I am just writing to point out that berk is spelt B E R K and not as you spelt it within a previous post-the Company I work for is nothing like Fowlty Towers and I would not want anyone being given the impression that you are referring my company and not some other Company.

A.P.L. Pennyfeather Junior 3rd


Nice to receive correspondence from a differing personality-however I am generally teaching UNIVERSAL types of patterns and so on and yes you are correct in the spelling-though as is often the case I tend to confuse sounds they very often being different to the ‘CORRECT” spelling and likewise given that I know multiple languages I have to cater to that effect-so whilst not always deliberately ‘WRONG’ there are ‘TRIGGERS’ of non-conscious awareness’s and so on to be found in what are generally regarded as ‘FORMAL ERRORS’.

Having said that because of the berk reference I myself immediately thought Berkshire Hathaway-I having read some of Warren Buffett’s book recommendations-it can seem that they (being his Company) might be coming to the FORE within the so-called INTERNATIONAL MARKET’S. These things are not uncommon and we can often respond to such triggers long after we have read or assessed any given piece-so perhaps non-conscious references were simply coming to the fore and I feel I have since NARROWED the so-called SOURCE or ORIGIN so to speak. One of the books was written by ADAM SMITH not of course to be confused with DAVE S PERKINS SMYTH. I have still yet to decide on the most appropriate set of alphanumerical combinations for my writings though again it is interesting that I am continuing to be informed of payment requirements for web addresses currently within my ownership that will return back into the so-called public purchasing hemisphere should I not choose to RENEW CONTRACT-so to speak.

I should of course point out as VIRGIN is in the NEWS at present that I was heavily criticized for ownership of SILVERTOEVELOCITY many feeling that they had some prior right to ownership or however one wishes to describe such things. I mention that of course because some Companies such-as VIRGIN, APPLE, SUN could all be possibly described as owning LOGOS & NAMES that they cannot possibly ‘ACTUALLY’ really own.

Very strange how these things are governed-being made more complicated of course by Internationals such as Monsanto and so on developing Copyrighted Crop seeds and so on. Yes we’ll feed you with our seedless super crops, if you buy more copyrighted seeds next planting season and so on.

Elsewhere someone called Milliband not not Milli Vanilli, is calling for a 2nd Chamber of Elected Representatives-not sure that works within the United Kingdom mindset-what could the Source Country of the English Language learn from former slave colonists.

Yes strange how progress is made and even stranger are perhaps some of the so-called KEYS to success-especially when you have been seemingly following some great tutorials from some great masters and so on. Most of course have seemingly said “ENOUGH” I want to do my own ARTISTIC ENDEVOURS and follow my own PASSION and so on-though likewise many a Company is seemingly set up to destroy such DREAMS & AMBITIONS within workforces.

Yes some of these things perhaps come back once again to REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY and so on though the best Strategy for myself has been the SLOWING DOWN and so on of THOUGHT and the ability to THINK in real time and have confidence that irrespective of what I think I can or cannot do or irrespective of what I think I do not know something positive feedback wise is always going to happen when you have the CAPACITY for CURIOSITY and SELF DEVELOPMENT and so on. Yes some things seem exceptionally trivial thought knowing when and when not to comment on things within your own so-called knowledge set is troublesome CONSCIOUSLY at least-one of the reason why I publish some private things is to clear thoughts and concerns away to some DEGREE.

For instance I have noticed a lot of Letter X materials coming to the fore this week and have generally played IGNORANT of them because I actually feel I have ‘done the aphabet’ to DEATH already over the years-although in truth I was perhaps operating in many ways in resistance to the non-conscious where now I am perhaps in GREATER FLOW and could return to such detail with a NEW PARADIGM. The problem for myself with x or X is quite simply that beyond the marking of the TREASURE on a secret MAP we generally have used X or x for quite a selection of meaning and knowing how you understand such things to how others understand such things really is debatable from the patterning perspective. We can often SUBISTITUTE the LETTER for several COMBINATORIAL SOUND EFFECTS. Oh I will be cool and use an X instead of an S and so on. Again progressive thinking can be OVERDONE.

Another area I have been exceptionally light on talking or COMMUNICATING about is HONG KONG although again I have SEEN huge quantities of triggers to think and speak on Hong Kong. So what is it about Hong Kong and X that brings DAVE to a shrug and possibly others to ‘THAT’S IMPORTANT!’ well I think again we have to maintain a certain level of decorum in our progress and seeing something with a new set of EYES does not always INSTANTLY OCCUR though I am writing on these two items that I have IGNORED up until today NOW so perhaps something far more interesting is going to happen in relation to that which I have chosen to ignore up until this present moment or point-in-time.

Elsewhere ANNEXATION is perhaps the WORD that has been going boom within my mind and that is perhaps something that brings many of the ISSUES into a GROUP. The reason why I have not mentioned ANNEXATION is of course because of the X in it-though as I say given that sometimes I want to write privately and others times publically knowing what fits where at any given point is also an interesting trail or lead to know about.

What else-well what would I do differently or what am I doing differently within some of the technological thoughts and processes that I have learned and taught to my little degree-well I like the cloud coming down type encapsulation type techniques where you can place yourself within a series of coloured clouds and so on-though I also enjoy the idea of multi-phasing them out one at a time-hard to describe or indeed know if that is appropriate technology though I of course now what I myself mean by it-likewise when I do the cloud embrace I also like to imagine screens and so on about myself-I think a TOM CRUISE film (MINORITY REPORT) used something similar when a Police Officer had a projected wall that he was using and likewise Jean Michel Jarre’s LASER HARP that he used to publically perform with. Projected lights that when broken he was able to have TRANSLATED into a musical form-so some techs already exist and others are all thought about and if you can THINK about it after having cleared enough bad processes out of your HEAD you can combine existing IDEAS with your own PROJECT type IDEAS into an INTEGRATIVE type imagining technique. Yes LS and others perhaps formalise such things & strategies though EXPERIMENTATION or indeed practice can perhaps get most folks to higher levels that they may have though possible. Again knowing what ANCIENT fears are holsing you back or preventing progress is debatable because of the layers of an onion debate-though I should of course mentions SPUDS at this point again something to do with the Hereford potato crop perhaps-though spud is also a popular nickname I have known multiple people who have been christened as such though perhaps not for necessarily endearing reasons-you probably better flowing with such things if given in appropriate fashion than otherwise-though like I say the more ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS you uncover and so on the more you come to see just how MISGUIDED some popular IDEAS and REPRESENTATIONS really are. Likewise that does not mean I am better or more capable than others though I do have to maintain some motivation and self-reverential-treatment in the face of thoughtless hostility and so on.

Well that is plenty to be getting on with,

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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