Dave S Perkins License To Drone

So these days of course we have been hearing over and over again about drones being used for delivery systems and eyes in the sky and surveillance systems and so on and whilst they sound like a good idea-I think that many such technologies have not really been thought through appropriately.

What do I mean by that? Well clearly the spying “Eyes In The Sky” systems as used by the military in war zones are serving a purpose-however the planned domestic use by companies such-as Google wanting delivery systems suggests that they are more advanced than they actually are. How many ACCIDENTS do we see year in and year out of Helicopters and so on accidently getting CAUGHT on POWER LINES and so on-yes the figures may be quite low though given the likelihood of a HIGH ROLL OUT number for drones any such ACCIDENTS are going to see a FACTORISED or SCALED INCREASE.

Such things can of course be tested within Computer Laboratory’s Systems; within MODELLED Virtual Realms; though some say that given the Human Penchant for Pilot Error; the drones will remove such error-I disagree and will be more than happy to drone on about my disagreement.

Many Virtual Models have been used to develop advanced battlefield weapons over the years and reality has often not matched the CRAFT once the budget and contract has been given the go ahead.

Yes so of course we all have the capability to drone on and on in monotonous fashion about our favourite topic-I mention that because most people are likely familiar with the CLASSROOM Sequence of a droning Teacher-I can also say I have experienced this with one or two lecturers at University and indeed within a CHURCH. I having attended Church type meetings regularly as a youngster.

So where else can attention be turned-well I recently spoke on CLOUD technology in terms of advancing the Spiritual Code type Visualization and that got myself thinking about “BEN NEVIS”. The highest PEAK in the UK and once the location of a dedicated Laboratory investigating CLOUDS. Given our closeness to “November 11th”-I thought I would mention this because it is possibly also the site of our Highest WAR MEMORIAL-I cannot guarantee such data as a fact though they do have a WWII next to the now dilapidated cloud testing laboratory-if research serves correctly.

Elsewhere in relation to drones-we have seen a LASER WEAPON in use by the Chinese Military-this time a Laser Cannon and the shots I saw looked pretty impressive-one has to wonder given that such IDEAS originated in the WEST as to why we have not been known to possess such technology. We in the West (Mostly the US) opted for RAIL GUN Technology and that has seen some difficulty.

I think for all the MARKETS and WESTERN BUSINESS ACUMIN and the freedom of DEMOCRACY that when it comes to Military Development-we do seemingly SUFFER from VESTED INTERESTS muddying the Technologies and so on. IE. The COMPETITIVE NATURE of BIDDING to win CONTRACT causes much nonsense between Companies as to gaining MILITARY CONTRACT.

So the best option could be for a BETTER USAGE planning SYSTEM. We keep an eye on the LABS around the Country and when something is developed that has ALTERNATE USAGE POSSIBLITIES-WE TEST SUCH POTENTIAL.

We often end up with REACTIVE STRATEGY where the Horse has already bolted-so to speak-and that given our once LEAD in such fields is quite sad.

Elsewhere I see the relatively NEW GCHQ HEADSHED has been making his presence felt-I read an article on the view given of Facebook & Twitter and so on and he has outlined once again something that everyone knows though often refuses to ADMIT-such online environments are over populated and used by people and persons to COORDINATE TERRORISM & other CRIMES against populations.

I also saw a VIDEO CLIP following the Laser Cannon with the Lockheed F-35 Landing on an Aircraft Carrier-A first time for everything I suppose. Yes so we have seen China and we have seen the US and at present funding LEVEL I fully expect the Ministry of Defense to Roll Out our NEW CATAPULT SYSTEM-yes that is the one-YES THE CATAPULT that no-one knows about.

I am of course joking (In A Fashion) though in NEW USE TERMS that is what happens over and over again-so the Chinese have a LASER CANNON and we can have a LASER CATAPULT. Yes anything you can do I can do better was a competitive song from some film years ago and one cannot help to think that Dave S Perkins following on from the Philip K Dick Short Story “Minority Report” is close to coming to a “TOTAL RECALL”. I notice that a popular Irish Actor whose name I forget made a New version though I have never understood his popularity-he perhaps a good jobbing actor in the style of Zulu Hero MICHAEL CAINE.

Why am I saying that-well I am beginning to perhaps REALISE that many things that have occurred around myself that I was OBLIVIOUS too-perhaps occurred for a reason-some VALID others NOT. So what other areas of interest can I turn attention too-well I as is suggested above am coming to some STRANGE REALISATIONS and so on.

Returning to the FIFTY-TWO issue (52) it could of course be noted that the APHABET ACTUALLY CONSISTS of 52 Letters as opposed to the claimed 26 HOW SO?

Well ALPHABET= (((a +b + c…z) =26) + ((A +B + C…Z) = 26 ))) = 52 (SOMETHING AKIN TO THAT!)

Yes so we are in fact quite lazy in classing upper and lower as the same when in fact they are clearly differing and we can also say that the PIANO traditionally has 52 WHITE KEYS and again interesting for the fact that when we add the black keys into the MIX we are given somewhat differing set of HARMONICS-these issues are of course depending on the DEPTH that anyone wishes to go in clearing out the mental pains and so on.

So we are given TRADITIONAL FALSEHOODS all the time without ever questioning VALIDITY. I think we are in one of those times of

DELETION, DISTORTION and so on and one cannot help to WONDER just how much of this goes on-I have suggested that I am coming to some kind of a RECALL though in fact returning to the TRUMAN PARAMETER that may or may not be all that good a thing to EXPERIENCE. Having said that you can often only CLEAR out materials from your SYSTEM when thy are brought to your CONSCIOUS WINDOW-we can make the window bigger-realign the focus and likewise-PLEASE STATE THE NATURE OF YOUR MEDICAL EMERGENCY.

Yes MEXICO is at present having the TRADITIONAL DAY OF THE DEAD celebrations where they eat drink and make happy with deceased LOVED ONES-these are regarded as HAPPY DAY celebrations-however some other folks are CORRUPTING IT-ORGANISING ZOMBIE MARCHES and so on.

Elsewhere Holiday Pay is being brought to attention and some HOME OFFICE issues and MAGIC ROUNDABOUTING is going ON.


Yes we can of course demonstrate that CHANGE in PURPOSE & USAGE happened quite a lot during WAR PLAY though these days you often have to overcome UNIONS & CONSCIOUS OBJECTORS and all manner of CIVIL RIGHTS CAMPAIGNS.

I must be a REPUBLICAN CONSERVATIVE HAWK type in the sense that I tend to think that some issues do not require debate or anything else-I spoke on ZERO TOLERANCE for a reason and that is because far too many people are not FOCUSSED on what they REQUIRE being FOCUSSED upon.

Well that seems enough to be getting on with-we will of course be seeing MISUSE of FIREWORKS coming to the FORE during this week as is the case for every generation-the HEALTH & SAFETY EXECUTIVE are unfortunately often misguided in that from my experience:-

I only had accidents when I was forced to think about safety & accidents-we can also demonstrate that some kinds of accidents are more likely at particular stages of employment. So CATCH-ALL attitudes are Inappropriate in many a circumstance and the refusal by some peoples and persons to be DISCERNING in judgement of many an issue is where LEADERSHIP TRAINING falters and why we end up with the PIGS running the STABLES instead of saying management we should perhaps be moving into F.O.L. Training that being the Fundamentals Of Leadership.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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