How Can I Make Better Usage Of These Technological Development Skills

Yes given that I spent so much time having mental clearing out of Flotsam & Jetsam whilst at the same time Learning & working through a multitude of courses-I find myself thinking once again about how I can continue within the quest or search for ENHANCEMENT of the associated skills.

Enhancement can of course mean many things to many people-though my own view is that whilst many a course operates well within the FOUNDATION area of practice-that may quite simply be akin to my old Facebook Avatar “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” a popular Mickey Mouse sequence from the Movie Fantasia. I did actually purchase a Mickey Mouse Sorcerer’s Apprentice at Euro Disney a few years ago-simply as a room type Ornament-as was to be expected-even some of the toys and so on were of HIGHER QUALITY than you often think to purchase of such things. Having said that I think many a Disney Type Store and so on has opened in some larger Cities where anything that can be purchased within the so-called Kingdom’s can be obtained.

So where is or what is or HOW IS THE GAP DEFINED between APPRENTICE and ACTUAL-many modern day type roles seem to work along the traditional route of on-the-job training going hand-in-hand with a couple of years of visits to Colleges and Universities and likewise every Profession has seemingly developed to the point where you do so-called post-skill qualification levels akin to post graduate type courses.

Am I post Holosync Graduate Level or did I simply fail to gain the Holosync Qualification-I did after all interact with Bill Harris for a couple of years and that may be regarded as the Universal Time or Length that any Undergraduate type course runs for.

Yes Learning to reacquaint oneself with the various perspectives and views upon the World can seem like a full time occupation in and of itself. Having said that you perhaps do want to feel as though some achievement of some description was gained through the merit of hard work and craft and repetition and so on.

So that links in with my recent suggestion relating to QUESTIONING whereby many a book recommendation is full of questions and it may also be suggested that you non-consciously having done Photo-reading type courses have answered many such questions.

So elsewhere I was thinking about the IDEA of THE TRUEMAN SHOW-I think it was that guy whose entire life was FAKED for a TV show and of course it is easy to get sucked into HISTRIONICS as to who knows what about your life and so on. I think in fairness you can gradually come to see that you might be able to regard yourself both as the TRUMAN Character and the VIEWER within the sense that whilst not necessarily being studied by others you may well be studying them and likewise “catching a bad dose” or otherwise.

That being the reason why THRESHOLD is perhaps under rated as desirable. Likewise the WITNESSING can perhaps demonstrate that you have non-conscious desires of your own that are somehow being brought to FRUITION such-as wanting to be James Bond or whoever your own particular favourite MEDIA characters happen to be.

So I do feel that unlike previously I have cast out many an UNNECESSARY area of focus as I have PROGRESSED though likewise there are always one or two events that can happen to re-grab or seize your attention and the likelihood is perhaps that ATTENTION SEEKERS are going to go that extra mile to TEST themselves against people they think themselves worthy of testing themselves against.

So what does that mean-well I think it comes down to this IDEA of the LAW OF ATTRACTION and you might say that in many ways I tested the theory by seeing if a LAW OF REPULSION exists. I let myself go in many ways and became scruffy and undesirable and so on and all it really demonstrated is that in INTERACTIVE terms you will still get the same peoples & personalities coming into your life though they may well be operating from a differing perspective. So someone you may have asked out or dated may fall into lines with others SLANDERING you and so on.

The BENEFICIAL effect of MEDIYATION of course being that you can dictate how you yourself think feel and act in response to many a prejudice. I have generally found it far easy to let others go off and continue living within their own version of THE TRUMAN SHOW.

So we can have HIGH OPINIONS of ourselves that are unsupported by the facts or opinions of others or likewise live in the so-called light of someone else’s GLOW-akin to the hanging on the coat tails or advancement by peer pressure and social skills.

I do notice that for all the effort that some folks make that in day-to-day terms it really can take a while to go UNAFFECTED by many a nonsense. We do of course have differing ways of going about IDEAS-some say be PROACTIVE in your life and go about putting your own house in order-likewise many are forced into a back footing type series of issues where under constant DURESS you can only ever respond in REACTIVE fashion.

So we raise our own VIBE & CHANGE ourselves to the degree that only other AWARE people who are observant can really PIN-POINT or IDENTIFY the REAL “Needle In A Hay Stack”   From an arrogance point of view I have noticed down the years especially within work type environments that some folks nearly always automatically fall into line with or seek to associate with those who are loud & domineering and so-on and because I personally do not do those things PEOPLE BECOME CONFUSED. I simply do not have any interest in going through old EGO POWER struggles and so on-and given staff turnover we all of us who have advanced do witness the same CYCLES OVER & OVER AGAIN as NEW personalities come in who want to reinvent or build the World in their own image. I think the shared approach that has occurred almost naturally through the work organisation means that it is far harder for anyone new to come in and upset the apple cart-even those who are established at higher ranks and so on have to accept a certain amount of PRE-EXISTING ways of the ENVIRONMENT.

So what else can I comment on-well I saw an article on Prince William having worked as a Labourer of some description and thought “good for him” though of course they cannot be part of the military and so on and not had to follow orders-I am sure there must be appropriate designations as to CUSTOMARY type situations and in the job designations. So as a custom the Royals generally hold some of the Highest Ranks as FIGUREHEADS of many Organizations though likewise when working within any of the realms they still have to have done some so-called “Leg-work”. I know that at least in Media type circles we have the perhaps misguided notion that everything is handed on a plate to some people-however I do think from the “YOURSELF” type perspective even those within higher societal position through birth perhaps want to feel that they have “EARNED” and qualifications and so on.

I think these things come back again to the way of the MEDIA in the sense that we live life in SEGMENTS of approximations of “WHAT HAPPENED NEXT” and gaps are left to imagination-he/she went to the loo did some housework and gardening and slept for a few hours and so on.

Likewise the best option is from OBSERVATION at least to actually not go to the DULL REPETITIVE SUGGESTIONS of what was carried out in the GAP. So lots of Theory though PARANOIA is best left to those who over-obsess with such things.

So whilst I OVER-MEDITATED I am now perhaps operating in a fashion where I am being more gradual in usage and likewise I feel that having consciously and-or non-consciously answered so many QUESTIONS that letting go of TRIGGERS and REACTIONS to some attacks is not going to happen.

I have scanned through the headlines and generally think that little can be reported upon of importance-the NEW WORLD TRADE CENTER has opened and one or two funerals have taken place and we are seemingly seeing some issues being given a “LITTLE EXTRA MILEAGE” than they perhaps deserve. So that might be a squeezing the juice out of any given topic though I personally think that in taking back your own dreams and ambitions and so on you can live that little bit longer. We are now of course in the COUNTDOWN to my FORTY-THIRD (43) BIRTHDAY next SATURDAY and will I still exist-will I be CELEBRATING. Interesting question perhaps considering that I have all but disregarded such things in recent years. The daughter decided to give myself a punch count dead-arm prior to departing for home as an early birthday GIFT and many a person claims o want to do the same to the rest of myself-strange how I have already experienced many such things and some folks OVER RATE themselves as to HARDNESS and everything else-many a SELF-PROTECTION type course demonstrates that even the weakest person in a scenario can do one or two manoeuvres that halt or stop attacks and so on instantly-so are obvious though of course we are non-violent people and non-verbal communication techniques can often halt people before such thoughts occur-though likewise “BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY” exists as a testament to those who have experience the SORRY.

Well back to work this evening so I will leave it there for today.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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