Death & Taxes AGAIN

So there I was wondering why payment had not gone through for one or two ongoing payment plans & systems and it suddenly occurred to myself that perhaps the payment cannot go through because I am DEAD at that point. A strange thing of course to think or indeed write though it does have a lateral logic all of its own-in the sense that if the World so to speak is like a GIANT SUPERCOMPUTER then it may know that I am deceased at some close future point and is simply taking corrective action-I cannot go into great deal on such thoughts though given that many a modality seemingly brings the non-conscious into the aware window and likewise strongly links LIFE to MONEY and so on the potential or possibility EXISTS. WOW WHAT can be done in my remaining 2 weeks?

Have I time to write a Bucket List?

Yes so moving on

Elsewhere Australia has taken APPROPRIATE action in response to EBOLA and is being targeted for abuse as a result. Whilst they do perhaps have a generally quite racist culture-I do not think the action they have taken is disproportionate to the CRISIS.

The Weather People are also apparently getting a new supercomputer system also and this CRAY SUPERCOMPUTER works in Petraflops that are far faster than Terraflops and Gigaflops. How accurate such patterns analysis systems are is debatable though of course it is perhaps another case of INFRASTRUCTURE development where they need a next generation computer system that will be capable of delivering improved models and so on for some 10-15 year time window-I have no idea if the time period is correct though most systems do now have modifiable upgrading methods that are perhaps far superior to some of those used in the past.

Elsewhere it is reported that military troop are carrying weapons at certain places and so on for the first time and whilst you might have expected some GREAT DISCUSSION I do think that there is a clear BOUNDARY with the military being allowed weapons to the POLICE being allowed weapons. They again are perhaps more removed in day-to-day life from getting sucked into some Societal Issues. That does not mean they can operate CARTE BLANCHE though I do think Society perhaps given a choice between armed military (that you expect) and armed Police generally prefer the former.

Lloyds bank are apparently cutting huge numbers of banks though I am unsure as to whether that is good or bad-not having had an account with them since childhood. Yes they have a very distinguished bank in Hereford High town-and I am of a generation that prefers walking into a bank branch than having to deal with computerised telephone systems and so on.

That perhaps a reason why I have not moved bank when I should-none of the banks offer what I WANT and that seems to be what Lloyds are now giving up on-branches in the high street and so on.

So why does Dave not like telephone banking and so on-well quite simply I do not want to spend hours listening to please push this number on your keypad questions followed by the hashtag.

Elsewhere I spoke of course on hashtag recently and it is interesting that it is quite similar to the symbol we use in music to demonstrate a SHARP. I mention that because when I did my name to music conversion I noticed that I had quite a few SHARP’S occurring. Not sure if that is good or bad though obviously I have suggested previously that my BARK is WORSE than my BITE. So I may come across at times as SHARP TONGUED though sharp of course often an attribute given to intelligent people such-as SHERLOCK in AWARENESS & KNOWLEDGE terms and also the name of a Series of Sailing Novels-I think that something called Sharpe? Was quite a popular and expensive TV production during the late 1990’s.

Mostly relating to English European wars-Sharpe and gang were again seemingly considered as Elite type troops though in reality they were often simply making or getting the best out of any set of circumstances that presented themselves.

Yes that was perhaps another of the shows that I mentioned previously-so I do or did have a tendency to FLUCTUATE between the quality type media and the junk and any one given individual choice is of course often changed by those that they find around themselves. So whilst you might be happy now watching the occasional movie I do generally avoid huge swathes of TV Trash.

Yes I do like light entertainment though far too often light becomes something else when some kinds of individuals are introduced into a mix.

This blog article may seem quite short and the reason is that I have deleted a least a QUARTER of it. I will not be giving a reason as to why though can say that it is related to PATTERNS that I have monitored and seen over and over and some things are not worth going back over-such things simply fan the flames rather than develop ACTUAL SOLUTION. Some folks think they have a Solution for what I wrote about though my own view is from a differing requirement and perspective.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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