Do You Nominate & Substitute Others WITH Your Own Issues & Crisis & Suffering

So I actually quite enjoy doing the alphabet to musical notation conversion and in many respects you will come to be amazed at some of the names of authors whose books you have read who have seemingly taken advantage of the buying public in the fabrication of such names.

These things of course come down to personal choice & perhaps modelling in the respect that we see portrayals of this characterization or that characterization of an IDENTITY.

Our brains and body’s and so on are generally regarded as quite malleable when we are growing up and so on and likewise a massive trauma or ailment of soe description can potentially set or steer you into undesirable paths.

Likewise it can be said with respect to many issues that you yourself seemingly find yourself as having been nominated or substituted in some fashion for someone else’s


So a typical example within a sporting team for example is that many a stereotype exists whereby more than one individual is Vying for Leadership roles within a given sector or section of the team. International teams are often described as a TEAM OF CAPTAINS. Not always TRUE-THOUGH many a person uses such TITLES to keep their own motivation going.

Likewise the ‘NEW’ person within a given realm or sector can often be SEIZED upon by others for roles they do not want.

How many new ‘apprenticeship’ type roles are often what are commonly regarded and known as “GOPHER” types of roles where someone is simply being used as a NUMPTY to see how much INTELLIGENCE lies between the HEMISPHERES between the EAR’S. Go for coffee, go for Sky Hooks, go for a bubble for the spirit level, go for a long weight, and a popular series of ADENDUM’S; go for a “LEFT HANDED” Hammer, coffee mug and so on and so forth.

So as you progress unless you really are a COMPLETE NUMPTY you gradually TWIG that ALL is not as it seems. In many respects this BLOG might be regarded in that fashion as has been suggested previously in the sense of recommending TECHNOLOGIES that can change the way you go about life, the universe and everything.

So that is of course quite ‘LIGHT’ versions of what people NOMINATE & SUBSTITUTE others for in their lives-though of course OLD FAVOURITES never seemingly go out of fashion hence so many fucked up and confused people and why I generally say do not COMPETE or get dragged down by such references stay focussed on the REWARDING references that you can maintain for yourself.

Elsewhere some “work colleagues” have suggested that my details are still working and so on-on some “Dating Websites”. I can state in complete and utter honesty that I have not used any such sites for several years and if such sites are claiming otherwise then something is amiss. I as far as I know closed all such accounts-I generally having only joined some early paid membership type sites rather than the all multitudes of those types of sites that appeared later. I have spoken on the topic previously and generally think it probably better to meet and ask women on dates and so on out and about in the old fashioned way. Likewise given my QUIET LIFE such situations and scenario’s and encounters have generally become quite rare anyway.

Elsewhere I see that some NASA rocket has taken a tumble and Robbie Williams is being commented upon for Blogging about his baby’s birth-I think given the passing down of knowledge and SOUL and so on that such activities are PERSONAL CHOICE as to how much any person does or does not carry out such activities though likewise it is probably better from such folks that people want to relate to than some of your media drama’s-we’ve probably seen such things a million times over in TV & Film & Drama anyway so why can’t CELEBRITIES change the game so to speak in showing how such things might be within their own lives and World and so on.

Elsewhere I see that MARVEL have announced a whole new SLATE of COMIC related Movies from there catalogue of characters and so on-I always get the MARVEL/DC characters confused and mixed up if I am honest. I think I said previously that I recalled having one or two annuals as a youngster and they were of characters that have already appeared such as X-MEN and THOR and so on. That does not mean that the other characters are less interesting so much as you do come to see that OVERSATURATION POINTS occur-that may or may not mean the same as OVERKILL though it is interesting that whilst within the Comic Book Realm a great deal of FOCUS was given to your Superman and Spiderman and Batman and so on that in the ANIMATION REALMS-so companies prospered through LIMITING the appearances of particular characters and so on. I do not know whether it was a deliberate policy given how long (YEARS) it took to create some of the so-called GREATS though it is interesting that DISNEY for instance seemingly select WINDOWS OF TIME where characters are placed back into the LIMELIGHT and so on. They have used that strategy with CINEMA SHOWINGS and indeed DVD type releases-and unless you can get 2nd hand copy you very often have to wait a few years before a so-called “CLASSIC” is shown to a NEW GENERATION AUDIENCE.

Business wise I saw a brief section on NINTENDO profits and fears for the future-I did recently see some bloke with what looked to be a new Play Station 4 Box and a Pizza that he had left in the street-not sure if I mentioned previously though I as a PARENT prefer NINTENDO as better for the family whilst XBOX & PLAYSTATION’S are usually for the more diehard type fanatics-at least in TRADITIONAL terms-I know Xbox do try to appeal to a wider audience because I have to purchase stuff via the XBOX LIVE SYSTEM for my PAD though I generally not being a GAMER do not use such functionality.

So if I were buying for myself I would opt the latter whilst family I would go with NINTENDO and games wise NINTENDO again have some GREAT CHARACTERS that are unlikely to ever go out of fashion-so whilst commentators are knocking them I think they will survive through once again diversifying-people have spoken on the games appearing on other companies devices and given they’re record I would not say it is beyond them that they already have some SECRET gadgets in the PIPELINE that are going to once again change the PERSPECTIVE or PLAYING FIELD. We must remember that in many ways all these Company’s trying to LOCK PEOPLE into particular gadgets and market places are FOLLOWING the MODEL that NINTENDO initiated in the FIRST PLACE. So given that track record it is unlikely that they would happily return to sharing systems-though saying that-the competition do now claim to have greater system security & protection than previously existed.

Well some of this was written on a break at work and the rest of it finished here-I may publish again later or not depending on whether anything knew that has not already been said or heard and so on crops up-always a possibility as you go about documenting all that you can think to document.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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