What’s That Skippy-They Had A Large Bang In Kent

So as is often the case-I decided to have a scan through the headlines of the day and the news is that 24 Hour News & Media Groups are “DESPERATE” for news-It will not be all that long before they all resort to reporting on each other as has happened on one or two occasions previously. Who remembers all the mileage most of the other channels got out of reporting on News Corporation (SKY) scandal’s.

Yes so a large bang related apparently to the RAF-we used to call such sounds of speeding aircraft “SONIC BOOM” not to be confused with speeding Hedgehogs. I should mention Hedgehogs because I have had a regular visitor in the Garden during the last few months and whilst not as chirpy as my little Robin friend they do tend to make their presence and existence known-I think I spoke on the racket that they tend to make-the spikes perhaps giving a false sense of security.

Elsewhere that tiny blob known as SRI LANKA at the southern tip of India is being reported as having had a mudslide-not sure what to make of that-though the last one that came to my own awareness was the mudslides reported in Japan-so maybe the pattern is following some kind of CONTINENTAL rotation pattern-although Sri Lanka is of course not going in the same rotational direction as the planet-IS IT?

Come to think about it I am not sure I know which way the planet actually rotates beyond of course MEDIA pictures and so on. We did as youngsters of course have proper sized spinning tops type toys though these days they tend to throw out such toys as mini-versions.



Yes just thinking about the kinds of Headlines I could be using for my audience though that does assume an audience and I cannot guarantee one beyond STATISTICS. Statistics of course currently being used to INVESTIGATE a number of fraudulent Companies suspected of illegal practice and so on.

Yes so this week is becoming somewhat Topsy-Turvey and returning to the GRAVITY matter-I think it has something to do with the direction of SPIN.

I did actually manage to walk into a SPIDERWEB on my way home from work this morning and the reason was quite simply that some spider had taken upon itself to web a tree that I pass under as I go about my home bound journey. Yes the little blighters will make webs anywhere given the opportunity and unlike MOVIES the webs are rarely visible especially in TWILIGHT type times where the Sun has not yet ascended or descended.

So lots of news that would generally not have been reported upon just a few years ago when we had more limited news services-these days anything and everything seemingly being reported on. I should probably do an internet search for something called the HEREFORDIAN to see if it exists and then find the latest local nonsense going on within the County.

Yes so the top story is perhaps a PRE-CURSOR to FIREWORKS they usually being on sale and being used during an ever growing window of time. Who can we burn today springs to mind for some folks of course-so lots of HEIGHTENED nonsenses and prejudices perhaps being highlighted as though a NEW WHEEL has been invented by young Bongo.

Hey Hey Were The Gophers

People say we gopher around

Were too busy gophering

To put any body down

Well unsure what most of this document is about though as per usual such things are best translated into other formats such as PICTORIAL and likewise thought about in a more lateral manner than I seemingly manage myself. I should of course mention that when I travelled on bus into Wales that we had to wait at a TRAFFIC LIGHT-that perhaps akin to IT IS NOT YOUR TURN YET or IT IS NOT YOUR GO discussions.

Thank you for reading, god Bless and be Well 🙂

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