You’ve Never Heard Of Burkina Faso

So today I can of course demonstrate my complete ignorance of the Wider World at large by saying that to the best of my knowledge I really cannot recall of ever hearing of Burkina Faso. An African State that boarders Mali, Niger, Ivory Coast and Ghana-all places that I have heard of-what is going on-ummn.

Yes so I though ah-ha I will do a quick WIKI and see if it has had a name change and Hey Presto it used to be called The Republic of Upper Volta; and you are absolutely correct I have never heard of that either-what in the World is going on.

Yes so an old French Colony in West Africa apparently-according to my brief research, yes you do not always know and recall place names though most Countries are known in some fashion and my lack of knowledge is somewhat worrying.

Elsewhere the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and region is once again being highlighted though this time simply for the closing down of part of Jerusalem. I have yet to see a single Israeli action that Palestinians have not complained about-you do tend to think that the Arabs obsess with as many a CUTTING OF THE NOSE TO SPITE THE FACE issue and so on that is possible.

Here in Blighty we are once again reminded of the Poppy Appeal with some Double Decker London Bus arriving at the Palace-I doubt Stan Butler or Blakey were present though Barbara Windsor of Carry on Eastender’s fame was along with Prince Harry and some serving service personnel.

I did actually visit various World War I battlefields during a school history trip to France and Belgium when I was younger and the places I visited did seemingly carry the scars (so to speak) of War and the atmosphere at a number of the sites was quite sombre.

France also in the news for having drones flying over Nuclear sites strange though true they actually took up Nuclear Power far more than many other states and have perhaps prospered as a result-we here in the UK have once again been having POWER warnings and so on. These things are of course infrastructure related and I am unsure when many an issue began though I do find myself once again returning to THATCHERISM and the POLICY OF SELLING OUT THE NEXT GENERATION.

What does that mean? Well such things are of course debatable though I do not think from the perspective of looking back to those times that I am wrong in suggesting that Society did exactly that in many respects. Likewise the knock on to housing issues and many other issues can in many ways be followed back to those times. So given a crumb trail to follow or a ball of string/wool and follow the clues and the REMEDY given for Societal Wide issues during the 80’s was to become SELFISH.

Yes many issues could not be allowed to continue such-as nonsense Union Activists and so on though we have since come to see that a return to Unionism could be the NEXT REMEDY for today’s issues.

I have spoken on Unions previously and generally regard such groupings as USELESS in the sense that they took my money and failed to support myself when ACTUALLY required & needed. A colleague has become a night staff Union representative apparently and that is a GOOD THING though I did find an AGE OLD discussion with him to not be too useful or handy.

The Company I work for through historical situations and scenario’s; chooses to say that in order for workers to have a voice-they will discuss wages and so on with this particular UNION and having said that-that MEANS that irrespective of MEMBERSHIP OF UNION that the ORGANIZATION is EXPECTED to represent ALL WORKERS. However the Union has an INSULAR attitude of speaking in terms of only representing MEMBERS-as I have repeated the COMPANY gives them a MANDATE for ALL WORKERS irrespective of MEMBERSHIP therefore claiming & saying we will only represent those that join is RIDIULOUS.

A NEW message & POLICY from the Company is required or a change in ATTITUDE is required from the UNION.

So this is an issue whereby they are choosing once again SHORT TERM INSULAR attitudes over LONGER TERM PLANNING. So if I were a Union Boss I would be saying we want to WIN rights for the NEXT GENERATION OF WORKERS-whereby they want to belong to the Union because they can see that we are genuinely MAKING A DIFFERENCE for current members.

So the battle (if any existed) seems to be within the Hearts & Minds perhaps of WRONG ATTITUDES and IDEALOGUES being sent out. The Union wants recruits they have to demonstrate a GREATER LEVEL OF A HOLISTIC APPROACH.

What else can I comment on today-well it is strange that we are seeing stories related to the father of Sara Payne and being reported in that fashion as though the guy does not have or did not have an IDENTITY of his own. It is akin to only EXISITNG in RELATION to social group or marriage and so on-people seemingly spend so much time looking for EXTERNAL IDENTITY-THAT having one of your own gets lost within the mix. This one of those problems for myself perhaps in the sense that I do not court PUBLICITY & PROMOTE my writings and so on-though likewise I did represent quite a large number of people using the technologies that I was promoting.

So I promoted other peoples ware’s so to speak because I had none of my own-you might say well everyone starts off in such fashion though as has been said on many occasion-everyone has to find some balance and cut-off point as to when and where they are public and private and so on. Yes some things perhaps having BOUNDARY & BORDER disputes though generally most people are quite WISE to the possibility I will react in this or that fashion to some POLITICKING from some quarters.

DRUG POLICY is also being highlighted and timing wise I did see recent reports on the failure to reduce OPIUM GROWTH-they of course also POPPY RELATED CROPS-strangely I did used to walk Poppy fields here in Hereford during my childhood-the site of the MOATHOUSE or whatever the MOTEL is currently named used to be a real poppy field.

Yes so drugs-I actually think enough relaxation has already occurred and they would be WISER to HOLD THE LINE and say NO MORE. You will always find CREEP occurring with such things and the standard Classification is debatable though saying there is no link between this and this and this is GROSS NEGLIGENCE and a sweeping under the carpet of many a HOME TRUTH so to speak.

All well and good saying policy is not working for Drug Users-though I think it is WORKING for the WIDER POPULATION.

So you can take a HOLISTIC APPROACH to life the Universe and Everything or you can take a SELFISH minimalistic NOT ME GOV NIMBY approach. We all have to decide where we stand on such things within our own lives though I disagree with some of these REPORTS that come out wanting DECRIMINALISATION OF ALL LAWS & RIGHTS & SO ON.

People do want and require protection and would soon have a change of HEART & Mind when such things occur.

Elsewhere the Greater Manchester child abuse issue has been highlighted this week and of course we can probably demonstrate regional variations and so on though one does suspect that much sweeping under carpets happen and occurs throughout the nation. How many street rows and so on are ignored and talked down as DOMESTICS. The scenario for children is clearly worse and I think that some of the findings have suggested what most people already think & know-the issue being whether you want to get involved or otherwise.

Well that seems to be enough for today and of course any meaning given is the one within your own noggin though likewise feedback and witnessing is always ongoing in some fashion or other so what will I be witnessing this Halloween.

Have you got you EBOLA HAZMAT SUIT?

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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