverage on refusing to pay extra money into the EU coffers has also been highlighted and a big surprise is that Germany & France the Country’s most responsible for the EU are not having to pay extra. I am unsure where all this funding is coming from given that most money especially in banking terms is just NUMBERS on an accountancy screen that does not EXIST anywhere else-and in many ways-that is exactly the same for any man and women in the street.

The daughter is telling myself that I should write about the MODERN SHERLOCK HOLMES that she happens to like (TV series SHERLOCK). I only having perhaps seen one or two episodes during her visits and only as background noise do not know anything about such shows-though I do recall thinking that it was a good adaptation-having said that you probably have to try really hard to do bad with some “Classic” type characters and so on-I know some attempts at some return of favourites has not gone down all that well in some sectors though likewise a NEW audience is always ready and willing to reinvent the OPINION.

Yes I recall many years ago-going through a phase of watching junk TV that I knew was junk TV and quite popular too Channel 5 seemingly built its audience up through such shows. Xena warrior Princess and stuff like that and likewise since then we have seen a massive INCREASE in shows modelled and portrayed along those kinds of lines gradually filtering across all the channels.

So little to write about though I can perhaps mention NUMEROLOGY once again-I spoke previously on how I as an individual have generally struggled with the ART type teachings and learnings because I very much from a young age concentrated my own focus and learning on reading & writing and so on-and this course is perhaps more oriented towards people who are from that kind of background. That is not to say that anyone should panic-I’M AN ARTIST-I CANNOT DO NUMBERS-because again quite simply many a modality can be used to build up or increase knowledge and abilities in areas that you may feel weaker at. So whilst I need to draw more-I can also use this course to tune myself-I thought that knowing the Pythagorean alphanumerical numbering system and indeed the conversion to musical notation are alone perhaps worth the price tag. I mentioned compatibility with Feng Shui and that perhaps related to DIRECTIONS and compass type issues-whereby when you know how your numbers (so to speak) can cause you to be like this that or the other and likewise cause others to be like this that or the other-you can seek to redirect yourself toward getting the best out of your number set-the paraliminal as is often the case is visual and descriptively based upon the learnings and teachings within the course.

So I can well imagine that the idea of Numbers fills many a person with dread though in honesty I think that the course is created in such a way that you can simply follow the instruction and not be intimidated or feel necessarily out of your depth. Having said that as I suggested previously-I have not bought entire collections for some teachers and masters or modalities-so I personally still have some way to go in attaining levels of self-mastery and so on.

In building block terms we can perhaps see that some Masters and teachers have multiple levels that they work pupils through Level 1 then Level 2 then Level 3 and likewise we also see that some give a good grounding and foundation and then offer bells and whistles type GAP Fillers or particular knowledge bases and so on.

So do we need all and any of the modalities-well choice is choice and I have gradually come to greatly APPRECIATE many a modality for some of the insights and teachings that they give that are differing to how other systems develop students and pupils and so on. I think that anyone can attain some greater degree of flexibility and freedom in life the universe and everything and of course how they go about living life the Universe and everything.

Another area that this course could well enhance abilities as is suggested above is conversion to musical notation and quite simply the musical SCALE provided again makes such conversion easy and my own interest perhaps comes from it not being how I thought or assumed it would be.

Likewise I think I can still go back to one or two other courses that I have within my Library and have further realisations that I previously missed within those courses. So as I suggested before-the course has attributes within it-that will likely give AH-HA’s as to realisations relating to other courses and likewise other courses that you may or may not have done will likely contribute to your understandings within this course.

Elsewhere a course that I did somewhat GLOSS OVER was the Aura Seeing and it was one area that whilst I had an UNDERSTANDING and ABILITY IN-that ability has perhaps not been as finely TUNED as I perhaps would have liked-so I did have a review of that course also and that perhaps relates to this IDEA that ALL IS ENERGY and attaining greater FREQUENCY understanding’s. We perhaps very often become tuned to the VISUAL SPECTRUM without necessarily understanding that other FREQUENCIES exist that our NON-CONSCIOUS is often aware of though we often dismiss such realisations of these things-so as I suggest I have plenty to be studying and developing within my own life and whilst I seek to help others with learning and teachings as Brian Osbourne suggested within the Aura seeing course-we all give VOICE to our own INTERPRETATION of what our senses are informing us of and so on-so whilst it is easy to say IT’S A SIGN and tell someone that they need to do this that or the other-generally most courses are perhaps geared toward people developing their own SELF-MASTERY and BELIEF in their own abilities-I perhaps being or fitting The Jack of All Trades TAG & LABEL perhaps more than SPECIALISTS within given sectors and fields of inquiry.

So Layer upon layer upon layer and sector upon sector can be built up within your own knowledge base and likewise choice is where you FOCUS development and indeed if you need any given knowledge-so for instance in Numerology it is suggested that just because you may have particular attributes and abilities SIMPLY THROUGH YOUR NAME & NUMBERS does not mean that you require using such skills and so on. Differing strokes for differing folks is perhaps given a more Transcendent view whereby Karma & any set of parameters and attributes operate throughout the ages rather just your own lifetime-so in many ways it could once again be about bringing PRE-EXISTING abilities into usage or indeed letting go of the usage of those that you do not require within this particular lifetime. These things are of course an interesting topic and debate and the Scottish Teacher an enjoyable listen.

So returning to JACKS-just how many are there at present appearing in your window of consciousness-my Grandfather of course and Jack Cohen founder of Tesco and Jack Frost founder of Frostbite and requirement of window scrapers and Jack Canfield of effortless success fame and the World just a week or two ago seemingly had more JACKS THAN YOU GET IN A FULL DECK. Did Jack really break his crown when running up the hill-did Jill really help him-was it the grand old Duke of York’s Hill or a differing Hill?

Yes I did notice many a Jack and of course many a trade was also called Jack at one time as are many bird type names. Has your Life been HI-JACKED?

Yes thought I would throw a comment in on all the Jacks though of course paths to follow and triggers and so on are many so how well attuned are any of us to what we want to be focussed upon as to what serves any given individual and who are simply “same old, same old” of nonsense’s that they have chosen to create both fire & flame of without actually demonstrating proof of hypothesis or indeed proof of teachings and learnings.

Yes I write and write and then can perhaps cross reference this section with this section or that section and so on and so forth.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

P.S. The daughter has informed myself that I can expect to do another WEEPING ANGEL (DR WHO) Pumpkin (Oh GOD NOOOOOO) Yes I was actually very proud of that effort though would not necessarily want to repeat it.

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