Oh A Burk In A Farce

Yes of course in classic comedy terms we do have those times of the year where everything becomes FARCICAL-I have spoken on Farce comedy previously I think in referencing Faulty Towers; though who the burke is in any given scenario is of course debatable. We can point to Christmas, New Year, Birthdays, Easter and our present one Halloween that often brings the burke out in your usually level headed Mr or Ms.

We do also of course see farce comedy appearing throughout the year in various Theatre type productions and many a TV sitcom owes a HERITAGE to so-called CLASSICAL FARCE Comedy.

Obviously not funny for folks and peoples in War Zones and Plague Zones and so on around the World though we can actually ask “IS IT TRUE” I have recommended such self-inquiry and questioning fairly regularly throughout this blog and again when you combine such self-inquiry with EFT Tapping and so on you can again break through OLD TRANCE STATES that you may have within your noggin that are long past requirement. Many a person failing to understand that they live life changing from trance state to trance state and all too often becoming STUCK through POPULAR LIES & THEORIES & so on.

I recommend the technologies that I do because you really can clear out a lifetime of nonsense type trance states that no longer serve you in the fashion that was originally intended. It can take a year or two even with meditation and so on to really find your own NEW GROOVE so to speak though I do generally get the impression that over the longer term-you really can answer some of the questions that I presented on my website www.silvertoevelocity.com.

Likewise you can of course find yourself being shifted or having your trance states broken for you simply through external events-though often with a certain amount of RESISTANCE perhaps. How many folks become UPSET when road works appear on a favourite short-cut route or a regularly used shop shuts down or moves and so on. So you develop a HABIT that becomes your present TRANCE routine and then conditions and events occur that BREAK your trance in some fashion.

That could be the removal of road works or the opening of a NEW favourite shop and so on. So many TRANCE STATES are actually quite HARMLESS though as I have suggested-some realms and peoples & persons do have what I would regard as UNHEALTHY states that few would want to REPLICATE.

So resistance to change is an ongoing experience though you can get to a point where you are thinking clearer and with greater clarity and asking the self-responsible type questions HOW CAN I…?

I spoke briefly on the drugs issue yesterday and quite typically had seen some CLIP INTERVIEW with a reformed “user” or drugs who complained that they were continuously “sent to prison” instead of being offered TREATMENT. That is a typical removal of SELF RESPONSIBILITY whereby our “VICTIM” looks to the EXTERNAL to be responsible for some personal choice of DRUG USE.

Any such user can seek treatment for themselves-granted such services are probably varying from region to region though I do think that self-responsibility does seem to become the No.1. issue that people need or require addressing for themselves.

Yes when you find beneficial products and services such as those I recommend you can PREACH LIKE THE REVEREND SILVERTONGUE in singing the praises of such peoples and products. The problem of course is that VESTED INTERESTS usually have reason for folks not to uncover truth of reality and so on-these are the types of issues that RUN DEEP THROUGH THE HEART OF SOCIETY in many ways. I have recently today had another Email relating to Natural Brilliance another LS course and I do have the book though I am unsure how I came by it-I think it was given with one of the other packages that I purchased though I must say that hand-in-hand with photo reading it really can change the way you go about life the universe and everything and indeed change the way you impart knowledge and awareness to others. Some communities perhaps feel hard done by via some of my own PREACHINGS though as I have said on multiple occasion I promote choice and grown adults should act as grown adults instead of reverting to school days slander and nonsense.

I have an early work day today and got up early to CARVE my Halloween Pumpkin-so will not see it in the light of darkness that is intended until perhaps later in the night. Not sure how these things are going to turn out of course though I am satisfied that I passed through the OMG Burke like behaviour quite rapidly on this occasion.

Elsewhere I see the Puppy Murderer who had all of his gun collection returned & killed his Mrs is being reported on-all I can say is that he does not look to dissimilar to one or two work colleagues-best watch your back around those ones.

Elsewhere we are told of the searing heat of Halloween and that is perhaps unusual for us here in the UK though it is typical arrogance in the sense that other Continents have hot Halloween every year and indeed hot Christmas and hot easter and hot new year and so on.

Strange though true-why do we pay so much attention to localised conditions when globalised conditions could be so much better to become aware of.

What else-well there does seem to be a growing COMING ELECTION type series of NEWS REPORTS occurring whereby we should vote for this group or that group who are not that group and so on. I actually do not think I can predict the outcome on this one-I suspect BETTER the DEVIL WE KNOW could win through at present though we are of course half a year away and a lot can change within that time period-just as occurred within the Scottish Parliamentary Referendum and so on.

Well work awaits the honest truthful man.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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