The Fuhrer In The Body

So I have repeated on multiple occasions that we are a thought (or series of thoughts) within a body-though in reality as most of us have come to understand it has been “Discovered” after much research that our left and our right hemispheres of our brains operate in very differing fashions.

The Hegel Model that I recently mentioned has seemingly been a methodology by which people have come to raise their own personal Threshold between the “Competing Left & Right” hemispheres and further to that the stimulation from the Zen like Meditation Technologies that I recommend can create better communication between the hemispheres and indeed raise Threshold very much at the same time.

What are the downside-well as I have suggested I whizzed quite rapidly through many early levels of The Holosync Solution and since I have “RELAXED” my REGIME I have come to find that many of the old abhorrent type thoughts and feelings can sometimes re-emerge.

Of course that could possibly be simply from differing “Layers” so to speak in the sense that most of us have had every kind of “interaction” imaginable throughout our multifarious lives. Likewise the slowing down of thought and so on perhaps allows and enables less “reactionary” approaches to some of the thoughts feelings and actions that such things can “produce”.

So I do agree that some things do seem unavoidable in many ways though you can of course with consistent practice and so on seek to improve your overall composure and be more PROACTIVE in seeking to follow RITUAL or Practice & Drill and repetition of SYSTEMS to be better able deal with issues that arise within yourself and of course issues simply triggered via ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS they of course being other peoples or media or buildings and cars and well anywhere you go really.

I think generally most of us know how we personally regard ourselves and likewise the World about us and whilst others can probably “LIST” a multitude of “BLAME” & “FAULTS” & “ISSUES” we can of course learn to simply continue to Learn and self-develop in any which way we personally desire or choose.

So I spoke previously on my “interest” in some of the so-called ARTS they being a subject area that I generally disregarded during my younger years and was even quite RUDE & DISMISSIVE and so on on many of those subject matters.

However more recent studies have in many ways concentrated my FOCUS on various “LIBERAL ARTS” as ways and means to express one previously suppressed and repressed thoughts and feelings and so on.

So for instance that for some folks might mean learning about music or acting or drawing or any range of Hobby like activities that allow a personal CREATIVE FREEDOM to develop unopposed by popular resistance to la-di-da type activities. Of course not all such things are regarded as la-di-da as I am quite sure many a person continues to follow or participate in various sports.

So anyway I think I mentioned previously how I quite liked some CARTOON type drawing books and materials over TRADITIONAL “classical” type teaching although I have looked at materials from both sectors. I decided once again to review some of those materials and indeed order one or two other learnings and studies on that subject matter.

So what can I learn from those materials that “HELP” so to speak with my writings-well I think you simply when you see a MODEL of how some CRAFT is CREATED take it apart and dissect and so on and learn some of the ins-and-outs and so on.

I think I mentioned Walt Stanchfield books though I have some other peoples “on-the-way” and the thing to do as suggested above is simply look at how they go about the creative “PROCESS” within the particular field that you are studying and that can be gained through an understanding of terminologies and so on. Again I think I wrote on the Stanchfield books previously as I was somewhat awed by the flow of the teachings given.

What I like in particular are some of the reference titles such-as Gestures, whereby they an impression is given of a particular characterisation or movement rather than some EXACT replica of “The Human Condition”.

Do these things help-well they do say that what we resist persists and so on-though likewise given some of the multitude of courses that I have put myself through I had perhaps hoped to have had some further realisations than I have necessarily felt that I have had and likewise achievements.

Of course a million experts seemingly exist of every subject matter under the Sun though some are clearly perhaps more aspiring to some folks than others and of course as we grow older we have potentially differing attitudes and so on towards differing age groups and generational teachings.

I was personally hoping for instance that I could find more on PHILOSOPHICAL realms related to the technologies that I have been recommending-yes it might seem that a philosophy exists and develops in an almost self-realised manner when using the meditation though clearly I like to feel I am being STRETCHED by some of the research. Clearly a stretch is differing to a SQUEEZE and whilst such gestures can be demonstrated and understood through physical demonstration and indeed through being draw it can perhaps be more difficult to WRITE explanation in a descriptive fashion that is understood by any given reader.

I was thinking about this because SO-MUCH really is “taken for granted” as already being known as a common knowledge of terms and words and so on from a young age and in my writings I am never absolutely “SURE” who is reading at any given time period hence my generally saying I like to keep what I write as generally “family friendly”. Likewise I work in a “working man’s” environment where many folks have a deeply ingrained “this is how a working man is supposed to be” of course differences of opinion do occur in acceptable “conduct” and so on though I think like many a business-times change and companies adapt and people move on and turnover occurs and so on and so forth.

Will any of us ever return to our respective “IDEA” of a GOOD OLD DAYS. Well I think it is better to accept that in any given time period or era within our lives we have the POTENTIAL to think of things in EXAGERATED forms, and those of course might be akin to the GESTURE that I spoke of above.

So does having feelings of having been RESET cause new issues to arise-or old issues that I simply had not had the opportunity to previously deal with-I think as I have been experiencing them-some of the reset issues do seem to be more Historical-so I can look at this time period as another opportunity to go into SEDONA type “Letting Go” and seeing what NEW interpretations on some historical lessons and learnings can be given and also what seeds of enlightenment could have brought myself far quicker to improved all-round mental health and so on.

Yes many things are quite easy in just writing and writing and as I suggest you do not have to publish everything publically or indeed privately I do also have writing pads and books etc. The interesting thing from the Animation type book that I refer to above is quite simply this IDEA that you may have to draw a Thousand bad drawings in order to get that one that you want and that is of course along the lines of Thomas Edison and his Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine light bulb recipes that were not quite right or indeed Goldilocks and her Porridge or quite simply a Needle in a haystack.

Yes I can perhaps return to a saying I had repeated to myself many times over during the course of interaction on the Holsync Blog “All Life Is Suffering” and whilst we can seek to improve how we personally think feel and act-that does not mean that we can always play the sufferer when you are not necessarily feeling those thoughts and feelings and so on any longer.

Yes redirection helps as does many a course and likewise progress is taken at an individual’s own pace so whatever our present thoughts on many a Worldly topic I am quite sure that when looked at from a higher place on the hill we can learn to move on from some areas and debates to new areas that we previously may have overlooked or failed to learn from previously and so on.

I also saw a NEW trailer for a new Star Wars movie featuring The Millenium Falcon and whilst I was not particularly impressed with the more recent offerings in the Star Wars series; I did get a sense that this one will appeal to us older folks who sat staring at the old Odeon cinema screen when those magic words appeared upon the screen accompanied by a NOW CLASSIC Theme Tune

A long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away…

The Force Awakens

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

  1. What side of the Force would you be on?

So What Does This David Know About Boxing

Well currently very little-my life having been seized somewhat over the last quarter century or so-though once again I did actually have a great interest in Boxing as a child. I spoke on my Grandfather Jack and I think I may have written previously that whilst serving in the Army he was also a boxing champion-I have little knowledge as to details I having been told and learnt such information at a young age.

Likewise during my childhood all the most popular sports could be viewed and watched on Terrestrial TV on one of the then 3 Channels. So boxing was actually quite a regular fixture on the box during my early childhood and I whether consciously or otherwise developed an interest in the sport to the extent that I actually had my own boxing kit and so on.

What is a primary school type boxing kit-well I did not have a punch bag hanging from a ceiling that we often see in Gyms and so on these day-my setup was merely a ball like target on top of a rodded spring base that was simply weighted down through the filling of the base with sand and-or water.

Further to that I did of course also have boxing gloves and they were perhaps rather like giant mittens and of course perhaps having seen professional boxing on the box I would sometimes try to bandage my hands within the boxing gloves.

Boxing gloves (for those that are unaware) used to be WEIGHTED. I am unsure as to the parameters used and so on or whether that tradition continues-though recall that the gloves were actually quite heavy for my then young arms and so on. Yes it was great in the sense that whilst fighting the brother or other kids in the neighbourhood would get myself into trouble. I could stand and punch at this ball on a spring until my heart’s content without any kind of a complaint.

So that perhaps another sport that I have actually practised with; though clearly I also spoke on breaking my left arm in a Street Accident also at quite a young age and that perhaps put a spoke, at that time in some kinds of sports. Although I did bounce back from the injury-you do of course when you are younger. I think the lay-off was such that I had to find alternate distractions and things to do and so on. I think at that time I must also have been heavily interested in bubblegum tattoos and transfers (I think they were called). I seem to remember that upon having the plaster cast removed that as well as finally getting some coinage out that had gotten stuck down the inside of the cast that the Transfers that had been on my arm at the time of accident had kind of imprinted onto the woollen like cotton and inside of parts of the cast.

Likewise of course a tradition in those days was that many a person would wonder around getting the cast signed with all sorts of weird messages and so on. The policy generally being a one type of white plaster cast “fits all” being the NHS tradition at that time. I think the last time I had a wrist or arm injury in more recent years-I was present with a “what colour cast do you want” option. Did I opt for one of the colourful options-no surprisingly I actually asked for the plain and simple option, though clearly were I revisiting my childhood I would likely have opted for something more colourful-the selection seemingly consisting of all the colours of the rainbow and so on-that possibly once again contributing to the mental wellbeing of patient.

Yes the zero choice versus multiple choice can potentially cause a headache-I mean what if they run out of the colour bandage that they are using and you have to have some PATCHWORK type design put in place. Can a patchwork colour scheme work better than one colour or simply leave a patient in another muddle.

Hard to tell though I think given the association of colour to frequency and the knowledge that can be learnt about Fractals and speed and so on everything is perhaps reduced to Belief Systems.

Yes we have had many Boxing Legends and Greats over the years and I write this because I recall just how unpopular Chris Eubank was-although in terms of money on the table and food on your plate you could not go far wrong in backing him at his peak. I see his son is boxing and of course being the son of a Legend perhaps “helps” in opening doors and so on though as some younger generations potentially realise the name can be just as much a hindrance as a help. Yes we are also witnessing many a “FATHER & SON” in the news combination hence my brining that point up.

Mr Beckham and Son apparently involved in a prang likewise the car they were in was said to have been an AUDI and again that is a vehicle I have seen today. Various makes and models come to the fore at differing times of course and when there are so many it can be hard to recall what is what.

For instance I actually like classic SALOON type vehicles which I guess are one step up from the hatchback-though hatchbacks are strangely popular in an “izzy wizzy, let’s get busy kind of fashion”.

Yes most generations seemingly have a preference for this type of vehicle over that type of vehicle and Hatchbacks really probably only really took of when the Original Golf appeared-most people within my own recollection generally preferring more long sportier type vehicles. The small cars whilst understandably good given all the modern City parking issues still do not particularly appeal to myself.

Yes choice most definitely is choice and so is COST and we all seek to stay within particular “Running Cost” budgetary calculations and so on. I spoke on finances being a WEAK area within my own studies and so on and clearly when I spoke on the NO-LIMITS issue earlier that perhaps where my own focused attention requires being directed.

So we create a mental World as to how can I afford this that or the other and so on and then seek to find ways and means to become financially VIABLE. I think that is where some of the BIGGEST disputes I have had have come about in the sense that when I have sought to be of an expansive attitude towards people in order to develop a greater prosperity consciousness kept finding myself being SHUT-OUT or SHUT-DOWN simply by having to reject EXTREMISM, that is why I generally appeal to all peoples and communities and so on to yes have views and opinions and so on though do not promote something as a TRUTH without demonstrating PROOF in some fashion.

I often find that with many a label or abuse that the simplest way to understand many a verbiage is to look them up in a dictionary. When you do that and see that you do not relate to such VERBIAGE then it is fruitless to seek to COUNTER-ARGUE beyond of course saying put up or shut up.

Yes the only winner does seem to be the people that choose to win and whilst the HEGEL model is seemingly geared around CONFLICT-I personally find that CONFLICT in relation to many TOPICS is pointless and unnecessary and undesirable.

So we are also seeing SLAVERY highlighted within the news and missing people and persons and of course these can be issues of Business’ or Staff within business abusing positions of Authority and likewise other people not knowing their rights. If any Company uses Management Systems that are CONTROLLING & claiming 24/7 rights over your life then such systems have to be QUESTIONED. We have this issue where a Company perhaps pays (or not) for hours worked whether as a SALARY or simply WEEKLY.

Salaried jobs can be appealing when you have them though clearly you can often in some realms in signing up to such salary’s find yourself within the “Professional Hazard” realm when it comes to the Hours that are expected of yourself. Some Business’ of course pay better and incentivise people with bonus’. I personally think that GREATER TRANSPARENCY is required at all levels of some Business as to how such things are CALCULATED.


Well what if a Manager is demanding particular attitudes and behaviours from staff simply to gain some BONUS that they personally want at the end of the year? Such systems are clearly HOT SPOT Zones in the sense that staff want to abide and stay within National Law or Governmental law and it can perhaps be demonstrated that Management INCENTIVES can place stress on some peoples that is passed down the so-called line in an unhealthy fashion or manner.

Many such things can clearly be REMOVED in the sense of making available all such knowledge of wage structures and so on to all staff. The TRANSPARENCY created then gives people and persons wanting to CLIMB LADDER or INVEST life into any given Business a greater amount of Choice at the start. Far too often Wealthy Business’ keep the wealth for shareholders simply by pleading POVERTY to all who will listen and when peoples do the SUMS for themselves they can often be lead to the IDEA of a ZERO SUM game-anyway this have gone on and on and I must be tired because I just mistyped zero as XERO and that takes myself onto the time when I worked for a Company that was a warehouse for RANK XEROX. They were once a leading developer of Photocopiers and printers and so on-though I think they perhaps over expanded and got into all sorts of difficulty when they failed to move or adjust to NEW Technology and so on. That was of course a few years ago now and they are of course one of those companies perhaps regarded as to big to fail.

I must be saying that because some Company that is too big to fail is potentially just about to demonstrate the law of “This time is different” also known as Murphy’s law and so on and so forth.

Yes David suddenly having to much to say for himself or simply getting whatever springs to mind at any given moment onto the page so he can better then WITNESS feedback and ADJUST in a more APPROPRIATE fashion.

Realm to Realm and Continent to Continent and Distance to Distance and Measurement to Measurement where will it all end.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

AH-HA Antipodes

So I spoke earlier relating to the IDEA of oppositional GLOBAL POINT and I could not really leave it in such a vague manner so decided to follow the TRAIL. When you do such clue following you as is often the case find that you are returning to Historical Basics. In this case the oppositional Global position created via drawing a straight line through the Centre of the Earth has been named Antipodes.

The strange (at least to myself) issue in searching for such knowledge is that some places have far MORE Antipodes locations than others-I clearly have to rely on my non-conscious making SENSE of that knowledge-Tiny New Zealand alongside France in having whopping 12 Antipode locations whilst the United Kingdom is further down the list in having a mere 7 Antipodean Locations.

These are of course interesting in the sense that they were ORIGINALLY ESTIMATED and more modern Techniques have either verified the knowledge or clearly demonstrated pre-historic and medieval techniques to have only been accurate to the Nth Degree. It is actually quite fascinating in the sense that many Antipodean points are still given in terms of Largest Nearest Big Name City; so those of us living in Redneck Outback like City’s such-as Hereford have little chance of finding a location without calling up google earth type maps that can apparently create such information accurately for us.


Well quite simply one or other of the modules-a year or two ago when I was doing 24/7 like meditation and multiple learning courses in heavy combination caused within my brain a somewhat strange effect in REARRANGEMENT. Hard to describe to those who have not experienced the meditation technologies though interesting in the sense that you do get the impression that some FORMULA existed or was created to ENABLE such effects to occur.

I would not like to speculate on specifics though I myself was somewhat AWED at the time and it did indeed simply drive myself on to see what other WEIRD and WONDERFUL things would occur through prolonged meditation and so on.

So the impression that I was GIVEN by such raising of Threshold & knowledge & awareness was that the patterns and accumulated datasets that we all of us have within our respective noggins can be DESIGNED and that is what the ELITES (within populations) have perhaps done down through the Historical Generations so to speak. And further to that it has perhaps become CLEARER as to how the various knowledge combined with Scientific Advancement has improved all the ins-and-outs of the workings of such abilities and so on. Clearly many technical advancements that have occurred within more recent times have come about through the ACCELERATION of TECHNOLOGIES & TEACHINGS and so on. Likewise repetition and reinforcement of the methodologies and SYSTEMS that have been put in place seemingly leads to Higher & Higher INTEGRATIVE levels of Personal Development.

I have seen various tables and charts that seek to MEASURE such knowledge and enlightenment realms (such as those from INTEGRAL) and am really unsure as to how TRUE those things are-though clearly it can be demonstrated that some folks have been studying and taking INTEREST in these things perhaps far longer than the average person in the street such-as myself has been alive.

Does that make much difference? Well clearly it perhaps does to those peoples and persons themselves and family and friends and can make a difference to those of us who are so-called late-comers to such learnings and teachings and as has been said previously anyone can pass such teachings on to respective audiences or not as the case may be.

I know early on with meditation it can be easy to fall into paranoia as though using some dark secret illicit cocktail of drugs and other contraband-though as has been stated previously the further you progress the more and more such thoughts and feelings and some kinds of synchronicities fall away and you come to see some issues from a HIGHER PLACE on the mountain.

What is in the news-well we have been seeing many a reference to U-TURN’S recently and currently within the news we are seeing reference to dropping the 3 point turn from the driving test and a U-TURN on NHS drugs and so on. Of course if we are playing “Let’s Pretend” in thinking that we have clockwork brains then a TURN could be of a COG WHEEL such as the Letter Y (in some designs) or indeed the simple O turning or indeed any alphanumeric combination that we have within the hemispheres between our own ears. That of course perhaps “HELP” in accommodating differing BELIEF SYSTEMS & STRUCTURES.

As an example of that of course I was born as was previously stated on an 8th and when we Turn an 8 we are given the INFINITY SYMBOL. I should perhaps mention BUZZ LIGHTYEAR at this point “To Infinity and Beyond”. Yes I know; though anything that any individual can use to accommodate a gradual SHIFT into a NEW way of seeing the World and so on can be used.

Likewise I spoke on SYNTHESIS earlier and that again could be changed when we look at MATHEMATICAL FORMULATIONS. How So?

Well how many times have you seen mathematical type formula given in expressions of “to the Nth” where N is equal to Number or Degree Point or other mathematical like equivalence that is use within a given area of Scientific Research.

I can state for instance that whilst we talk in terms of colours red and orange and purple and so on-that even colour when created within your computer is often referenced as a number of some description. So we can all perhaps come to the UNDERSTANDING of why numbers are regarded as UNIVERSAL. Whilst I can point and say that colour is orange and someone else refers to it as Amber or another person refers to it as Tango and someone else Clementine the likelihood is that within a calculated REALM such-as computing that each of those shades of a colour would all have a differing number.

Does that matter? Well not for us average folks in the street though clearly YES when we look at UNIVERSAL CONSISTENCY and so on. You can go to any Country on the planet and hear things spoken in 100 + Languages though few populations have been found that operate without your most basic fundamental type counting system.

Again the issue is one that I spoke on previously whereby as Science Advanced and Computational Abilities Advanced NEW ways of programming were designed and created in seeking to make things EASIER. These days you actually very often have Computer Systems designing themselves and the only limitation then is perhaps one of BELIEF IN ACTUALISATION OF INTENTION.

That possibly an issue of where you as an individual stand on debates such-as NATURE VERSUS NURTURE, I have gradually come to believe that a SYNTHESIS actually exists between those IDEALOGUES in and of themselves so I perhaps whilst having used a wide spectrum of teachings and knowledge and learnings have fallen seemingly very much into the Hegel model.

Of course I cannot know exactly what MODEL Holosync uses or indeed Learning Strategies uses or other professions use though clearly I have-everywhere I have turned-found myself seemingly moving gradually further and further up the ladder of enlightenment and so on. The worry if any exists is to what FATE has in store.

Yes Christmas perhaps a time where we are often reminded of such things as FATE & FAITH and so on and again as I have continued within my STUDIES and become more aware of INSIDE OUTSIDE ONENESS and so on still find it difficult to be necessarily RATIONAL or IRRATIONAL as to what to BELIEVE.

I have been HUNTING for new materials to STUDY that proffer a SUITABLE Foundational Understanding as to my assumed present LEVEL and am unsure as what that level actually is. How close am I to become SELF-REALISED and are FATE & FAITH that closely linked or am I simply once again buying too much into some Metaphysical Idea when I would be better of simply assuming that whether it is occurring consciously or non-consciously I am HEADING in the appropriate direction for SELF ACTUALISATION that is of an empowering nature and life enhancing and life empowering and so on.

What is in the news-well multiple stories seem to be concentrated very much along EAST ENGLAND; the problem of course that as much as I can give my own meaning and interpretation to such events-trusting that I am in the “zone” and putting such knowledge to good usage.


Well clearly I have preached that we can think of the World in as many dimensions and perspective and angles as we desire and I have also spoken on this IDEA that we whether consciously aware or otherwise absorb and assimilate far more information than we know what do to with via impressions and expressions and so on-so coming to any given point where you TRUST that your SYSTEM is working 100 % of the time as you as a CONTROL FREAK want such things to operate is of course debatable.

I also spoke on Overhead Projection sheets and suddenly RECALLED that they are often called LAMINATE or something similar to that-we can of course laminate paper to give a protective covering so the term perhaps COVERING a wider understanding than any one FIELD that one can think of.

Yes pictures and words and sounds and smells and tastes and let us not forget touch in terms of kinesis and so on-we can apparently whether we realise it or otherwise automatically convert all incoming information into an input and output system that best serves us when we develop the necessary beliefs that the World is working with us and for us and is a friendly place and so on.

Yes easy to say such things and I have heard such things many times-though clearly fate and faith in your own ability to develop your own modularity that works and integrates into the more Global Universal Systems already Operating does make one wonder exactly at what moment and point such a realisation is going to occur and clearly as much as I believe in the NOW as a fundamental time zone to exist within-one cannot help to experiment and wonder at what other processes may or may not accelerate learnings and growth into the STRATOSPHERIC REALMS that some of the Great Masters and teachers apparently already maintain their lives and existence within.

How Can I…

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

If All Is Now Why Does Synchronicity & Position Matter

Well as has been repeated-getting to a position whereby Your own understanding of the Philosophy that created any given SYSTEM raises your Threshold and raises your Awareness and raises your Knowledge is in and of itself somewhat difficult to comprehend.

So I as an example have taken module upon module and meditated and read broadly across a range of Topics and Study areas. Having said that when we go to the Philosophy then we can often return to some of the most basic of MODEL patterns presented.

So we saw in the News this week that Hegel was stepping down from the Pentagon and in keeping with identifying LINKS & CLUE TRAILS we can look the “NAME” up and see if any famous Historical Figures share the name.

In fact Hegel was the name of a VERY Famous Philosopher who came up with various Theories of his own though his basic model was one that I think we have all perhaps seen previously to varying degrees.


That of course is to perhaps argue a point, counter-argue the point and then seek to blend or create a NEW LEVEL of such interactions via the gaining of FURTHER REALISATION from the prior LEVEL of DEBATE.

When we look at any given area of knowledge you can see that is akin to the gaps in knowledge being gradually pointed out and then New Theories being presented by the respective Professionals within any given field as to how a remedy to any given Hypothesis can be created or speculated and so on.

Unfortunately from my point of view I tend to think that some points of argument really are FRUITLESS given the EXPERIENTIAL SOLUTION that the Technologies I recommend provides. So some folks want to argue as to the existence of God, or whether any Historical Figures (for instance) Actually Existed.

Why do I say that-well all too often some burial site dig somewhere unearths some ancient garbage and then some scrawling or writing is discovered and some “EXPERT” is required to seek to Translate such information and it very often “SEEMS” to myself that far too many Professions came about through the HOODWINKING of populations and so on as a whole. I have not got a clue though that looks like it might mean this so I will give it that meaning and look CLEVER to those I tell.

That of course something that we have all perhaps done at one or other point in our lives and clearly as Society as a whole has expanded so has the amount of nonsense. I think I wrote asking previously how many of us sleep walk through life simply shut down do many a bombardment of precious generational claims of superiority in knowledge and so on.

That a problem perhaps when it comes to the “respect” issue that I recently mentioned. Who can I genuinely choose to respect and who can I choose to ignore. How easy? I think when you meditate it is exceptionally easy-I can generally respect most peoples without difficulty who show or demonstrate respect to myself. Likewise irrespective of AGE I can happily fail to give respect to people who when asked to stop particular behaviours and so on “CONTINUE” that does not mean “stop living your life as you see fit” it means stop baiting myself with your nonsenses and I think that is very often for many people where the difference lies. Hence my previously suggesting that it can be better to relate or otherwise with people based on your own experience of people as “individuals” as opposed to some collective type badge or label.

What else-well I have found myself thinking about CARD GAMES I recently seeing colours RED &BLACK and thinking that they reminded myself once again of a Children’s Nursery Rhyme “SING A SONG OF SIX PENCE” I believe was the title and of course that can itself give all sorts of clues in the sense that it mentions King and Queen and we have such characters in the standard 52 Card deck.

Likewise we have 4 suites in no particular order Clubs, Diamonds, Spades, Hearts. Having said that I do think that some order has been created within some teachings and learnings they generally starting with Reds and then the Black suites though again that is someone somewhere seeking to create a STANDARD and I am sure that such things possibly came about simply through Manufacturing Techniques-I know historically in relation to PRINTING (as an example) that because you may have had limited dies and stamps and so on that you in order to create Particular Colours had to follow particular Orders.

So you know that your one colour DYE is really strong and will likely ruin your drawing though if you use colours in particular running orders you can reduce such issues. I think in MODERN printing and so on these are not real issues they having long since been overcome in many a fashion though like all industries once a Standard is created very often a TRADITION is developed & maintained whereby irrespective of NEW techniques folks follow tradition until something occurs to change such ways of going about things.

You might say that is what happened with my working week in the sense that the Friday Shift change causes myself to have to BREAK the old pattern that I had become accustomed too. So quite simple really.

How many of us when younger used to much of one colour in our drawings or were FORCED to use alternate colours through having RUN-OUT of one colour-I think I did such things quite often when using the CRAYOLA Crayons and so on. Likewise these days I buy pens of differing colours and when practicing find myself GEARED in some MENTAL PATTERN TOWARDS “FAVOURITES”.

So we can when thinking about cards of course return to my Parliamentary Link of “House Of Cards” and how we have perhaps as children tried to create those balanced structures only for the RUG to be pulled from beneath our feet in some fashion, someone coming along and knocking our efforts down and so on.

So of course most professions have long Traditions of building up knowledge bases and historical data on the subject field that they are working within.

Likewise the “THEORY” I present above of this idea that you come to a point of Synthesis is one of building blocks and the further I have progressed the more OPEN-ENDED the factorization of these things has become.

So where once I was all “I am a body” and I have an “external” and an “internal” the further you go in Enlightenment and RAISING UP of VIBRATION and so on the more the “external” & “internal” as thesis and anti-thesis become a NEW SYNTHESIS where you come to see GREATER & GREATER LEVELS of ONENESS “so to speak”.

What does that actually mean-well from my point of view you might say that I can see how all is connected and so on-though where I perhaps differ from some folks is simply that one I do not know how far others have progressed and likewise “INTERPRETATION” of oneness is of course another debate that happens. So I think that is where for those of us slightly more advanced you come to see how whilst you can raise all areas that benefit yourself across all fields you cannot “ASSUME” that all others are acting from a similar level or knowledge set.

So when you “PROGRESS” many a debate is neutralised as a new level occurs within and without yourself so to speak. Clearly some folks are well versed in such matters and clearly some long term training and knowledge in any given area or profession gives you perhaps particular DEVELOPMENTAL LEVELS. However I really think that STIMULUS is required and many a Societal Wide STIMULUS (often based in the most childish garbage’s) is or can be regarded as NONSENSE when you can buy of-the-shelf stimulus that from my own point of view-do much of the work for yourself and leave you in a position whereby you do not feel that you have to “NECESSARILY” answer to anyone or allow yourself to be punished or humiliated and slandered by anyone, and that viewpoint can (In my opinion) be adopted by most people’s irrespective of age, race, colour, creed, sexuality and so on.

I think the problem is CLEAR for many, in the sense that it seemingly gets to a point where you see the SENSELESSNESS in many topics and debates and issues that for some folks never seems to go out of fashion.

This Dave is of course not well known for his sense of humour though those who progress with the meditation technologies and so on “DO GET HUMOURED” though it can perhaps go unnoticed by those who do not “GET IT” so to speak.

So returning to the ONENESS issue is perhaps differing from how some people who have not experienced heightened levels of awareness assume. Whilst my website promotes the IDEA of The Christ In Me, See’s The Christ In You. That only works with people who respect your own Uniqueness and boundaries and so on. So whilst I can interact in such fashion with as is suggested above “MOST PEOPLES” it is not the same as saying, as some folks clearly presume that we are all the same. Many of us have come to such Tech’s later in life than we may have desired or wished and have pre-existing circumstances to take into consideration and so on-though that is not to say that you can NEVER CHANGE.

I think we can see from the HEGEL model presented as an example (and a Model that has since become disputed) that NO-LIMITS necessarily have to exist beyond those LIMITS that we ourselves give. So we none of us have to think that “THIS IS IT” The SUM of all knowledge and so on.

Seasonal issues and patterns are perhaps coming to the fore though that is to be expected and I think I may write another article now on what is perhaps being highlighted within my own mind in the realm of the NEWS. Likewise we always have to remind ourselves that everything from Thought and Vehicles and Languages and Music and Computers and Buildings and Wars and Sports can all be reduced (in a sense) to being thought of as tools and when we consider such things in that fashion as a WITNESS we can perhaps better predict the NEXT MOVEMENT within the CYCLE and so on.

It can become very much like an ORCHESTRATED DANCE though clearly as has been suggested many times really much of this material awareness and so on is still very NEW to myself though of course anyone who has followed myself from any REALM over recent years already KNEW that and I am simply as is often the case STATING THE BLEEDING OBVIOUS.

Will I write on the news or simply throw some randomness out there-hmmmn?


So Why Does Dave Think He Has Had A Mental Reset

This clearly carrying on from a previous post and I perhaps have to explain some things better than I may have done previously.

So I have worked on a NIGHTSHIFT for some 10 years and during that time period you might say that quite early on I found myself falling into differing sleep patterns and so on. People who have only ever worked days often treat you as though you do not work-simply because you shop in the day and other strange assumptions.

Furthermore working a Nightshift-though I have never considered working OUT the calculations-does in “theory” place myself in a differing “Daylight” time zone that is perhaps more in SYNC with another Worldwide Location. Again some of these things are debatable.

Over the years I have found myself very much flowing & adjusting to given “SEASONS” so for instance when it is Summer time and the Sun is out-I often found myself sleeping for shorter time period and then perhaps sunbathing on an afternoon and things like that.

Likewise this time of year over the longer term has often been one of getting up when it is dark and going to bed when it is still dark; so clearly despite living location wise as UK GMT I am in fact COMBINING that UK GMT & UK CLIMATE PATTERNS with some alternate GLOBAL LOCATION that must be GEOGRAPHICALLY OPPOSITE my present location.

So that perhaps a Geographical HAPHAZARD. However clearly given that we in the UK set our OWN time zone and other Countries set their own respective time zones it is unlikely possible to MATCH exactly an opposite Geographical location that matches the time that we would ourselves expect.

So I could look around the GLOBE and then say well that location is exactly opposite but they say they are this other time. Of course one of the ways of overcoming such ISSUES was Geostationary Orbit & satellites and likewise we still see in many a SCI-FI that some Universal Clock Time is given and I think I spoke or mentioned that an ATOMIC CLOCK exists somewhere that everyone likes to set time of-as a measurement.

Likewise given various THEORY as to how the Universe is. Whether it is expanding, shrinking and all other theories in between we have to assume that some DIFFERENCES exist, we perhaps can think that we might get atomic drift, or indeed I might be at a particular altitude at my present location on this UK landmass and the opposite global location could be oceanic water and my present on foot altitude is up in the AIR within that REGION. So lots and lots of calculations that can sent any of us into a mental headache unless we become able to see such things and then adjust accordingly to present data and knowledge & awareness.

So Dave quite simply at this time of year should be sleeping long hours during the daytime-that is not occurring in the sense that I seem to have had a UK GMT RESET where I am still wide awake UK Daytime and so on-just as is everyone else’s body clock cycles & patterns.

So that perhaps a better explanation of RESET. I am perhaps back in UK Daylight time and so on and so forth-I cannot fully claim that-as I still do sleep during the day; though do feel far more energetic and unable to sleep after work and so on.

What else-well clearly I have had the Friday Hours change going on for some months now and I whilst I actually have grown to like the 1-day change to my regular working week-it is still somewhat an issue in the sense of sleep and doing other things such-as writing this blog. So that might be regarded as having created GAP within my own record in the sense that nothing was published for 28/11 and so on.

I also notice that I do not appear to have clock publishing time references-that appear on some other blogs so I may well seek to have those included as well at some future point. I do think that it can become over complicated in many ways and given what I seek to convey within my writings-I still like the keep it simple attitude.

I did have a chat with some interactive Guru that appears within the editing suite over my complaints in relation to the New Editor-though I personally have not gotten a result from the chat and still write within Microsoft Word.

I will at some point likely try again within the editor suite given all the bells & whistles that have been added though as I explained to the Guru-I could not benefit from the many new toys quite simply because the most straight forward of functions-the ability to type as though straight to screen was not operating in a desirable fashion.

Rather than constantly getting worked up and angry at the issue I simply took to writing perfectly happily within the Microsoft suite and likewise I may well start publishing from other outlets though clearly having bought and paid for various sites I do not want to have more financial outgoings than I have financial incomings. That another issue in some respects as I did seemingly start out heavily from a place of negative equity so to speak where by ever decreasing circles seemingly limited my own intended expansiveness.

So I can expand into other market places simply by publishing on other blogging sites and so on-though really I want to benefit and seek to get the best out of the knowledge that I presently have and of course IDENTIFY what FACTORS I am not presently calculating in appropriate fashion.

Again this has been a note adding exercise and I will perhaps grab a bite to eat and then some sleep and perhaps ask myself some questions as to what I am becoming aware of at present and so on. Likewise I notice that I have to a certain extent fallen into News watching and that is actually RELEVENT though can be the cause of muddled confusion early on-so perhaps better to focus on the course like teachings and materials than to many other distractions-yes we cannot avoid many things though some folks in some realms are perhaps better able to do that than others. Monks in a temple for instance, or people in quarantine and people in planes trains and automobiles. So lots of ways that the bombardment of information can be brought into a useful dataset.


Yes It Is A Somewhat Strange Point In The Year

What do I mean? Well quite simply I do feel that in many ways I have been mentally reset-in the sense that much of what I am witnessing is occurring in an almost DEJA-VU like fashion. Okay so you cannot say that the exact same event or sequences occur at exactly the same dates and points as previously described or witnessed though when you have enough MEASURABLE PARAMETERS; the realisations can potentially become thick and fast and so on.

So as I wrote previously I had lots of emptying the cup in order that I be better able to refill from alternate angles and life enhancing perspectives and so on. The more I have added in the sense of each MODALITY the more I see the POTENTIAL of a particular GAP in AWARENESS.

Clearly we can all direct our interest at wherever we as individuals desire though we can also see how some Business’ catalogue of products and so on came about and very often they have appeared via the requirement of fulfilling a need or idea that had in some cases slipped our own awareness.

How easy is it for anyone to think ah-ha; I know how I personally can meet this particular need, or give people a new breakthrough or however these things are decided upon.

Yes Sales Season seems to be the order of the day when I look at my email accounts they seemingly being lists of bargain basement clearing out of old stock and I can see offer after offer after offer being proffered by people and persons who managed to get my email address-some links are plainly obvious in the sense that they were provided to particular Companies for purchases and so on-though others do seem at least to myself to have appeared out of the blue from nowhere as though they are randomly targeting any old address. I often have had the habit of asking to be removed from some mailing lists and sometimes such requests are clearly taken note of and other times it seems that Companies fail to comply with removal requests. Unsure as to why though it perhaps demonstrates the differing ATTITUDE towards people that differing Companies have.

What are the top news stories, Scotland should get to set its own income tax apparently according to another SMITH and that is of course interesting in the sense that we could all be asking is it possible to have differing REGIONAL like income-tax within a United Kingdom. We could “IN THEORY” all start thinking of packing our bags and heading North to become INTERNAL tax-exiles. I exaggerate of course though it is via FLEXIBILITY of thought that we can see the ridiculous in many a topic that is highlighted or brought to our respective attention. Having said that there is that other debate as to what can be PUBLICALLY FLEXED or STRETCHED and what is best kept to oneself.

That takes us on to the PLEB scandal. Okay so we can all perhaps think that in name calling terms that far worse or derogatory type names and so on can happen and that the Police are being ridiculous-though reality is this issue “perhaps” of respect. So Police “much like the military” are expected to guard particular public servants and ministers and parliamentarians and so on-i.e. placing themselves between MPS & DANGER.

Is it then fair for these public servants to abuse other public servants, and then DENY that they abused them. So you might say that thinking something about a person is differing to EXPRESSING publically what you may or may not believe. Does it make a difference?


In all honesty the further I have progressed with Meditation and the other Technologies and removed or raised Threshold above many a so-called “game of black & white” issue the more I have come to see that CONSISTENCY is important in staying within the so-called “ZONE” and not only that but staying TRUE. How can I stay true? HONESTY

Well clearly you have to very often put yourself through some of the modules and courses that I have placed myself through-though it does often come back to the simple issue of not SPECULATING on some issues and topics.

We can simply return to the most basic of SCIENCES and yes some folks call many of the modules that I have studied la-di-da as I myself have on occasion though as I have progressed I have actually come to see that even the la-di-da type modalities have a SCIENCE that underpins them whether that science is in terms of the Teachings & Learnings having been handed down the generations or whether the Science is in the AWARENESS & KNOWLEDGE that the Modules bring you too-they can in my opinion be regarded as a form of SCIENCE.

Okay we have all perhaps had memories of sitting in some kinds of Science lessons wishing the bell would ring to escape to another subject or topic though science I think can have a far broader range of meanings than what our modern day schooling tends to teach us. The ridiculousness for instance of the same data tables appearing in a Witches Bible as a Science Book and so on.

All well and good saying that Science is this and all else is that-though as is often the case each generation often back-peddles on prior knowledge & learning. Okay so science can simulate and create models of the Universe in Computer Laboratories and so on and investigate anomalies within those realms though again simulators are given ATTRIBUTES & VALUES & PARAMETERS and so on and WHO puts those things into these SYSTEMS?

Yes many an accident is put down to Human Error or Tool Malfunction depending upon which side of the fence any given person is presently on in many areas of life. (I say tool in the sense that a CAR might be a tool, or a computer might be a tool, or a knife & fork might be tool).

So we can see that when we return to basics of identifying what this gadget or this thing is-that many a life enhancing (in some fashion) device is simply a tool. Likewise we can then understand that the ability to SEE such things and EXPLAIN such things might also be regarded as tools.

So the technologies I recommend can be regarded as TOOLS, and they are tool that can help peoples gain a new perspective on life the universe and everything and so on. Or indeed likewise choose to remain unchanged and so on after having experienced such things. I think in general that whilst we can seek to return to baseline remedies and understandings of such things that we still have to make decisions and having tools that can enhance our abilities at prediction of forthcoming events is useful.

But is that not SPECULATION? Well I have though on this issue quite a lot and surprisingly come to the conclusion that in many ways it is not. How so? Well we often spend years and years getting into CONFUSED MUDDLE simply through the bombardment of the goings on of daily life. When we strip away many a confusion and start from simple, what do I actually KNOW? we can build a better FEEDBACK SYSTEM for ourselves. So instead of getting the occasional spot-on bulls-eye type event in prediction, you can develop a level of consistency based in your regular practice.

Can Google be broken up? Well I guess that in theory regulators and so on can ask the Company to change itself though we do get into strange debate realms-we have heard case upon case for Microsoft and other major corporations over the years in relation to MONOPOLY type issues and so on (having internet explorer built into windows is anti-competitive). Again Windows is a SUITE OF TOOLS and saying that a company cannot bundle its own tool base is itself STRANGE (In My Opinion).

Elsewhere a couple of deaths are being highlighted and simply demonstrate perhaps my own lack of awareness and knowledge, I not being a cricket follower have never heard of the guy, though likewise another Famous CRIME AUTHOR has died and I have heard of her, though have not (as far as I am aware) read her. I have potentially seen her work in another form such-as TV or Radio adaption as that I think is how many of us come to know of particular peoples.

Yes the World has many a subject matter to report on-elsewhere we are seeing that the removal of troops from Afghanistan whilst progressing is being accompanied by continuing attacks and you do begin to wonder how long it will be before the place is once again occupied by one of the major powers. I think CHINA is next up though clearly they do have quite an INSULAR approach despite all the recent claims of EXPANSIONISM within their own region.

Can Afghanistan’s neighbours deal with the issues? Well when we look at the Neighbours we can perhaps see part of the problem. Many places such-as Pakistan whilst highly advanced in some areas are just as backward elsewhere. A hot pot of OLD WORLD meets NEW WORLD, much like we see in places such-as Brazil. I mention that because I see famous Footballer PELE is unwell and he is perhaps a “NAME” that really does have a WORLDWIDE carrying association of knowledge and so on.

Yes the build-up to Christmas begins and I see Chickens are in the headlines. Apparently 2000 birds were tested to come to the Conclusion that all Chicken is infested with bugs and bacteria and so on-as are all humans (by the way). Yes so SCALE? Well the plant I work in kills 1000,000 + chickens per WEEK. So a 2000 bird sample is LAUGHABLE in the extreme.



You test a sample of 2000 humans from Africa and find them infested with the EBOLA VIRUS.

Do not panic everyone, there are 7 000 000 000 Humans and the 2000 sample is tiny, minute and so on and so forth.

Yes that is not to say that such things should not be taken seriously though I have to ADMIT that I still put PAXO type stuffing inside the chicken and have done my entire life and that is not allowed either by regulators and-or packet instructions.

Choice is choice and I am quite sure that some “old fashioned” attitudes such as the way I cook chicken will die out in the longer term, though it is unlikely to occur all at once given how such things are often passed down from generation to generation and so on.

Well it is of course easy to say “THAT’S LIFE” though as someone regarded as a LOONEY TOON I think most of us are gearing ourselves towards CARRY ON REGARDLESS type attitudes and mentalities.

Another ECHO is one that again is somewhat DEJA-VU though I am unsure whether I previously wrote it. So when we see ACROBATS in a CIRCUS:-


The same of course is often said of the SCRUM in Rugby in the sense that each position can have its own strengths and weaknesses-in my own school days in the first couple of years of playing rugby I was in positions such as PROP and HOOKER though by the latter school days I was a WINGER so you come to see that differing peoples grow at differing speeds and whilst I started out as one of the bigger kids I was later overtaken perhaps and was still “good enough” to be in the teams in other positions and so on. Adaptability & flexibility perhaps can occur WHATEVER YOUR AGE!

Yes I think we are going through a PHASE of being brought into that FESTIVE ALL PEOPLES ALL AGES type viewpoint of adopting ALL-INCLUSIVE attitudes rather than not.

Well enough from myself for today.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

HONESTY IN FACTS AS YOU EXPERIENCE THEM, perhaps a better way to live.

Now One of The Major Benefits Of Building Up A Diary/Reference Database

Now one of the major benefits of building up a diary and reference like database is this one of not having to RELY absolutely on today’s daily feedback and so on-again this is something I have mentioned previously whereby when you understand the differing MODELS of IDEAS you can cross reference in all sorts of manners to give yourself POSSIBLE LEADS.

So even if this David does not PUBLISH every day you can look at a given DATE and look at the PREVIOUS YEAR TIME PERIOD, you can look at for example the 26th OF ANY MONTH. Likewise if you think of these events occurring within “TIME WINDOWS” that can last a second: minute: hour: day: week: month: year and so on then you come to realise that you can always find a NEW way to look at your own reference material.

I have spent a couple of years writing this stand-a—lone blog and likewise previously spent a couple of years interacting on the HOLOSYNC BLOG and many other folks were also involved in those interactions. I said recently that I seemingly could no longer see historical data-though clearly the information was VALID at time of writing and as the BODY IS LIKE A SPONGE so to speak in the way we collect and collate materials you can all but safely assume that any teaching or knowledge has actually stayed with yourself.

That perhaps one of the BIG IRONIES for many a person in the sense that you cannot necessarily AVOID NEGATIVES-hence so many differing people branding at differing points throughout the year and yes I am as guilt of branding as everyone else-my big error perhaps when I started work with my present employer was that as a Heterosexual I had the MENTALITY of assuming “EVERYONE IS LIKE MYSELF”, yes I did learn quite early on that some peoples were clearly not compatible (they having alternate chosen lifestyles) though the amount of nonsense related to such things was clearly out-of-hand and very often from people who really do claim to be fellow heterosexuals etc.

Again as I have repeated I have little desire to punish people and likewise I have little desire to brand or compete on such issues, perhaps my own investigation (in the past) was related to some of the women that I fancied and so on. Though clearly given past events I pretty much ENFORCE a mentality of having no personal “WORK RELATIONSHIPS”. Yes many of us have said such things and then broken such rulings and then the relationship has gone South and we have had to “sometimes” still exist within same environment.

Again all I will say on that is that the Technologies can give you realisations and so on that perhaps CHANGE the perspective on such goings on. Likewise some folks who do not use Technologies can all but be guaranteed to be having INTERNAL MENTAL WARS with THEMSELVES where they in some paranoid fashion think that someone such as myself is “bothered” or interested in what they themselves are up to. I have stated previously in relation to some warmongers “There you go, they are all yours”. We all know that some folks like to have ownership of all about themselves, though clearly in RAISING THRESHOLD & LEARNINGS you can simply step back and become a RELAXED SHOULDER SHRUGGER.

Some of us Learn to stop making FOOLS of ourselves and others FAIL to LEARN such lessons and then WONDER why they are still ill or sick and suffering and so on.

Choice is of course choice though over the longer period I have found it better to withdraw as much as possible from competing with folks who return to some CHOSEN ASPECTS that I personally do not identify with. The strange thing as I have said previously can be that one of being POLITE TO ALL being treated as though you are a member of all communities. When you know such a braod and wide selection of communities are about yourself then clearly some things can always be regarded as being OUT-OF-BOUNDS.

So I see that some TERROR Legislation is being reported upon and black hole in European Finances and so on-I have repeated over and over again that over the longer term you can come to see that the Technologies I promote can PAY FOR THEMSELVES and that the RICHES THAT EVERYONE WANTS & desires and so on might well be described as something that everybody already has within themselves, the downside often being that lack of awareness and knowledge and TRUST of the patterns & cycles that you have become ATTUNED TO.

As I say this blog is neutral and I am generally relaxed about most peoples-though that is not to say that if I am ATTACKED that I will not go on the OFFENSIVE-I think the STALKERS ISSUE is problematic in the sense that some folks want the TIPS without having put in the “BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS” and so on.

That is of course another DEBATE to be had, though clearly the NEW laws do seem to have INBUILT responsibility type clauses where people are given a responsibility to IDENTIFY WHO any troublemakers and so on actually are.

So as I have STATED even if a BLOG ARTICLE does not appear on any given day you can follow the date trail or you can look at some of the preceding daily articles or you can imply think in terms of the FEEDBACK & MODIFY mentality where you take a chance.

Many a person seemingly not keen on RECORDS that can come back to HAUNT THEMSELVES though clearly most social media sites and telecommunications site and so on have records of data for years and years as an inbuilt REQUIREMENT. So if I have been preaching HATRED and was being INVESTIGATED, even if my own phone records and so on are deleted by myself, the DATA still exists within some STORAGE SYSTEM and any GOVERNMENTAL researchers can declare an INVESTIGATION and get WARRANT & so on to have ACCESS to such DATA.

I will leave it there, though the REPETITION is an interesting one in the sense that many peoples from all-quarters have changed whilst some DIE-HARD type individuals have FAILED to ADJUST to NEW LEARNINGS and so on.

This is a repetition of many a previous blah blah blah blah blah.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

So A Rolling Black Hole Has Many A Science

So I return once again to this issue of COLOUR because many an LS course uses the same Colour Scheme & meanings over & over again and until some things kind of non-consciously “CLICK” so to speak in making a kind of SENSE whether consciously or otherwise.

Clearly the colours of the Rainbow are used in RELATION to so-called CHAKRA schemes though I was thinking in alternate meanings in order to CLEAR flotsam & Jetsam and so on.

So I spoke on black multiple times through-out the blog and PAINT IT BLACK was a song by the Rolling Stones and whilst it is regarded as a “DARK” colour it is often also related to EMO & GOTH type thoughts & feelings and so on.

I recall in my own teens that I had a WEAR BLACK PHASE much as I seemingly found myself ALL GREY in more RECENT YEARS. Meanings of course given by the individual.

Black is often associated with black holes the IDEA that it sucks in all other colour & light and so on-hence perhaps the USAGE within STEALTH CRAFT in terms of lack of REFLECTIVITY. Yes RADAR & SONAR are said to overcome that particular STEALTH effect-though given all the numbers of BLACK-CLAD troops whether via the ISIS CRISIS or SPECIAL FORCES we do see that the STEALTH aspect has a LONG HISTORY.

So did my wearing of BLACK as a teen make myself invisible to others or simply get myself labelled as EMO, GOTH and part of that kind of mentality and so on. Well I think it was EMO EXTREMISM (emo = emotional (in this write-up picture)).

Yes so black holes are said to roll and in RAINBOW we hear of course that we are only seeing a SEMI-circle in the sense that the underside is underground or perhaps that POT OF GOLD really does exist if we can just find that Legendary END-POINT.

So lots of MATHEEMATICS related to SPHERES and of course circles are perhaps 1 or 2 dimensional versions of spheres having REMOVED the DEPTH perspective. Do such models happen within the BRAIN-I believe that they can yes though clearly you often have to reformulate the knowledge and so on to be able to take advantage of such information.

What else well speaking on the BLACK issue I was thinking that much like RADAR & SONAR you can perhaps require a NEW SYSTEM to be able to gain a recognisable SIGNATURE PATTERN on STEALTH vehicles and so on excluding EMO type thoughts feelings and so on. I mention that of course because the Numerology Course did have some charts that I had seen before-I think some in a WITCHES BIBLE type book or indeed That SHOULDERS OF GIANTS.

So TABULAR FORMULATIONS of SUDOKO type squares are quite interesting to some folks. They can again remind us of Rubic type cubes and so on. I seem to one again be thinking in terms of EXTENDING into the DEPTH realm. The Numerology was interesting in the sense of what were called by the CREATOR as SIGIL that is a CREATED pattern based upon name and so on.

So lots of cross-over knowledge was brought to bear within that-the most recent course I personally took-though clearly once again something that works in INTEGRATIVE type fashion with the PRE-EXISITNG knowledge & teachings.

I think that the MUSIC related material was interesting to myself though clearly how can I utilise that knowledge is still perhaps not fully CONSCIOUSLY WORKING. We all of course KNOW that the human head is perhaps 3+ Dimensional and likewise the ECHO of working SOUND to create STEREO and SURROUND SOUND and so on. Likewise we seemingly all have the CAPABILITY to TRANSFORM one SENSORY input into a SHARED SENSORY DATASET that becomes the basis of our teachings & knowledge and so on. Some choose Numbers, others Pictures, others Music, and on and on.

So many FOUNDATIONAL type fundamental teachings exist and the reality can be simply seeking to understand the same information across “what we think are differing though often the same” patterns & cycles. We clearly having an interest in those things that ENHANCE & EMPOWER ourselves as opposed to dragging us down into crippling wars and childish nonsenses.

So what have I actually said here today-well light & colour often gets EXTENDED into FIELDS OF DEPTH and perspectives though some perhaps recall my mentioning looking up at the SKY and being unable to GAUGE a distance for an AIRCRAFT of some description or other.

So what that perhaps teaches is that we NEED to KNOW a particular calculated point of Distance in order to have the ABILITY to then CALCULATE everything else that comes within the RANGE of that MEASUREMENT FIELD.

I perhaps sounding somewhat scientific though really these are HISTORICAL like interpretations of how may a so-called SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHOUGH occurred.

So colour then often helps us with these CALCULATIONS, where BLACK as is suggested above often SKEWERS such calculations when spoken of in terms of “THE ABSENSE OF LIGHT”.

I think many a joke or thepry has been proffered on such things. We have had it suggested in more recent SCIENCE that OBSERVANCE of a particle/atom changes the particles/atom action. A great deal of investigation into such events led to idea’s such-as DARK MATTER anti-universe types of theories and so on. Likewise I was thinking of these things in relation to so-called HOLOGRAPHY. We do of course in many a scientific realm know of the IDEA of HOLOGRAMS and I think Star Trek in particular came up with ENCLOSED ENVIRONMENTS that CREATE HOLOGRAPHIC effects. That is of course differing to how TRANSPORTERS were said to work in the open although the SCIENCE is clearly (at least in theory) from the same ROOT.

I think we perhaps have to say that the CART occurred before the HORSE on many of the SUPERSCIENCES that are demonstrated with science fiction literature & media. When show writers & scientists came to CREATE next generation type shows they realised that many a GAP existed within the METAPHORICAL stepping stones required in ENGINEERING terms to be able to carry out this or that function.

Yes I am rambling, though it can be good to ramble and follow where your own thoughts trail and information’s lead. Force field technology then might be considered to be the clothes that we wear and it might also be considered that we are simply triggered consciously or non-consciously by the FREGUENCY of the various COLOUR schemes that we come into contact each and every day.


Well I work in an ENVIRONMENT that clearly has chosen colour schemes for differing STAFF and WORKERS and the schemes might be said to non-consciously effect peoples within environments and likewise it could be suggested that some people are so ignorant of the EFFECT of such non-conscious FREQUENCY TRIGGERS upon themselves that such things cause them to act or display behaviours that they may or may not usually DISPLAY. Sounds strange to some though not to others. Again given that we are all UNIQUE in terms of names and upbringing and dates of birth and so on-if you are going to develop a HERD mentality within any given realm then surely you want a HERD mentality that is BENEFICIAL to all rather than one that impedes. Awareness and knowledge can of course CHANGE any given persons mentality though in some scenario’s we can perhaps think of peoples being affected in such a fashion and or manner that they become PINBALL LIKE. We have all seen those pinball type games where you fire a pinball up the side and then try to keep the ball on the table and the table often has all sorts of traps and all sorts of elastics & shields and bouncers and well each table is UNIQUE though interesting in the MAKE-UP of combinations of effects that can occur within the PHYSICS & SCIENCE of such games.

So I like the pinball table as a good example of many a person struggling through life though of course many a game these days is played via SQUARE things on walls and in corners with moving pictures and interactive paddles and joysticks and headsets and all sorts of gadgetary including surround sound & stereo and well-is it no surprise that some folks are Hostile to all that is EXTERNAL when they have filled the INTERNAL with so-much detritus.

Yes you cannot avoid many a thing in life though some folks REFUSAL to change does not mean that all about them has to SUFFER far better to simply go your OWN way than return to getting sucked into SABOTAGE and SLANDER and whatever mudslingers have in store. RAISE THRESHOLD, and HEAL THYSELF. Yes many a wise saying and teaching has something akin to this idea of KNOW THYSELF and when you can be surrounded by some folks demanding that you be other than what you know yourself to be it can make you ILL. That is why repetition of the Meditation and Various Modalities can become beneficial in the sense of placing DISTANCE between yourself and anything you might regard as HAMPERING your efforts toward a better self-enhanced life and so on.

Treat those who treat you well with respect and let go of battling those who do not, potentially a good solution when used in combination of studying the MEASURED PATTERNS & CYCLES & STRUCTURES, RECOGNISING THE MAP IS NOT THE TERRITORY and focussing on seeing the best in yourself and those who want and aspire to life empowerment.

I spoke above on STRUCTURE because that is another area I have perhaps NEGLECTED in the sense that when we go from one dimension to another we often ADD an ATRRIBUTE. A square becomes a Cube, A circle becomes a Sphere, A triangle becomes a ?

Yes some calculations are easier than others, and colour frequency and so on can make all the difference in your own ability to know the DIMENSION that best serves any given dataset and also the LANGUAGE used.

So if I am speaking on square, circle, triangle then that is probably 2-dimensional and I hope folks can see that we non-consciously take many a thing for granted without REALISING that EVERYTHING has been learnt and very often we have to UNLEARN to be able to understand KNOWLEDGE from where-ever we are in the NEW self-developmental model.

Some folks understand that they have to reacquaint and think differently about some learnings whilst other rush to old USELESS patterns. I myself KEPT rushing to old tired PATTERNS quite often early on with meditation because some things become so-ingrained it really can take TIME to think and adapt to NEW understandings of information-as it is being presented and so on and likewise it can take time to address or escape nonsense about yourself. So you could probably go all the way through to Flowering on Holosync and still be acting as you did at level 1 Awakening. I think as I eased of meditation that I was better able to Utilise Courses from LS though likewise when you EASE off meditating and a NEW generation has entered into the ARENA then you can once again find yourself subject to ROLLING EYES and “HERE WE GO AGAIN”.

Everyone of course entitled to act and behave as they see fit though clearly as has been said previously, where does one person’s behaviour begin and end in the effect that they can have on others around or bout themselves.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

Is The New Counter-Terrorism Bill going Far Enough?

So like many people I have seen reports in recent days as to further NEW Government Level Legislation to counter the THREAT posed by Terrorists within The UK. As is often the case some do-gooder Liberals blocked previous proposals saying that the measures were a step to far.

The new measures seem to myself to be fairly reasonable and not disproportionate given how easy it is for RADICALISATION of any sort to occur via modern communication systems. We all know that Hate Campaigns and so on have been actively created via Social Media sites and enabling appropriate counter-measures to protect VULNERABLE people within Society is surely a worthwhile practice-as is the enabling of search & study practices of some Terrorist type activities.

Whilst these sorts of measures are generally regarded as being of importance in the so-called battle against up and coming ISIS wannabe’s and “Jihadists Amongst Us” Facebook & Twitter groups-it can surely in the SCALEABLE realms be demonstrated that many other sorts of peoples can likely be INVESTIGATED for Community Terror type offences and I believe Suspected Paedophiles and so-on are also being included within the Legislation.

Not a lot else seems to be occurring within the news at present-I see Hamilton won the Formula One Championship and some Rugby internationals have been played and the Football Season is continuing whilst throwing up the occasional surprise result and so on.

Meanwhile talks continue on whether IRAN can have Nuclear Power-as though everyone else gets a choice in what any given Country chooses to develop for its own power consumption requirements and so on-the real interest perhaps in that Iran being a major Fossil Fuel (Oil) Producer-one does wonder what such Countries will do when faced with the gradual extinction of such industries. These things are of course debatable and I think I said previously that I doubt any of the fossil Fuel industries will disappear altogether despite many a Country gradually shifting to so-called GREEN alternatives.

The US head of the Pentagon is apparently stepping down, though it was apparently expected and we do have to remind ourselves that many such figures and individuals go in and out of Government time & again and make careers of being called upon in a Country’s hour of need and so on.

What else well there are lots of so-called stocking filler type story’s none that are really stand-out headline type stories though interesting enough to sneak into the list of Currently TRENDING.

Yes that is a popular word that has sneaked into the Lexicon in the sense that my Gadget often HIGHLIGHTS “Top Trending” stories and viewed & popular things. Is that good well I guess it is or can be for people and persons within some of the TRENDING stories. I think it could be ARGUED that those SYSTEMS can be TRICKED or TRIGGERED into picking up particular stories and so on. I think that given population DENSITY and NUMBERS and so on in some parts of the WORLD that as ever greater connectivity occurs then IMBALANCES will be found to occur more and more as to what many an AUTOMATED SYSTEM finds to be of interest etc. I think we have had a number of Popular Music & Song Hit in recent years that has come about via INDEPENDENT type releases through YOUTUBE and other Social Media-we also of course have all those “Game for a laugh” type clips and incidents whereby someone’s moment of madness or whatever is CAPTURED on film and they get to publish and potentially make a little bit of cash for such materials.

The speed of pick-up on these things can of course be literally 24 Hours in the sense that in Hour 1 something is perhaps released in LONDON ENGLAND and then as the World ROTATES into each SEGMENTAL DAYLIGHT hours a NEW populace can awaken to clip or whatever is being shared until eventually it comes back ROUND to someone somewhere saying to someone in LONDON ENGLAND “Have You Seen This” and they of course respond yes I saw that one yesterday or however such things are described.

Those kinds of cycles can of course occur in all manner of fashions and not just the one I described and likewise 24 Hours is actually STRETCHING it a bit in this day and AGE when many a WORLDWIDE release occurs of Film & Game & Book and so on-very often simply in ATTEMPTS to COUNTER-PIRACY.

By that I mean that pirates USED to very often have a COPY in one region where something was released and then sent “PIRATED” copies into other regions where product had not yet been released. These days INTERNATIONAL WORLD WIDE releases are often used to counter such activities. Though many people and persons within such CREATIVE industries are unfortunately responsible for the PIRACY in the first place. The old ADAGE “There is no such thing as bad publicity” often cited as REASON enough for many INTERNAL ESPEIONAGE like activities occurring.

I know some companies and so on go through all-sorts of counter-piracy measures to IDENTIFY CRIMINALS within Organisations though few seemingly are brought to TRIAL. That will perhaps change when the new ANTI-TERROR laws are created-hence I generally regarding this blog as being NEUTRAL and simply a TEACHING PLATFORM. The problem of course that some Nosey type people & persons HUNT & TRACK down this Blog and then promote FALSEHOOD against myself-such activities would like fall under the new proposed anti-terror measures and LIKEWISE I myself have to BEHAVE in what I say & do. People constantly suggest that I HATE these people & persons or indeed these people & persons HATE myself-in general such claims have not been made within this blog so I am never quite sure who comes up with such things. Yes people are of course FREE to hate myself though a BLACK MARKET IN HATRED is hardly anything new anymore than FALSE FLAG propaganda that I might create against people. I generally not doing that.

I think these things come down to this IDEA of Learning and Teaching and WISDOM. Since I first took up meditation and so on and many others followed-many a person INCLUDING MYSELF has become somewhat WISER-HOWEVER some folks often presume to PLAY INNOCENT of using such modalities or KNOWLEDGE and continue in PRIOR nonsense “The Good Ol’ Days” and “Rose Tinted Glasses” that each and every generation seemingly develops for itself after SWITCHING over some MARKED POINT IN TIME-Whether that point is a Birthday or an ANNIVERSARY or well that perhaps comes down to the Special Occasion write-up that I carried out recently-whereby most folks recall and remember those dates related to their own IMMEDIATE friends & family and so on. We do of course have all the various National Holidays-though they do switch from Country to Country and Continent to Continent and Few can claim to have knowledge of every Holiday in every region or sector about the GLOBE or ATLAS.

Some EGG-HEADS probably disagree though not being a modern day quiz follower or Leading Hereford Socialite I am somewhat OUTSIDE the loop and OUTSIDE many a Societal Box. Perhaps in many ways a “POTENTIAL TERRORIST” yes many hate and influence and manipulation CAMPAIGNS begin through ISOLATING individuals or seeking to FORCE them into particular Communities via FALSE “BRANDING” I have tried to be FAIR to all peoples and persons though clearly that can be difficult in the FACE of multiple campaigns that have occurred against myself in recent years. That is why it is generally better for anyone who wants friends and so on to take up meditation to teach and develop skills that ehy can HAND-ON & PASS-DOWN for themselves. Yes my own development can perhaps be SHOWN as an EXAMPLE. Though clearly I have over recent year’s looked at how some people’s lives have ADVANCED and thought I WISH THAT WERE MYSELF.

Those sorts of things potentially can fall into the REALM of JEALOUSY for some people-though I personally like the American ATTITUDINAL take-up of that is going to be myself one day-or something along those lines. You know the SUCCESS through “APPRECIATION” & INSPIRATION rather than many of the so-called negative style motivations. It really can seem that some Philosophy whilst seemingly quite NATURAL among peoples & populations can be all but questioned and self-inquired out of your own SYSTEM in favour of more UPWARDLY MOBILE thought processes and so on.

Well that is plenty for today.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

So I Thought I Might Briefly Delve Once Again Into Religion

So as has been demonstrated by those further advanced than myself in relation to enlightenment most forms of religion have been invented in some fashion as a means to perhaps bring people to enlightenment and as various points along History-someone has come along and said NO THAT IS INCORRECT this is how it should be etc. These things often coming or returning to the SHARED IDEA that MAN (meaning humankind both male & female) create GOD THE WORLD and so on in their own image so to speak.

When you SEEK or RESEARCH the multi various religions you come to see that many ways they have so-called Hierarchies (surprise, surprise) built into them and likewise we see the same within all Business’ whereby as EXPANSION has occurred so then a need is OFTEN CITED as reason for the CREATION of another tier. A tier in this terminology simply meaning another LEVEL of workers or peoples within any given population or INDUSTRY.

So of course you could join any number of PROFESSIONS and gradually ASCENT the so-called TIER LEVELS of responsibility. I think in ENLIGHTENMENT terms when you have studied ALL-ROUND you do come to see that the same FORMAT can be generally seen within most EMPIRICAL type structures. Labels change though empiricism does not. Likewise at the most basic or foundation of FAMILY we often see many a NEW PARENT seeking to somehow EMPOWER the child through the names given and sometimes that can perhaps work and of course in other cases fail-though I do think given what many of us now know in relation to Technology and so on-even those who can claim to have had a long life of suffering can turn things around somewhat and even share such knowledge with friends family and those that they LOVE. Likewise as my own experience demonstrates-RESISTANCE among populations takes time to address-very often as was suggested here a day or two ago through demonstration upon demonstration-most of us of course suffering various kinds of INTERNAL CONFLICT that we have gradually unscrambled into a greater CLARITY and awareness and all the rest of it.

So each generation passes down the knowledge for the next generation via teaching & learning and likewise people can seek to (IN THEORY AT LEAST) ascend to higher levels of Enlightenment & personal growth and development.

So returning to the title I recently spoke in relation to Roman Numerals in relation to the Birthday and that was because of one of the most popular methodologies within SCIENTIFIC REALMS is to reduce life the Universe and Everything into a number’s game. We of course do not like being numbers because we have feelings and passions and all the rest of it-so again bridging such PHILOSOPHICAL GAPS can be as easy or as difficult as we make it for ourselves. We all know that we can choose the beliefs that COMFORT us most when thinking of lost loved ones and likewise when we find things that work for us we often again SHARE such knowledge. I think that was one of the STRANGE things I found in relation to Promoting Meditation and so on was quite simply a HIGH LEVEL of negativity towards such things though gradually (I think) others followed suit and gradually experienced for themselves what I was unable to explain-some things have to be EXPERIENCED and I think the MEDITATIVE TECHNOLOGY falls within that REALM especially given the CREATION OF THE WORLD IN OUR OWN MIND/IMAGE etc.

So like many a person I look at my OWN Birthday type information to see what is helpful or unhelpful in terms of progressions and given I mentioned the so-called Religious issue I thought I would follow that CLUE TRAIL.

So when you go to WIKI for any given day of the year you are often PRESENTED with so-called Holidays and religious Observances and so on and I followed that trail in relation to my own dates and that once again led myself to something called a SYNAXIS (I spoke on synagogue and synod) and clearly this is something that shares the same ROOT and indeed similar meaning.

Eventually I wound up here researching so-called archangels

Clearly (within my own mind) everyone can follow such a trail for their own DATA and see how such information can be utilised as stepping stone or otherwise into so-called HIGHER AWARENESS & KNOWLEDGE and so on.

So for myself of course irrespective of a given BELIEF in such things the data gives another series of so-called TIER LEVELS & STRUCTURE as devised by people in ancient times.

The most interesting part for myself is once again this IDEA that the INFORMATION COMES THROUGH YOU rather than being you, perhaps that is where many fall over in the learning stakes, so we reach what we think is the DOGS of awareness and then invent or create ourselves as IDOLS (Body ego-yeah look at me I’m a stud, beautiful etc. (I think most of us have had those teenage type attitudes)-when really the further I have progressed and gotten older the TRUTH really is that whilst there is clearly nothing wrong with keeping good self-image that overtime over investment in body-ego can have detrimental effects in circumstance whereby whilst you can MAINTAIN your own opinion-you cannot control the opinion and so on of others. I think that is where some CHARACTER BUILDING MAN-UP TYPE STRATEGIES FAIL in the sense that many have a lock-in type teaching of never showing (ESPECIALLY IN MOVIES) what happens NEXT?

Again as all the elder folks can TESTIFY life rarely gets any easier and relationships and so on have to be worked at to be maintained and so on-I think many lock-in Societal type attitudes have changed over the years though in swings and roundabouts terms it can be all too easy to go too far in the other direction. So where once marriage was regarded as for life-decisions were taken that allowed easier and easier divorces-good for those who wanted to ESCAPE bad situation’s though also to easy a ROUTE for people to POTENTIALLY become PERRENIAL QUITERS.

I know that in some areas of life I fall into this category-I cannot do that (activity or service or job or learning) so I will simply not continue to TRY.

Again I think Threshold helps in enabling people to RECONSIDER past failings, though likewise we always have to seek to find a Solution to some perennial issues. So we say I have this interest or whatever and we join clubs and so on. Likewise there is nothing wrong in REJECTING IDEAS that you personally are not interested in. Some folks might be NATURALLY geared towards STARDOM FAME & FORTUNE whilst others simply want to have a peaceful quiet existence. My own experience of the Learnings & Teachings suggests that you can achieve anything without having to necessarily STEP ON other people’s toes and so on-so if you are geared towards such behaviours then the question can perhaps be asked why? I think in many cases that I have worked through in my own life and so on that many a person has a NON-CONSCIOUS need to PUNISH OTHERS. Probably not true in all cases though few folks can perhaps say they have lived a life without any punishment. The debate of course is difficult. Old Religion talks of not sparing the rod with your kids though likewise few people try to relate to kids-very often in DENIAL of buried memories of the same thoughts feelings that they may have experienced at young ages. IT DIDN’T DO ME ANY HARM (a popular expression).

Likewise the other extreme is of course the one of indulgence and we can all of course point at Hollywood Next Generation type families famous for being the kid of STARS-how many were indulged is of course debatable given that any of us can only ever relate to our own personal experience. So once again any issue or debate can come down to SELF-INQUIRY. Do I repeat what I regarded as my own parents errors or do I go too far the other way or simply seek to CRAFT a greater BALANCE as to what I knew then to what I know now and so on.

Yes some phrases I seem to repeat at certain times-I notice saying “and so on” quite a lot recently so will perhaps have to think on where I picked up such laziness. Clearly we all have our own THREADS to follow and our own expressions to wonder upon. Yes stepping stones to greatness or the road to no-where; were on a road to no-where; cannot recall who sang that song though it is clearly very differing from paint it black.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be well 😉