So I recently spoke on the issue of a berk in a farce and suggested that we all have the potential and capability to be that individual-elsewhere I read an article relating to this IDEA that many of us myself included may well have spent far to much time focussed  on pleasing other people in the fashion and manner of a DOORMAT without properly setting or giving ourselves APPROPRIATE DISTINCTIONS to work from.

So what do I mean by that?  Well returning to the berk scenario’s I did of course mention multiple times of the year that everyone often dives into such behaviours-Christmas & New Year & Easter & Halloween & Bonfire Night.  After those we perhaps add the Birthdays & Special Occasions such-as Wedding Anniversaries and so on-and of course given the length of our lives and the amount of people we are likely to have interacted with during such lifetimes-it can perhaps be all to easy to fall into behaviours & patterns that are no longer relevant NOW in the so-called present moment.

Do I still have to please all the people & persons who are no longer with us-such-as deceased relatives-so you might say well on the 5th November I can remember my Hereford Grandfather’s birthday and APPRECIATE the times we spent together-likewise if we had a negative relationship & I were being nagged by family & friends to treat the occasion as  SPECIAL in any way shape or form then that might be considered PLEASING as opposed to APPRECIATING.

So that is one of the most BASIC treatments of differentiating given MOTIVATIONS and likewise interacting with any other people and persons on a day-to-day basis could be given a similar set of questions as to WHY AM I DOING THIS.

Some folks might of course again be seen to be highly oppositional to taking any kind of a middle ground and that is choice  though such self inquiry can lead you to once again peel further layers of issues  from that great ONION between the hemispheres of your ears.

Elsewhere I see zero evidence of any stand-out news-items the majority seemingly reverting to special interest  type commentaries  and so on and yes we can all commentate though in fairness I am personally more interested in continuing to Learn and address old issues in new ways where possible.

The problem with many a commentators view is lack of awareness of reality as opposed to gossip for instance-how well studied any given individual is-is highly debatable in some circles-some folks simply hanging on the coat-tails of the folks who have put some work & effort in-and likewise some things are not translatable from CULTERAL experiences-where by whilst I can watch a film or media presentation and TRY to relate some things are clearly BEYOND what can be talked of in your average working day life.

Another area I will perhaps return to in studying terms is this one of WAVES-I do seem to find myself constantly in ROUGH WATERS as opposed to calm and even when I think I have found a so-called SWEET SPOT something else comes along to once again shift the so-called balance.

I decided to try WORD PRESS once again and it really is still exceptionally slow-so future posts will continue to be written within office.  Not the best circumstances though hunting high and low for alternate outlets is something that can become a habit and I have generally preached seeking STABILITY of one fashion or another.

I will leave this item now and potentially write something else later-later of course meaning at some non-specific point-in-the-future.


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