Yes I know It Is Late (Here In the UK)

Yes I know it is late though a thought just occurred to myself as to a question-what do American call Formula One Grand Prix? That might sound strange to some though quite a good question to ask of other people-the reason of course that they manage to change every other International Sporting title and name and so on.

I cannot think of a sport that has not gone through some name change of some description-they of course perhaps prefer driving round-and-round in bowl type Indy car styled circuits-they probably are entertaining in live events terms though many such things do come across as somewhat dull within viewer media terms-I today had another of the so-called travel days and it was somewhat far shorter than I have become used to again another bus trip-likewise Hereford (Train-wise) is or can be considered as having been ISOLATED or QUARANTEENED in both directions during such works-so probably the kind of day where-as was suggested by my earlier post-it can be useful to have your own means of transport and so on and not have to rely on Public Services and so on.

Yes some of these things are quite interesting in that one or two perspectives in RELATION to JIHADIST’S is rarely spoken on in media circles and so on-FINANCE for instance-all these great huge black clad armies apparently in the STYLE and Colours of ancient ISLAMIC EMPIRES and it might well be suggested as I wrote PREVIOUSLY that many must surely be originating from former ARAB IN-EXILE type families and groups. We have of course heard such claims previously from people in the know-anything that I personally say is SPECULATION though most Societies and Cultures Develop PECKING orders however much they like to demonstrate and claim otherwise.

I think the book Animal Farm was allegedly an allegorical type take on Communism and so on and how quickly did things change once the so-called pecking order was established. So we in the West are concerned that many a Muslim youngster has had their head turned by street preachers and lesser known though easily accessible media outlets that report on such things in differing fashion to how our Western Media services report on such things.

You can watch quite popular Al Jazera and Russia Today type TV news services via Sky and Cable though again they are fairly MILD perhaps to some of the more extremist shows and we do of course have our own INTERNAL debate as to what is and what is not EXTREMIST. I find it interesting in that the father often prefers many of those sorts of News Services to those we have in the UK and some of the worst extremism actually comes from some US outlets & so on. We generally have quite dull and boring NEWS services in comparison with some of the HIGH-OCTANE and HIGH ADRENALIN delivery given from US outlets. I think Harry Enfield used to have a character whereby he often repeated IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN. When you look at many of these services you may well come to think that he was simply para-phrasing many of these International Newsroom type peoples.

We here in the UK West are often treated to BBC Slow and Serious; FACE & BODY LANGUAGE delivery of ALL NEWS-whilst the Octane & Adrenaline comes via the Headlines whizzing along with Hook Type Musical shorts and watching some international shows really can change perspectives in the sense that the delivery is often given in the same FASHION for both headlines and newsreader presentation-so one style can possibly be regarded as a MISMATCH whilst the other might be regarded as ALIGNED-SUBTLETIES that you only notice when you extend your viewing to wider and broader sections of media.

What else has gone on today-Well FOSSIL FUEL issues are being Highlighted-the IPCC are suggesting that Nations phase them out in favour of more modern replacements and so on-exceptionally unlikely given population growth and so on. You cannot boast of Power Shortage Issues-refuse Nuclear Power (the best option (IMO)) and then shut down the mines and oil-fields and other sources of fossil fuels-not just fuels when you look at all the INFRASTRUTURAL ISSUES-many metals and gases and so on are also linked in to such things.

We could all perhaps speculate on Future Hybrid Power though again the direction taken does seem too myself to not match popular fictional type EXPECTATION.

I was thinking about this from the perspective of someone who was very much interested in SCI-FI and META-PHYSICS during my younger years and whilst I have a very differing outlook today via some of my Technological Recommendations-it is interesting that as I have said before-you have to often replace what you are extracting and the gaps that you are creating or have CREATED can often come back to HAUNT you at some FUTURE POINT. How many Landslides and Land Cave-Ins Occur above old CORNISH Tin Mines and Coal Pits elsewhere around the Country.

So the other issue that followed was what can we replace such things with? I think water is often pumped into Oil Fields to force the oil out though again these things are not happening like for like-even though we CONVINCE ourselves otherwise-DOES IT MATTER?

Well in PHYSICAL SPACE terms yes-I spoke on not being able to do weights beyond a particular limit-so I once became a gym freak and got really fit and then discovered that my own BODILY INFRASTRUCTURE was no longer capable of going beyond certain WEIGHT Limits without become OVER-STRESSED. The medical profession often boast that many an injury heals better than before-though anyone given my X-RAYS would quickly be able to predict what the excessive weight pressure can cause to happen to old injuries. Multiple type of damages are perhaps not given the further breakdown in assessment that some of these generic glossary type statements give.

We also have this issue of ALL ARE WAVES & PARTICLES AND WAVELETS AND SUB-PARTICLES and so on and of course; only speculated upon-Dark Matter.

So once you have done all the various Learning basics and keep on asking the questions and non-consciously or otherwise having shifts in Worldview you come to see that you yourself could do as SCIENCE DOES and INVENT Theory of your own. It can be perhaps harder for anyone who wants to stick within current Scientific Worldview though likewise you can EXTEND-PROJECT FUTURE into the NOW in the sense that the only thing that seemingly stops is this BUILT-IN DEATH FEAR or possibly worse LIVING FREAK FEAR. Yes many a scientific basis exists for cross-pollination of SPECIES and many a taken for granted drug and implant and so on has come about through the technological testing. Whilst we hear Horror Story after Horror Story about the NAZI Holocaust-I am quite sure that many an advancement in medical terms has come about through such Horrific Testing-even if simply disproving some of the Theory that they promoted.

How Can I KNOW if FREQUENCIES attack, attract or repel one another? I think various Theories have been put forward that suggest that Sonic Weapons are one of the so-called great unknowns and we have when asked the question-had it put to ourselves that some FREQUENCIES become REDUNDANT to usage because the sampling rate is no better than real time-many a High Quality Imaging System today owes existence to OVERSAMPLING and so on-where once initial break-through came through slice-sampling-later development came through OVER REPLICATION of SLICE SAMPLES. So you take two image points and then ask a computer to CALCULATE the GAP inbetween and we see many MORPH effects that were CREATED in such fashion and likewise because each STEP or SLICE is a calculated MOMENT or POINT or POSITION in time-you can keep on RESAMPLING.

That is in many ways how the WEATHER SYSTEM WORKS-in the sense that many PROJECTED OUTCOMES are created and then a CONSTANT CURRENT “BEST MATCH SAMPLE” or REPLICATION OCCURS generating a WHOLE NEW FRACTAL ALGORYTHM.

We did at one time see FRACTAL ALGORYTHMS that asked for a SEED NUMBER and a fractal image of trees or landscapes and so on would be generated dependent upon the seed given and even numbers that in real terms were NEXT to each other in SEQUENCE could generate very differing images within our WORLD MODELLING SOFTWARE.


Well really we are simply told that GAPS or SPACES EXIST within current MODELS as to WHY THIS EVENT or THAT EVENT occurs-and then a projection is given on potential CAUSE & EFFECT.

I think given the Usage of Meditational type technologies that we can always seek to re-understand a given Theory-personal development does seem to come into the EQUATION. Though again undoing prior error or cause & effect does initially at least seem to again be built-in to many a person’s non-conscious in some fashion.

So I have once again written a major blah-blah-blah article without saying what my own theories on FUTURE FUEL could be or indeed WORLD & SPECIES MODELS. Again something I perhaps did when I was younger based in much of what I watched and learnt as a youngster.

My present model and power speculation are questionable though theories that I once held are perhaps no longer valid and given the broad sweeping nature of HOLOGRAPHIC THEORY and STRING THEORY & DARK MATTER THEORY integrating such diverse Ideas into one all-encompassing encapsulated theory is only speculative until TESTED.

Maybe present theory within my noggin is a RESULT or EFFECT of IDEAS that I SPECULATED upon when younger-yes much development and advancement has been created and uncovered elsewhere though we have all when younger perhaps CREATED our OWN FUTURE WORLD MODEL based in what we viewed and took as malleable inputs when younger.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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